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8 Interesting Nicknames for Paris You May Not Have Known

Want to know other names Paris goes by? This post will show you all the famous and cool nicknames for Paris that truly make it the city we know and love!

From sipping signature champagne by the Seine, eating fresh baguettes made by an artisanal bakery that’s over a century old, intertwining hands with your partner as you look at the exhibits at the Louvre to going out to dinner to a rooftop bar with panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower as it sparkles in the thick of the night, every moment spent in Paris is a magical one! 

But this magic didn’t just happen by accident! A number of events and historical moments have shaped Paris into what it is today!

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And because of its rich history and importance in the modern world today, Paris has acquired a number of nicknames just like any other big city.

Some of the nicknames for Paris are because of historical events while some are just because of its charm and romance-filled air!

Keep scrolling to learn more about the 8 unique Paris nicknames, their history, and their relevance today!

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Interesting Paris Nicknames

1. City of Light

Eiffel tower at night

A nickname for Paris that is well-known worldwide is the city of light! Home to over three hundred illuminated structures and historical sites, including the Eiffel Tower, which has over 20,000 bulbs that light up every night, the city does justice to this name. 

The history of this name dates back to Louis XIV’s rule when the king in an attempt to reduce crime, had lanterns and street lights installed across the city so that lawbreakers couldn’t get away with crime at night. 

La Ville Lumièr (in French) is one of the nicknames for Paris that also has a symbolic meaning as Paris was an important place for the Age of Enlightenment — acceptance of ideas of science, art, and reason. Besides this, the city comes alive at night, remaining true to this nickname!

2. City of Love

Planning a Couple's Photoshoot is one of the things to do in Paris for couples

Another one of the most popular nicknames for Paris is the city of love. Often described as a place where love is just in the air, the atmosphere of Paris is unbeatable! 

Though now not advised due to safety concerns, for the most extended times, Paris was home to one of the most famous symbols of love in the modern world, Pont des Arts — the bridge where loved ones used to come and attach a lock to it as a motif of their everlasting love. 

The Wall of Love located in Montmarte also has declarations of love in over 250 languages and is another symbol of Paris celebrating love. 

Often a backdrop in romance movies and media, even if you don’t fall in love with another person, you’re sure to fall in love with the city!

No wonder Paris has become a proposal and honeymoon destination for lovers! You can read more reasons why Paris is the city of love here!

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3. The Fashion Capital

The Fashion Capital is one of the nicknames for Paris

Home to countless high-end designer boutiques like Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton (the world’s biggest, five-storied, Louis Vuitton store is located on the famous Champs-Élyées), Paris is also known as the fashion capital of the world! 

Paris’ fashion has been setting global trends since the 16th century and continues to be a pioneer in haute couture (high-end fashion designed entirely by hand), luxury apparel, and accessories. 

It’s a perfect place to get out of your fashion comfort zone, try unique silhouettes, and grow your closet!

Actually, even walking on the streets of Paris, you’ll notice that Parisians put some time and thought into what they wear unlike in some other big cities.

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4. La Dame de Fer

La Dame de Fer is one of the nicknames for Paris
La Dame de Fer is one of the nicknames for Paris

Though not necessarily a Paris nickname, I couldn’t miss this as it describes the most famous landmark in Paris. 

La Dame de Fer means the Iron Lady in French, referring to the iron lattice of the world-famous Eiffel Tower. 

An icon of the city, the tower is located in the city’s heart, making this one of the most meaningful Paris names. 

The Eiffel Tower, built by and named after Gustave Eiffel, is a symbol of love as its boasts one of the most scenic views of the city

It also houses three restaurants where you can gorge on delicious French food and sip on the finest champagne with a spectacular view. 

Besides, no one can go to Paris and not watch the Eiffel Tower twinkle at dusk, so it’s a very fitting nickname!

5. Pantruche

Louvre museum facts
Louvre museum

Pantruche is, in fact, a nickname for the nearby town of Pantin and was pretty popular as another name for the Parisian city back in the day. 

Though it had become obsolete for decades, the term has seen a resurgence in recent times probably because it just sounds pretty cool! 

Though its history and the connection is pretty silly, it has been adopted by several bistros and eateries over the city, the most famous of all being Le Pantruche which serves classic French dishes like soufflés and red-wine soaked beef accompanied by signature French wine as an ode to the name, in celebration of the typical Parisian experience!

6. Paname

Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur steps and garden

French for the Central American country of Panama, Paname is one of those Paris city names loosely connected to a part of French history but still famous in the city! 

It’s a nickname that became popular due to its reference to quintessential Panama hats that had become a frequently worn accessory among Parisians in the early 20th century. 

In fact, Renaud, a well-known French singer-songwriter, wrote a song called ‘Amoureux de Paname,’ which translates to Paname lover in relation to this popular nickname.

7. Lutèce

Fun Paris Puns

Before being known as Paris, the area was known as the Roman city of Lutetia, which is Lutèce in French. 

Though the name translates to marsh or swamp, not indicative of the cobblestoned city of Paris, the closest it comes to a swamp is with the Seine flowing through its veins. 

The name is pretty popular in the city today, with a number of cafés and other establishments using it as a reflection of its past. 

One, in particular, is The Arènes de Lutèce, a historic Roman amphitheater with a history of gladiator fights and other such events.

8. Parisii

Check out these Puns about the Seine

The word from which the name Paris originates, Parisii, was the name of the Celtic tribe that were the city’s first inhabitants. 

Though not very relevant in the present day, you can find this name for the spectacular capital city of France in old pieces of literature about the art and culture of Paris. 

Before being known as Paris, it was known as Parisios, and prior to that, as Parisii.

Final Thoughts on the Coolest Nicknames for Paris

Old and new, there are so many nicknames for Paris, each referring to a part of Paris’ history, which is so rich and exciting to discover. 

So go and explore the corners of this magnificent city, it’ll surprise you! 

Did you know all these Paris nicknames before or do you have one that you didn’t know about? Let me know in the comments below! 


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