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14 Best Paris Themed Gifts For Paris Lovers That Will Make Them Feel More Connected To The City

Looking for the best Paris themed gifts for Paris lovers in your life? We’ve got you covered with the best Paris gifts that your loved one will love and use!

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world so it’s not surprising that it impacts and touches so many people in unimaginable ways!

From the beautiful landmarks, the romantic feel, and the impressive architecture to the beloved Eiffel Tower, the city leaves a mark on those who immerse themselves in it.

For such people, they would do anything or at least wish to have something that reminds them of the beauty of the French capital.

If you know someone like that, the best way to fulfill their wish is by giving them Paris or even French themed gifts.

Paris Themed Gifts For Paris Lovers

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So whether you want to treat yourself to some Paris gifts or know someone who loves Paris like nothing else, these Paris-themed gifts will make them feel closer to the city of love.

From little trinkets, books to transport them to Paris, wall art that will make them feel like they’re in the heart of Paris to wearable items they can use to show off their love for the city, here are the best gifts for Paris lovers.

You can give these Paris gift ideas as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or even as anniversary gifts to anyone who is obsessed with Paris.

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Best Gifts for Paris Lovers

Paris Themed Gifts For Paris Lovers

In no particular order, here are the best Parisian themed gifts anyone who loves Paris will adore.

1. Personalized Paris-themed Cutting Board

For people who love cooking and Paris in equal potions, this Paris-themed Cutting board will charm them from the moment they set eyes on it.

Besides being made of rich and naturally sourced wood, this cutting board features the most iconic landmark in Paris, the Eiffel Tower plus the city’s bridges!

Plus, the board can be customized by adding the recipient’s name or any special text plus an established date depending on the occasion they’re celebrating.

Unique yet personal, this is one of the best Paris inspired gifts.

2. Paris Skyline Wine Glass

Though Paris and wine go hand in hand, there are people who just love them beyond the usual liking. For such people, a Paris-themed wine glass will make them so happy.

With this Paris-themed glass, your loved one will be able to enjoy their favorite drink with a backdrop of their favorite city’s landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre Pyramid.

And, you can choose between one with a stem and the stemless! Guaranteed, the wine will taste even much better in this glass.

3. Paris Throw Pillow Cover

People who love interior decor and Paris will appreciate receiving this Paris-themed throw pillow cover.

This pillowcase brings out the true beauty of Paris by showing all the major aspects of the city from the popular landmarks, to the famous Paris metro, and not forgetting the impressive architecture of its buildings.

To top it all, the cover is completed in a beautiful pink color, and the word “Paris” that will make any Paris lover fall in love with it.

4. Paris Wall Art

Are you looking for Paris gifts for her? Then this 3-piece Paris wall art will definitely win you points in her eyes!

Beautifully made with high-grade canvas HD printing, this wall art will brighten up any room!

Your loved one will be able to spot their favorite Parisian landmarks every single day while inviting the Parisian theme into their home.

Plus, they’re easy to hang and you can be sure that they’ll look amazing whether it’s in the living room, the bedroom, or even the bathroom.

5. Paris Letter Subscription

Do you know someone who is continuously daydreaming about visiting Paris but for some reason, they can’t make it to the city of love? Then I have the perfect Paris gift to cure their wanderlust!

With this Paris letter subscription, your loved one will receive an illustrated letter for 6 months mailed directly from Paris to their mailbox.

I can assure you that any Paris lover will be eagerly waiting for this letter every month. And the seller is so nice to add a personal note from you when you state that you’re giving it as a gift.

Thoughtful and meaningful, this is one of the best gifts for Paris lovers who want to get a piece of the French capital every month!

6. Eiffel Tower-Themed Travel Toiletry Bag

Paris lovers are usually also into traveling and like any traveler, a travel toiletry bag is a must-have.

But instead of giving them the ol’ boring toiletry bag, instead, give them this Paris-themed toiletry bag.

The bag features the Eiffel Tower and the word “Paris”. And besides being utterly cute, it has various compartments to store all their toiletries from makeup brushes, shampoo, razors, cream to anything they may want to carry for their next trip.

7. Eiffel Tower Snow Globe 

Everyone loves snow globes! There is just something about them that makes them look magical and just make us dream and wish to get lost in a dreamy land; at least that’s how I feel when I shake a snow globe.

So for someone who loves snow globes and Paris, this Eiffel Tower snow globe will be a dream come true!

The base of the globe also features other famous buildings in Paris to complete the look.

8. Macaron Mini Cases

I don’t know anyone who has been to Paris that is not obsessed with Macaron! I know I am since they’re some of the most delicious Pastries in Paris.

For people who love Paris and jewelry, these mini macaron cases would be the perfect Parisian gift.

The cases come in cute vibrant colors like those of the real macarons! Now, your Paris lover will be able to keep their jewelry or even tabs and candies in style!

9. Paris mug

Paris is always a good idea is one of my favorite quotes about Paris! It just means that regardless of how you’re feeling or what want to see, Paris will meet your needs!

For people who have been to Paris a number of times or even once, they’ll love this mug.

It will not only make them chuckle every time they drink from it but it will help them answer fellas who keep asking them why they always visit Paris.

The mug comes in both 15oz and 11 Oz, so your loved one can enjoy their morning cup of coffee/tea in their favorite mug.

You can also browse here to check out more Paris themed gift mugs.

10. Paris Boarding Pass

A trip to Paris is undoubtedly the best Parisian gift any Paris lover would ask for! If you’re fulfilling their dream of taking them on a trip to Paris, there is no better way to announce the surprise than with this Paris boarding Pass.

This Pass looks almost like the actual plane boarding pass but cuter!

Designed to include all the famous places in Paris, it can also be customized with your loved one’s name, their travel dates, the airport they’re flying to, and a sweet note to make it extra special.

This is truly one of the most thoughtful gifts for Paris lovers if you ask me!

11. Paris Keychain

I don’t know any one person who doesn’t own keys! With that in mind, you can be sure that a keychain will be useful.

So if you’re looking for Paris themed gifts to give to either your lady friend, girlfriend, daughter, or even a relative who loves Paris, then this Paris keychain will be a hit.

It features an aluminium disk keyring that’s written on ” Paris is always a good idea”, a pink-colored ceramic bead, and a silver-tone Eiffel tower charm that will excite any Paris lover.

12. French Beret

One of the famous things about France is the Beret! This French Beret is not only cute but it’ll also bring some sense of Parisian fashion to your recipient when they wear it.

The beret is available in various colors so you can choose whatever will suit your giftee! It’s guaranteed to make your loved one feel like a true French lady!

13. Crossbody Purse

Cute is what describes this handmade crossbody purse! The purse features some of the major French landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre.

Besides being downright cute, it’s perfectly sized to hold all the basic travel essentials like the phone, passport, credit cards, etc. Plus, it can be worn in a crossbody style to ensure the safety of their items.

It might seem like a small item but it’s one of the useful French gifts for her.

14. Leather Journal

Do you know someone who loves noting down their thought or their experiences while traveling? Then they’ll love this Paris-themed journal.

This journal has good quality papers so it can be used for other things like crafting, sketching, and doodling besides journaling. Plus, its high-quality leather cover will ensure durability while using it outdoors.

On top of that, the journal has a print of the Eiffel tower and Retro Eiffel tower pendants attached to it which will make it more appealing to any Paris lover who loves journaling.

Final Thoughts on The Best Paris Gifts For Paris Lovers

While a trip to the French capital itself is the ultimate Paris gift for Paris lovers, sometimes it’s just not feasible. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your Francophile happy!

With carefully selected gifts about Paris, you can make your loved ones feel closer to their favorite place in no time!

In fact, unlike some people, buying gifts for people who love Paris is not hard! You just have to give them Paris-themed gifts and they’ll be happy!

So don’t sweat it, just choose any of the Paris gifts I’ve suggested above, add your personal touch and you’ll be named the gifter of the year!

Regardless, I just hope that I’ve helped you choose the perfect Paris presents for your loved one! Whether it’s for their birthday, anniversary, or even a Christmas gift, you can be sure that they’ll appreciate them!


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