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Paris Travel Tips: 50 Important Things To Know Before Going To Paris

Are you planning a trip to the French capital? This post will give you all the useful Paris travel tips to make your trip fun and much easier.

Oh, Paris! The thought of walking through its beautiful streets, visiting its famous landmarks one after the other, tasting all its delicious foods, and finally climbing the Eiffel Tower, a trip to Paris is a dream come true!

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, it must be extremely exciting knowing that you’ll be in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Paris travel tips

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However, as you prepare for your visit, whether you’re going to Paris for the first time or have been there countless times, there are a number of Paris travel tips that will help you have a fun, safe, and seamless trip.

As someone who lives in the city, I’ve experienced Paris countless times and have found myself in various circumstances that have given me the immense experience to share practical tips for visiting Paris.

So, before you go, make sure that you read these Paris travel tips.

Before You Go, Here’s How to Plan Your Visit To Paris: Practical Quick Tips

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Paris Travel Tips: Things To Know Before Visiting Paris

Whether it’s choosing the right time to visit, tips on navigating public transportation, how to dress in Paris, tips to fully get the most when visiting attractions, or mistakes to avoid, here are the best Paris tips for travelers.

For easy navigation, I’ll be categorizing this article into; general travel tips for Paris, money tips for visiting Paris, transportation travel tips for Paris, safety tips for traveling to Paris, and food & restaurant tips for Paris travelers. Now, let’s dive in.

General travel tips for Paris

1. Choose the time to visit Paris that is best for YOU

cherry blossom at champs de mars
Paris in spring

The first thing to consider when planning a trip to Paris is to choose the best time to visit that works for you. There is no one answer that fits all as we all have different things going on in our lives.

But if you keep other factors constant and base your decision on what’s happening in Paris, or the weather, here is a brief to help you decide.

Paris in Spring is one of the best times to visit Paris. The temperatures are warm, the flowers are blooming and there are not huge crowds yet.

On the other hand, Paris in summer has the most pleasant weather (if there is no heat wave), and the days are long to enjoy the city to the max, however, it sees the biggest crowds of tourists and airplane fares, attractions, and hotels are at their highest.

Avenue de New York is one of the cute Paris streets
Paris in winter

For an in-between, opt to visit Paris in the fall. The weather is chilly, the streets are covered in fall colors, the crowds are reduced, especially towards the beginning of winter, and the general cost of travel starts to fall.

If you don’t want to deal with huge crowds, you can opt to visit Paris in winter. During this time, the crowds disappear, (though they creep back in during the Christmas season ), and the cost of flights and accommodation is lower, but you’ll have to brave the cold temperatures and short days.

I hope the breakdown of the season helps you choose but if personally I had to choose, I would say towards the end of spring and the beginning of fall are the best times to visit Paris.

The temperatures are still pretty warm, the crowds are not that much and the cost is not that high too.

2. Don’t Skimp on Travel Insurance

One of the best tips for traveling to Paris is not to forego travel Insurance. In fact, before traveling anywhere, whether it’s Paris or not, make sure that you have travel insurance.

So many things can happen on the road! You could lose your valuable travel accessories, you may need expensive urgent care, and if you don’t have travel insurance, it will get expensive pretty quickly yet insurance could have covered everything if you had spent just a few bucks on it.

Though there are countless travel insurance companies out there, the one I trust and recommend is World Nomads Travel insurance. They operate in over 130 countries, so it’s easy to request a quote and the claim process is not a rat race.

However, if you’re a digital nomad or a long-term traveler, you can also check out Safety Wings Travel insurance as they offer great deals for long-term travelers.

3. Don’t visit only the famous landmarks

Exploring the covered passages of Paris is one of the best nontouristy things to do in Paris
Passage du Grand-Cerf, covered passage in Paris

It’s obvious the first places you’ll have on your Paris travel bucket list are the famous attractions like the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Sacre Coeur, the Arc de Triomphe, the Orsay Museum, and others.

Instead of just visiting only those ones, venture into other non-touristy things to do in Paris and go off the beaten path. This way, you’ll be able to explore Paris beyond what is in the guidebooks.

Some of the hidden gems of Paris worth checking out include parks like Parc Manceau, the covered passages of Paris, Les Arènes de Lutèce, the windmills in Montmartre, Paris Sewer Museum, Paris pet cemetery, and many others.

4. Buy skip-the-line tickets in advance to avoid wasting time in queues

The Louvre neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Paris.
Louvre museum queues

One of the most useful tips when visiting Paris is to buy skip-the-line entry tickets to attractions in advance.

Paris is one of the most visited cities in Europe, so you can expect long queues at its popular attractions. At places like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, or even Arc de Triomphe, you can easily spend 2-3 hours just in lines to access them.

While this may not be a big issue if you have a long time in the city, but if you’re visiting Paris for a weekend or even 1 day, you’ll lose so much time in queues instead of visiting other attractions.

The best way to avoid this is by purchasing skip-the-line tickets online. Some of the skip-the-line tickets you can buy in advance for popular attractions include;

You can also check out my complete list of skip-the-line entry tickets to popular landmarks all in one place.

Pro tip* Instead of buying each individual ticket, you can choose to buy this Paris pass that will give you access to over 80 attractions for free while also skipping the long lines. Alternatively, if you intend to visit a number of museums, you’re better off buying this Paris museum pass. You can get more details about the museum pass by reading my detailed Paris museum pass review here.

Montmartre in the 19th district is one of the best areas to stay in Paris.

5. Choose your accommodation in the central districts of Paris

If you have a few days in Paris, the last thing you want to do is waste time on long commutes by staying outside Paris or even in arrondissements that are a bit far from everything.

Instead of staying in the 20th district which is a bit far from the major attractions, choose to stay in either the 7th, 8th, or even the 1st. The bigger the number, the further away it is from central Paris.

You can read my post about where to stay in Paris according to arrondissements to get a general idea of the best area to stay in while in Paris.

6. Book your Hotel/Apartment rental way in advance

Hotel Audran is one of the best Montmartre hotels.

Courtesy of Hotel Audran / Booking.com

While still on the topic of booking in advance, another useful Paris travel tip is to book your accommodation in advance, especially in the summer since they book out fast.

This may not happen at all hotels/apartments but the one that suits your particular needs may be booked out if you don’t book in advance.

To help you choose the perfect hotel, I’ve written numerous articles about accommodation. You can click on the links below to go to a particular accommodation post that suits your need.

Alternatively, you can book my expert-selected hotels below if going through the above articles seems like a lot of work.

This is the best hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower, this is the hotel I recommend for a luxury stay, this one for mid-range travelers, and this one for budget travelers. If you prefer an apartment rental, you’ll love everything about this aparthotel.

7. Take advantage of free museums

Petit palais is one of the best free museums in Paris.
Petit Palais

If you’re traveling on a budget or just want to save money for something else, one of the best tips for traveling in Paris is to take advantage of free museums.

There are so many free museums in Paris that are worth visiting including; Petit Palais, Musée Carnavalet, Maison De Victor Hugo, Musée De La Vie Romantique, and many others.

The best part is that since most people flock to the famous Paris museums, these ones are usually less crowded, yet interesting to visit and above all free.

8. Don’t just stick to Paris! explore the nearby cities Too

Mont St Michel at sunset
Mont St Michel at sunset

Paris is incredibly beautiful — there is no denying that! However, instead of just visiting the city and leaving the country, you should also explore nearby cities and towns.

You can plan a weekend getaway from Paris or even a day trip to places like Strasbourg, Monet’s garden, Provins, Mont Saint Michel, Chantilly, or any of these cute cities near Paris.

This will help you escape the non-stop life of Paris for a while as you enjoy the beauty of other parts of France.

9. Don’t try to see everything in a short amount of time

It’s not uncommon to want to fit in as many activities as you can in a short amount of time.

But the truth is, it’s quite impossible to see everything in one visit and quite frankly, I’ve not seen everything in Paris myself. Sometimes I find myself discovering new gems while randomly walking.

Trying to see everything will just create travel burnout since you’ll be running from one attraction to another instead of trying to immerse yourself and fully enjoy the experience.

Moulin Rouge is one of the best places to take pictures in Paris

10. Try to dress like Parisians

When it comes to what to wear in Paris, strive to dress like the locals! And how do locals dress, you may ask?

Parisians like to keep things chic and they always look like they put thought into what they’re wearing without going overboard. Not the runway kind of thing, but they always look well put together.

It’s hard to find Parisians wearing sports clothes to walk on the streets (except if they’re actively working out), or even sweatpants.

You can check out my article on what not to wear in Paris to know exactly what to leave home if you want to look like a Parisian.

11. Pack the right clothes for Each season

Before leaving the subject of clothes, another Paris travel tip to note is to pack clothes for the right season.

I have a couple of articles to help you with this depending on the season you’re visiting.

For the months of March to May, here is what to wear in Paris in springtime, what to wear in Paris in the summer if you’re traveling between June to August, what to wear in Paris in the fall if you’re visiting between August to November, and finally what to wear in Paris in the winter if your trip falls between December to February.

With those articles, you’ll know exactly the right clothes to pack for each season!

12. Go to vantage points to take in the views of the city

Stunning view from Galeries Lafayette
Stunning view from Galeries Lafayette

Paris is beautiful when seen from below but it gets even more magical from above. As you explore the city, get some time to take in the stunning views of Paris from various vantage points.

Some of the places to get stunning views of Paris include the top of the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Ard de Triomphe, Butte Chaumont, Montparnasse Tower, Galeries Lafayette, and more. You can also enjoy the views of the Iron lady from these Eiffel Tower view spots.

13. Learning a little French goes a long way

french language facts

You may hear some people say that English is widely spoken in Paris but I am here to tell you that that’s not true.

In fact, it’s more surprising to find a person who speaks English than one who doesn’t. Of course, people in the tourism industry will speak English but don’t be surprised to go to a store and no one speaks English.

This goes to say that, as you plan to visit Paris, you can learn a few basic French words to help you get around. It doesn’t have to be much but it’s always nice to try.

Some of the French words you can learn include;

  • Bonjour = Hello
  • Au revoir = Goodbye
  • s’il vous plaît = Please
  • Merci = Thank you
  • De rien = you’re welcome
  • Pardon = Pardon me
  • Monsieur = Sir
  • Madame = miss
  • Oui = Yes
  • Non = No
  • Une carafe d’eau, s’il Vous plaît = tap water, please
  • l’addition s’il Vous plaît = The check/bill, please
  • A emporter s’il vous plaît = Take away, please
  • Je ne parle pas Français, désolé = sorry, I don’t speak English
  • Parlez-vous anglais? = Do you speak English?
  • Ou est…., s’il vous plaît? = Where is…., please?

14. Paris is not just romance and glamour

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is one of the fun things to do in Paris in february
Couple in Paris

Paris is no doubt one of the most romantic places in the world. In fact, one of its nicknames is the city of love.

Yes, there are so many romantic things to do in Paris and it’s probably the number one proposal destination for couples.

But as romantic and charming as it is, it’s not just romance! It has an ugly side to it. Yes, pickpockets will try to take your stuff, scammers will try to scam you, you’ll see a few homeless people and beggars on the stress, and you be welcomed by the smell of Piss in some metro stations.

I am telling you this so that when you come, you don’t get struck by the Paris Syndrome many tourists face, especially those from Japan.

15. Check the opening hours for attractions before you visit

Another one of my favorite Paris travel tips is to check the opening hours of attractions before you visit.

Don’t just assume that all places are open at the same time or stay closed on the same days! Also, opening hours can change due to the season, so be sure to confirm before you go.

Facts about the Arc de Triomphe.
Arc de Triomphe in summer

16. Create an itinerary but be open to adjusting it

Since Paris has a lot of things to see and do, the best way to see a number of them is by creating a realistic itinerary.

However, try not to follow it religiously. Leave some time in between to do spontaneous activities.

If a visit to one place leads you to another that was not on your itinerary but you’re interested in seeing it, you can just adjust your itinerary because the best experiences come unplanned — at least in some cases.

17. Most Museums in Paris close on Monday, not Sunday

It’s easy to assume that museums would be closed on Sundays but not in Paris. Most big (actually even the small ones) close on Mondays.

In fact, some restaurants too and shops close on Monday instead of Sunday. This is to make sure that people who work Monday – Friday can access certain services on Sunday.

This in turn means that people who worked on Sunday close on Monday. So, don’t just assume, check if the museum is open before your visit.

Exploring the Parisian Museums without the crowds is one of the best things to do in winter in Paris.
Musée d’Orsay

18. Explore Paris on Foot

Paris is a city best explored on foot. Most of the city’s major landmarks are not far from each other and you discover much more when you walk instead of taking the metro all the time.

For example, you could easily walk from the Opera area to Montmartre without even realizing it. While you can take the metro to reach there, you can easily walk as there are so many hidden gems to uncover along the way.

In fact, you’ll find most travelers say they walked much more in Paris than in other major European cities. This is usually common for some tourists from the US where walking is not as much as in Europe.

19. Carry Comfortable Walking shoes to Paris

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that this is one thing I say all the time. Paris’s streets are covered in cobblestones and it will be hard to walk in high heels.

And if you’re going to explore the city on foot as mentioned above, you’ll want to leave your stilettoes and wedges at home and opt for comfortable walking shoes like sneakers or boots.


20. Try exploring Paris on a bike

Another way to explore Paris is to try biking. Since the world p*ndemic, Paris has put more bike lanes in place to ensure that it becomes more bike-friendly.

It’s easy to rent a bike in Paris as there are many stations all over the city where you can rent a Velib bike from without even talking to anyone.

When you’re done biking, you don’t have to take it back to where you picked it from, but rather at any other bike station you find along the way.

You can go biking along the Seine (nothing more romantic than that), along Canal Saint-Martin, and more.

21. Never forget to say bonjour when you enter a shop

While this may not be the norm back in your country, in Paris, it’s considered rude to not say Bonjour when you enter a shop.

In fact, even when you’re leaving the shop, saying goodbye is considered good manners. You can say au revoir which means “goodbye” or bonne journée for “have a good day”.

22. Carry your student id

In Paris, students are usually offered a discounted rate at major attractions, so if you’re a student, carry your valid student ID to take advantage of the reduced rates.

window shopping at Champs-Élysées is one of the fun things to do in Paris
Champs Elysées

23. Refrain from shopping at every shop you see

Paris is a shoppers’ haven and if you’re a shopaholic, you may want to pop into every store you see to buy something.

The truth is that most shops in Paris are appealing and it’s like every single one is calling your name.

If you can resist the temptations, window shopping can do the trick, otherwise, you might just spend all your money buying luxury French brands in Paris.

24. Do not speak too loud

Another way to avoid looking like a tourist (and avoid making yourself a target by scammers and pickpockets) is by not speaking too loud.

French people in general don’t speak loud in public and always give an eye to tourists who speak like they’re addressing the entire room. Just keep the voice lower, at least until you leave Paris.

Parc Monceau is one of the best parks in Paris.
Parc Monceau

25. Explore Some of the beautiful parks in Paris

Beyond the famous landmarks, Paris is endowed with beautiful parks and gardens worth exploring. These green patches offer an escape into nature to a rather bustling city.

Whether it’s taking a leisurely walk to enjoy the cherry blossoms (if you visit in spring) or wanting to experience a Parisian picnic, there are a number of parks to choose from.

Some of the best Parisian parks not to miss include; Jardin des Plantes, Luxembourg gardens, Butte Chaumont, Parc Monceau, Tuileries gardens, Trocadero gardens, and more.

26. Plan alternative activities to do in case it rains

Regardless of the time of the year you visit whether it’s summer or winter, it’s likely to rain in Paris. But a rainy day doesn’t mean that you should just stay in your hotel room doing nothing.

There is plenty of things to do in Paris on a rainy day that you can choose from so that you don’t waste a day of sightseeing.

Plan to do activities like visiting museums or exploring the covered passages of Paris on the day it rains.

Rainy day in Paris
Rainy day in Paris

27. Be prepared for the rain

In the same way, don’t just plan out activities for a rainy day but also plan outfits and accessories for such days.

Make sure that you carry a windproof travel umbrella like this and/or this lightweight waterproof rain jacket.

28. Wake up early at least once to catch a sunrise

Imagine the sun rising above the Eiffel tower! Magical, right? If you’re in Paris for a few days, one thing you shouldn’t miss out on is taking in the beauty of the city with the first lights of the day.

You can go to any of these Paris sunrise spots and I guarantee you that compromising your sleep early in the morning will be so worth it.

Seine river sunrise in fall
Seine river sunrise in the fall

29. Or stay for the sunset

If you’re not a morning person or you just prefer sunsets, ending your day with a beautiful sunset in Paris will be a memorable one.

You can go to places like Montparnasse Tower, Sacre Coeur, or the Seine cruise to watch a magical sunset.

30. Beware That Most Things close on Sunday

Like most cities, you’ll find Paris calm and quiet on Sundays. Most shops, bakeries, and even some restaurants stay closed on Sunday.

Though you’ll be able to visit some museums since they close on Monday as mentioned above, you may need to plan how to spend your Sunday well in Paris.

Tips for Paris Travel: Food & Restaurants

31. Take a food tour while in Paris

Fun facts about French food

Another way to fully immerse yourself in French culture is by taking a food tour. You’ll be able to not only learn more about French food but also taste it. Below are the 3 food tours I recommend in Paris.

  • Le Marais Walking Food Tour: This food-guided tour will take you through the vibrant neighborhood of Le Marais. You’ll taste some wine and cheese, some pastries, and any other French delicacies that may be in during that season.

  • Montmartre Cheese, Wine, and Pastry Tour: If you’d rather discover the neighborhood of Montmartre, then this is the best food tour for you. Just like the above, you’ll taste some cheese, wine, pastries, and Charcuterie. The tour is fun and informative and the guides are very friendly.

  • Saint-Germain-des-Prés Pastry and Chocolate Walking Tour: If you have a sweet tooth, then this guided pastry tour is what I recommend. You’ll taste different types of chocolates, bread, and other French pastries during your tour while admiring all the beautiful bakeries in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood.

32. Try as much French food as you can

Croque Monsieur is one of the famous foods in Paris
Croque Monsieur

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture of the place you’re visiting is to try their local food and Paris is no different.

French cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world and it would be a huge mistake not to try as much as you can.

Some of the French foods you can try include; Raclette (if you visit in the colder months), Crêpes, Croque Monsieur & Croque Madame, or Jambon-Beurre but don’t be afraid to try traditional French foods too like Escagorts, Frog Legs, or Couilles De Mouton (Mutton Testicles).

33. Don’t eat near famous attractions unless you have the budget for it

Unless you have the budget for it, I would refrain from eating at restaurants near popular places.

They’re usually expensive yet just a few minutes away you could get the same exact things (or even better) for less.

L'oiseau Blanc is one of the best restaurants in Paris with a view
Image credit: L’oiseau Blanc

34. Make reservations at restaurants ahead of time

Just like at attractions, you’ll need to make reservations at restaurants, especially fancy ones like these restaurants with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

While you can just arrive at smaller cafes and bistros, some restaurants require making a reservation. You can’t just walk in and expect to be seated.

For some, you can make a reservation that very day while others require making a reservation up to 3 months in advance as they book out fast.

One example is Jules Verne, a restaurant at the Eiffel Tower. It’s almost impossible to find availability if you book 1 week or 2 in advance, even a month would be late. Try 2 or 3 months in advance to reserve a table.

So, before you go to Paris, make sure you make reservations if you plan to eat at such restaurants.

35. There is no need to tip At Parisian Restaurants (though appreciated)

While tipping is a big deal in most countries, it’s not the case in Paris. In Paris, the service fee is usually included in the overall price of the meal at restaurants, so don’t feel compelled to tip.

On the other hand, if the service you received was phenomenal and you want to tip your server, you can ask them to include an amount you want to tip to your bill but the best option is to leave a cash tip.

Couple driking coffee at one of the best Coffee shops in Paris

36. Drink tap water instead of buying bottled one

Water in Paris is safe to drink! Locals drink it and you too can. So, instead of wasting money on bottled water, you can just drink tap water from your hotel room.

In fact, even if you’re out exploring, you can still access tap water from the many water fountains (known as Wallace fountains) dotted around the city. Some even have sparkling water if that’s what you prefer.

These fountains are hard to miss as some are historically built but for ease of access, you can check this page for the exact locations in each arrondissement.

Just make sure to carry a reusable travel water bottle like this so that you refill it every time it runs dry.

This won’t only save you money but it’s also great for the environment as it reduces plastic usage.

37. Request for Tap Water at Restaurants too

While still on the topic of water, ask for tap water at restaurants. Most Parisian cafes and restaurants have made it a habit to always put a bottle of tap water on every table.

However, if the restaurant you go to doesn’t do it automatically, feel free to ask for tap water and it will be offered to you for free.

Travel tips for Paris Transporation

38. The Metro Is The Best Way To Get Around

Montmartre Metro

Paris’s metro system is very well connected and it’s easy to get around no matter where you are. It’s easy to use, you won’t be stuck in traffic, and it’s also the cheapest form of transportation in Paris.

The other options are buses, trams, taxis, or Uber. The downside with buses is getting stuck in traffic and the same applies to taxis/Uber except that the latter is a bit more expensive compared to buses or the metro and the train.

39. Renting A Car In Paris Is A Bad Idea

One of the things to know before traveling to Paris is that renting a car is a very bad idea.

As I mentioned above, public transportation in the city is very effective and cheap compared to hiring a car.

Renting a car will mean being stuck in traffic most time and you’ll have to deal with the crazy Parisian drivers, plus, it’s very expensive. So, save yourself from that pain but choosing not to hire a car. It’s really not needed!

40. Buy A Carnet Of Metro Tickets Instead Of One Every Time

If you plan to ride the metro a number of times (this is inevitable if you’re spending more than 3 days in the city), you’ll be better off buying a carnet of metro tickets.

A carnet is a bundle of 10 tickets and it’s cheaper than buying 10 individual tickets. It will also save you time instead of going to a ticket machine every time you need a new ticket.

Paris metro sign
Paris metro sign

41. Don’t Throw Away Your Metro/Train Ticket Just Yet

While still on the topic of tickets, one of the important Paris tips and tricks is to not trash your metro ticket before you fully exit the station at the end of your trip.

If the ticket control team finds you without a ticket, chances are high that you’ll be fined — which is 10 times more than the ticket price.

Plus, the ticket will help you exit the metro/train station. Without it, you may need to buy another one just to exit.

42. Beware of the metro working hours before going out to party late at night

Paris nightlife is fun and vibrant and you should enjoy it at least once. But as you plan to go out, be mindful of the metro working hours.

Is there a metro running on the line you take to go to your hotel (check if there are ongoing strikes)?

What time do they stop working on the day you want to go out? Check all this ahead and plan when to go back if you want to use the metro. Check the Ratp website to stay updated on the metro working hours.

Paris metro on railline

43. You can also download the Bonjour RATP app

Besides just checking the website, you can download the Ratp app to stay updated on all the public transportation in Paris.

With the Bonjour RATP app, you’ll know when a metro line is closed, where to take the metro from, find the closest bus line, Velib stations, RER, the night bus, and more.

Think of it as a one-stop shop for all public transportation around Paris.

44. Avoid taking the metro during rush hours (if possible)

The metro can be something during rush hour, usually between 8 AM to 9 AM and then from  6 PM to 7:30 PM. They’re heavily packed and everyone seems to be in a rush for some reason.

As a tourist, it may not be the best moment to take the metro, especially if you can avoid it.

To give you a rough picture, you may not get where to seat, people will be pushing you (it will be person to person), and on some lines, you may not even be able to get onto the metro because it’s just too packed.

So, if you can avoid taking the metro during rush hours, do it.

Eiffel Tower view with Metro sign

45. Make city mapper your friend

One of the best apps to use in Paris is city mapper. I use it all the time for literally anything.

Besides the usual direction which I find more accurate than google maps sometimes, they give metro and train live updates.

You just type in where you want to go and it will show you the best metro/train to take, where to stop, which exist to take, and the best car on the metro/train to sit in.

Though google maps can do some of this, I find Citymapper much more accurate every time!

Money Tips for Traveling in Paris

46. You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot in Paris

Paris is ranked as one of the most expensive cities to visit! And while that is true, it doesn’t mean that people traveling on a budget can’t make it work at all.

There are so many free things to do in Paris that will save a couple of bucks, like visiting free museums as we talked about earlier.

You can also sign up for free walking tours and instead of eating out every day, make your own meals if you booked an apartment rental with a kitchen.

Opera is one of the best areas of Paris.
Palais Garnier

47. Cards a widely accepted but some places have a minimum amount they accept

One of the other Paris tourist tips you should know is that cards are widely accepted in most places. However, some places, usually small bars, bakeries, and some shops require a minimum amount to be able to pay by card.

It can be anywhere from a minimum spend of 3€ to 6€. For anything below that, you’d be required to pay by cash.

Actually, at times you’ll come across places that don’t accept cards at all. So, as you visit Paris, try to always carry some cash with you however little it may be.

48. Always carry a few coins for public toilets

Paris is one of those cities where you have to pay to access public toilets, so carry a few coins, (usually 1 Euro) for La Dame Pipi or the lady seated near the toilet collecting money.

However, in some public toilets, credit/debit cards work, so you can use the no-contact payment with ease.

Safety Travel Tips in Paris

49. Look Out For Paris Travel Scams

Paris travell tips

Unfortunately, scams are very rampant in Paris, especially in the areas near the Eiffel Tower and other crowded places.

As you explore, be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Some of the scams to look out for include;

Someone coming to you with some written documents and asking you to sign and support their cause.

Don’t fall for this because as soon as you sign, they’ll demand money aggressively and since you may want to get out of that uncomfortable situation pretty soon, you will be tempted to just give them money and leave.

If anyone (usually women) comes to you with stuff like this, just say No, thanks, and move on.

Another scam is the friendship bracelet scam. This one usually happens around Sacre Coeur with someone coming towards you in a friendly way with a bracelet. They’ll try to put it on your wrist and then force you to pay for you. Just move away from anyone trying to be friendly with a bracelet.

50. Be Aware Of Pickpockets

Unfortunately, this is one of the vices that seem to never go away in Paris. Pickpockets are usually in crowded places, in the metro and also the subway.

The only way to avoid them is to carry your bag in the front and be mindful of your surroundings all the time.

Pickpockets also usually target tourists as tourists are less opposed to following up on the crime, so try not to look like a tourist, especially in sketchy places.

Final Thoughts on the Best Paris Travel Tips

It’s easy to miss or overlook some things when going to the French capital, but with these tips for traveling to Paris, I hope you’ll have a great time and know exactly what and what not to do in Paris.

Whether it’s avoiding scams, deciding when to go, or even how to navigate the city, these travel tips for Paris will come in handy.


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