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Is Paris The City Of Love? 16 Reasons To Prove That It is Indeed

Is Paris the city of love? If you’ve been asking yourself this question, this post will give you reasons to prove that Paris is indeed the city of love!

The air of the quaint brasserie as you get your favorite Vanilla Latte and a croissant in the early hours of the day.

The spectacular Eiffel Tower twinkling lights are in the background as you kiss your partner on a cold winter evening.

The aroma of beautifully prepared French food paired with signature champagne. The art that you encounter all across the city has so much emotion. Every experience in Paris is like a fairy-tale.

Is Paris the city of love?

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As charming and romantic as the city is made out to be, have you ever asked yourself the question “why is Paris the city of love?”

Keep reading to find out the top 16 reasons that honestly answer why Paris is called the city of love!

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Why is Paris Called The City of Love?

From housing the popular Love lock bridge to the wall of Love, here are the reasons why Paris is the city of love.

1. It is home to Pont des Arts

Being home to Pont des Arts makes Paris a city of love.

The Pont des Arts is a beautiful bridge that connects the Institut of France with the central square of The Louvre.

Besides the scenic views of the Seine and neighboring landmarks, especially during sunset, Pont des Arts is known across the world as the love lock bridge!

Couples used to come with padlocks to secure on the bridge as a symbol of their eternal love before discarding the key into the river.

Though now not done anymore as the weight of the added locks became a safety hazard, it is still a place many couples confess their love, making it one of the real symbols of love in all of Paris!

2. It is home to the Wall of Love

Having the wall of love is one of the reasons why Paris is the city of love

Located in ​​the Jehan-Rictus square in Montmartre is a magnificent wall dedicated to the declaration and beauty of love.

Designed by artists Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito, it has 311 proclamations of love in over 250 languages and is often frequented by couples.

This piece of art on an expansive wall in Montmarte has other details hidden among the words.

With direct sunlight, the structure gets a beautiful sun glow during the daytime and is a must-visit, mainly due to its proximity to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica and some picturesque Parisian streets.

3. It is a popular destination to propose

Being a popular destination to propose is one of the reasons that makes Paris a city of love.

So many couples from across the world travel to Paris to begin a new chapter in their lives.

With a beautiful view of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower in the distance as the love of your life gets down on one knee to ask you to spend the rest of your life with them, what more could you ask for? It sure is a dream!

Also, couples can celebrate their new partnership by taking a cruise down the River, going on a historic art museum tour, or fine-dining at one of Paris’ best restaurants.

Irrespective of how one chooses to celebrate, the air in the city is always magical! 

4. It is the quintessential setting in romance movies

Being a quintessential setting in romance movies makes Paris the city of love.
Being a quintessential setting in romance movies makes Paris the city of love.

Movies like Moulin Rouge, Amour, and Midnight in Paris are famous for introducing Paris with rose-colored glasses as the famed city of love and romance.

Even modern productions like La La Land, Devil Wears Prada, or Emily in Paris have love stories that take place in the city’s most scenic sights while fascinating the audience with elements of old school romance, ideal dates, and significant gestures of adoration, all synonymous with Paris the city of love.

If you ever get the chance to visit Paris with your significant other, you’re sure to feel like the main character as there are lots of romantic things to do!

5. It is home to the Eiffel Tower

Being home to the Eiffel Tower is why Paris is the city of love.

Is Paris the city of love? It sure is when a city is home to a romantic, picturesque, and glamorous monument as the Eiffel Tower!

Often the backdrop in the most romantic photos and proposals, you can catch panoramic views of the entire city from atop this monument.

Besides that, you can also dine and drink wine in style at any of its three restaurants – Le Jules Verne, Champagne Bar, or Le 58 Tour Eiffel, a setting more romantic than anywhere else in the world — especially after the sun goes down and the lights twinkle for five minutes at the beginning of every hour!

Pro tip* Several areas boast great views of the Eiffel tower and aren’t filled with tourists at all times; head there for an intimate Parisian picnic with your partner that you’ll never forget!

6. Parisians are romantic and flirtatious

Parisians being romantic and flirtatious is one of the reasons why Paris is called the city of love.

Part of the charm of Paris is its people; the adorable romantic and flirtatious Parisians.

When walking on the city streets, you’ll often find couples holding hands, kissing, or displaying any kind of affection.

Known to be notoriously flirtatious by nature, you’ll find that they make eye contact while talking, exhibit flirty body language, and enamor you.

Besides being smooth with their words, they’re also highly romantic, given the city they live in.

But, don’t fret; if you’re not interested, they don’t respond obnoxiously to rejection. Whether you do or not you fall in love with Parisians, they’re sure to make you fall in love with their home.

7. French is one of the most romantic languages in the world

French being one of most romantic languages in the world is one of the reasons Paris is the city of love.

Considered across the world as one of the most attractive languages, the language spoken by Parisians is one of the many reasons why Paris is known as the city of love.

A syllable-timed language means that pronouncing each syllable takes the same amount of time, making every sentence sound like a melody!

Something about the language makes the perfect mix between sweet, soft, and sexy and usually has people from across the world swooning over it.

It’s genuinely le langage de l’amour (the language of love), and you’re sure to fall slightly in love with the people of the city or the city itself!

8. It was immortalized by The Lost Generation

Why is Paris the city of love? Because of famed writers and artists (of the “Lost Generation”) like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hemmingway, and others who spent a part of their life (some more than others) in the beautiful city of Paris, which became an inspiration for a lot of the work that went on to become a significant part of their legacy.

The “Lost Generation” arrived in Paris from across the world after WWI and frequented bistros, cafés, and jazz bars in the city that still exist a century later.

If you’re a lover of literature or simply want to be in the presence of the auras of some of the greats, head over to places like Les Deux Magots or The Dingo Bar, you’re sure to feel the love and charm around you.

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9. French food is delicate and refined

Langue de boeuf is one of the weird French foods to try

If you have a refined taste palette, adore wine, and appreciate a good fine-dining joint, you’re sure to fall in love with Paris in a matter of meals.

As one of the largest producers of wine (and the only producer of traditional champagne) globally and home to a cuisine that incorporates modern elements within traditional recipes with perfection, food, and wine in France will win your heart.

Be sure to get a taste of specialties like Steak Tartare, Escargot (which are considered weird French foods according to some people), and Coq au vin to get a glimpse into French flavor and culture of cooking.

So if you’re looking to win someone over or wish to enjoy a night with your significant other, make sure to reserve a table at a rooftop French restaurant with a view of the gorgeous Eiffel Tower, devour beautifully cooked dishes, and fall more in love!

10. It is home to Musée de la Vie Romantique

Being home to Musée de la Vie Romantique makes Paris the city of love.

By Photo: JLPC / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Home to several monuments and museums that have become famous worldwide, in Paris the city of love, you can also find the city’s very own Musée de la Vie Romantique (Museum of Romantic Life)!

Located at the foothill of Montmarte, this 1830s townhouse features an expansive courtyard, which looks like a dollhouse of your childhood dreams.

The museum possesses a collection of paintings, photographs, jewelry, and literature that immortalize the feeling of love, romance, and more.

It’s the perfect hideout spot for an intimate picnic or stroll in a park with your partner.

11. The Lights of the City

Check out these Puns about the Seine

One of the nicknames for Paris is the city of light, which truly comes alive at night!

With the 20,000 bulbs of the Eiffel Tower (that sparkle for five minutes every hour at night) and the several other Parisian monuments that illuminate in the thick of the night, Paris at nighttime is truly something out of a movie.

A walk with a loved one at night, by the Seine, listening to your favorite music (with an earphone each), observing all the lights on all the sights, as you fall in love with the city, you’re sure to fall more in love with the person beside you!

12. It is the hub of art 

Louvre Museum is one of the best places to watch a sunrise in Paris

What’s more romantic than art created with emotion, art that makes you feel something?

Paris is home to The Louvre, the world’s largest and most visited museum, and houses an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and other media that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Not only is it home to the most delicate art from across the world, but the city itself has inspired so many artists, such as Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and more, to create work that went on to become their legacy.

The city itself, with so many historical monuments, street art, pops of color of the florists and cafés along the cobblestoned streets, and scrumptious desserts, is a work of art!

13. Temple de la Sybille

Temple de la Sybille is one of the reasons why Paris is called the city of love.

Also famously known as the Temple of love, Temple de la Sybille is located on an island within Buttes-Chaumont Park, and the top boasts one of the best vistas of Paris the city of romance.

Typical roman architecture, a hike to the top of this unique monument is worth it for the scenic Paris views.

And since there is a lake in the park, you can also go boating with your loved one, an activity particularly popular among couples and honeymooners looking to spend some intimate time with each other.

Besides the breathtaking beauty of the park and lake, the place is also well-known for being the spot where couples kiss, as there’s a myth that a kiss atop Temple de le Sybille strengthens love.

14. The Magic of the Seine

Seine river sunrise in fall
Seine river sunrise in fall

The living, breathing, and flowing gem of Paris, the Seine, is one of Paris’ most loved landmarks.

Its banks were declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1991, and a hand-in-hand walk along the River with your partner is sure to make you feel like a character in a romance movie!

Among many other Parisian landmarks, the Seine was a massive inspiration for artists such as Monet, Derain, and even Van Gogh.

With several adorable cafés along the River, you can gorge on typical French desserts while you absorb the beauty of the Seine.

Pro Tip: If you enjoy boat trips, you can book this river cruise along the Seine for the perfect evening of swimming into the sunset as you sip on the finest champagne!

15. The charm of Parisian streets and cafés

Rue Norvins is one of the prettiest streets in Paris

If there’s an explanation for this love that seems to be in Paris air, it has to be the idyllic streets and cafés across the city.

The cobblestoned Parisian streets, lined with aesthetic and undeniably romantic cafés with the perfect seating for two, are truly the town’s charm.

Cafés such as Café Louis-Philippe, Pavillon des Canaux, and several others will be the ideal setting for a Parisian coffee date that you can end at by taking an evening stroll by the River.

With florists selling vibrant peonies, quaint cafés with that old-school charm that has existed for decades, and streets that feel like they’re out of a movie, the love in Paris is truly undeniable.

16. Desserts & Chocolate are the way to the heart

best desserts in Paris France

Why is Paris called the city of love? If there’s anything sweeter than love, it’s sugar!

With Paris’ famous desserts like crème brûlée, soufflé, profiteroles, ​​crêpes, and thousands more, there’s no better gesture of love than sharing your favorite, authentic French dessert from a delightful bakery just by the Eiffel Tower, with your loved one.

Besides desserts, even the chocolatiers of Paris add to the charm, making every kind of Chocolate you could ever hope for!

Think about it, going on this chocolate tour with your partner, learning about the process from a family of chocolatiers as you gorge on every variety of cocoa there is. Doesn’t it make your world go round?

Final Thoughts on Why Paris is Called the City of Love

With so much red (famously known to be the color of love and passion) sprinkled across the city, hundreds of cafés serving coffee and croissants, and historical buildings that have witnessed centuries of love and romance, it is hard to not be in awe of Paris the city of love.

Whether you visit with your partner or happen to find love in Paris, you’re sure to feel the love radiating in the streets around you.

And with the above reasons, I hope that I fully answered your question of “why is Paris the city of love”.


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