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21 Cute French Christmas Ornaments & Decorations You’ll Need This Holiday

Are you looking for French Christmas ornaments to create a French-themed Christmas tree? This article will give you all the best options to choose from!

Christmas is fast approaching and as a Francophile, there is no better way to show your love for the country than decorating with French ornaments.

Recently, I talked about some of the common French Christmas traditions and one of them is to decorate trees, much like most countries in the world.

French Christmas Ornaments

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Whether you’ve just returned from France and want to continue in the same spirit or want to add a little Frenchy touch to your house this holiday season, there are so many French themed Christmas ornaments to choose from.

So, to help you bring your vision to life, here are some of the cutest French Christmas ornaments that you can buy online regardless of where you are.

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French Christmas Ornaments

From Paris Christmas ornaments, and Eiffel Tower Christmas ornaments, to everything French, here are the Christmas French ornaments that will turn your tree or house into a little French village.

1. Personalized Paris Christmas Ornament

First on the list is this Personalised Paris Christmas ornament. This ceramic ornament features some of the famous landmarks of Paris like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Sacre Couer.

It can also be personalized by adding the year you visited the city plus a special message you want to convey.

2. Charcuterie board Christmas Ornament

This is one of the French Christmas ornaments that shouldn’t miss on your Christmas tree. This ornament shows all the items you’ll find on a Charcuterie board in France.

3. Eiffel Tower Ornament

The Eiffel Tower is the icon of France and there is no better way to celebrate Christmas the French way than having an Eiffel Tower ornament.

Made of merino-blended wool, this Eiffel Tower ornament topped with a French flag will look lovely hanging on any Christmas tree.

4. Gold glitter Eiffel Tower Ornament

If you’d rather have a golden Eiffel Tower than a woolen one, then this ornament is the perfect choice for you.

It has a realistic look of the actual Eiffel Tower, so it’s bound to bring all those Paris memories back.

5. French flag Christmas ornament

If you’re looking for French Christmas tree decorations, then there is nothing more French than this tri-colored ornament that showcases the French Flag with the Eiffel Tower in the middle.

6. Glass Ball Paris Christmas Ornament

If you want something a little crafty and sophisticated, then this glass ball Paris Christmas ornament is the right fit for you.

The ornament has vibrant colors and handmade graphics that portray Paris in a unique but colorful way. If you’re looking for some pop of color on your Christmas tree, then this is a must-buy.

7. Paris Santa Ornament

Santa came back from Paris with some goodies — a bottle of wine and a bucket of baguettes! Well at least with this funny Santa Ornament.

Whether you want to gift it to someone or hang it on your Christmas tree, this Santa ornament will remind you of all the good times in Paris.

8. French map Christmas ornament

If you left your heart in France, this is the perfect Christmas ornament for you. With a heart right in the middle of the map of France, you can’t have a better representation of your love for the country than this.

9. Paris City Ornament

Here is another one of the Paris themed Christmas ornaments that showcase the city’s landmarks.

From the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge, Arc de Triomphe, and even the famous Paris metro signs, this Christmas ornament will bring the entire Paris to your home.

10. Eiffel Tower Glass Ornament

This is probably the prettiest bulb Christmas ornament you’ll ever see. It comes in cute and vibrant colors and a fancy ribbon to complete the look.

You can either purchase it as it is or personalize it to include your name, but regardless of what you end up opting for, this French themed Christmas ornament will brighten up your Christmas tree.

11. Paris Christmas Ornament for Couples

As a city of love, there is no place that sees as many engagements as Paris. If you got engaged in Paris, you should buy this engagement ornament to relive your memories.

The ornament can be personalized to include both your names and the date of your engagement.

12. Paris Proposal Christmas ornament

While still on engagements, if the above ornament didn’t catch your eye, maybe this one will.

This cute ornament showcases a proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower and it can be customized with your engagement date, and names. It’s the perfect ornament to either celebrate your anniversary or store memories.

13. Notre Dame Paris Christmas Ornament

Notre Dame cathedral might have burned down (just its roof) but its beauty still lives on and you can bring it closer to your home through this high-quality porcelain ornament.

14. Croissant Christmas Ornament

Croissants are some of the best French pastries and if you love food and France, there is no better way to showcase it than with this cool ornament.

You may not be able to taste the real French dessert but at least you’ll have one of the coolest French Christmas ornaments.

15. Macaron-themed French Christmas Ornament

While still on the subject of food, we can’t overlook this stunning macaron Christmas ornament.

The ornament realistically looks a like macaron you’ll find in various Macaron shops in Paris and you can be sure it will look equally cute on your Christmas tree.

16. Nice France Christmas Ornament

I’ve shared a number of Paris themed Christmas tree ornaments but I’ll not forget the French Rivera too, specifically Nice.

Showcasing the long shoreline of Nice, France, this Christmas ornament will bring the beauty of the south to your home.

17. Vintage French Map Ornament

Another one of the French Christmas decorations that will remind you of your time in France is this ornament that showcases towns and cities near Paris on a vintage map.

18. Christmas Ornament of a Parisian Street

This French themed ornament shows one of the prettiest streets in Paris known as Rue de l’Université.

If you visited Paris and saw this street, buying this Christmas ornament will be a great reminder of your trip besides looking cute on your Christmas tree.

19. French inspired Christmas tree ornament

If all you need is a trip to France, this Christmas ornament will put your message across. After all, who needs therapy when France exists?

20. Baguette Themed Christmas Ornament

Nothing says France like a baguette! It’s one of the famous French foods and using it as a Christmas ornament is bound to bring a French touch.

This ornament features a baguette placed in a glass tin hand-painted with French flag colors.

21. Paris Snow bulb Christmas Ornament

Last on the list of Paris Christmas ornaments is this Paris-themed snow bulb ornament.

The transparent bulb showcases the Eiffel Tower and snow that will make your Christmas tree look really cute.

Final Thoughts on the Best French Christmas Ornaments

And there you have it! That was the list of French themed Christmas ornaments that will turn your house into a French one.

Whether you want to relive your memories or feel closer to the country this holiday season, the above ornaments are bound to do the trick.

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