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15 Best Desserts in Paris You Must Try

Looking for the best desserts in Paris? You’ve come to the right place as I’ve tasted a number of Parisian desserts and I am here to show you the ones I liked the most.

No doubt Paris is a city for all kinds of travelers; backpackers, luxury travelers, bucket list travelers who just want to tick the Eiffel Tower off the list (mind you, if you just visit the Eiffel tower and think it’s the only place to see in the city, you’re missing out on other beautiful places in Paris), honeymooners and of course foodies!

Yes, foodies! Paris is famous for its gastronomy scene and if you have a sweet tooth, you’re in for a real treat as there are so many delicious desserts in Paris that will make you want to book a flight right away to have a taste of your own.

So, like anyone who travels to Paris, I went on a dessert hunting frenzy and all I can say is that “why did it take me this long to even do it”.

best desserts in Paris France

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You probably now know that Paris and France, in general, are known for their desserts but what you probably don’t know is how delicious they are — well until you taste them.

And since there are thousands of desserts in Paris, I went on that rumpus tasting so that I can tell you which ones you should try first, especially if you don’t want to drown yourself in sugar — I promise I did that, I enjoyed it and I will probably do it again, with zero shame.

Yap, when Parisian sweets keep calling your name on every street your turn and every window you peep at, you can’t say no but give in to that temptation and secretly hope that the weight will take care of itself which never happens but I guess all these delicious Paris desserts are worth an inch or so.

So, whether you’re traveling to Paris to see its popular landmarks or for its food, make sure that you try out these Paris sweets before you leave the city.

And in no particular order (because it’s honestly hard to rank them – they are all so good) – here are the best desserts in Paris you must try.

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Best Desserts in Paris You Should Try

1. Croissants

best desserts paris

I think the most famous dessert in Paris is the croissant- at least to the rest of the world! You can’t mention France and not think of a croissant or you can’t think of a croissant and not think of France – it’s like both go hand in hand.

Even though it might seem ordinary, this not-so-little Parisian dessert is one of my faves. It holds a special place in my heart or better yet my stomach since it is the first Parisian sweet I ate when I came to the city.

I mean every time I think of having a dessert in Paris, the first thing that comes to my mind is a croissant until I tell myself that there are so many new Parisian desserts I need to try – I could literally munch this little sweet every day and not get tired of it.

However, don’t be fooled by its crispy look, it’s so soft as you bite into it and its cheesy taste might be hard to duplicate in any other Parisian pastries.

You can grab a croissant from any pastry shop and it’s perfect to eat at any time of the day!

2. Crepes

Crepes - best desserts paris

One of the other famous desserts from Paris is a Crepe – it’s loved by both locals and tourists alike.

This thin tortilla-like Paris sweet (don’t even try to call it or compare it to a pancake or you’ll be at war with the french) is incredibly delicious and a must-try while in the city of love.

It can be spread with a number of fillings from Nutella, whipped cream, nuts jam (or any kind of jam), honey, strawberries, caramel cream, etc but the commonest one I’ve seen is Nutella.

Crepes are some of the popular street food in Paris so you can find them at almost all street food stalls and you can just ask for the flavor you want.

I couldn’t get enough of them so I checked online for the best French crepe recipe I could find and made myself some at home.

I bought a number of fillings (almost everything I mentioned above) and my favorites were Nutella and Nuts Jam filling — (the one in the pic is with whipped cream and strawberries).

3. Pain aux Raisins

Pain au Raisin or loosely translated as raisin bread is a snail-shaped Parisian sweet commonly eaten for breakfast even if it works well as a dessert too.

I am not a huge fan of snails (not a snail person AT ALL actually) or anything that looks like it but Pain au Raisin made me go against what I believe in.

Those fluffy buttery rolls with scattered raisins are quite delicious and can be found in most pastries shops or boulangeries if you may.

4. Macaron

pastry in paris

If you must try one dessert in Paris, then try the French Macarons! They are small in size but big in flavor and deliciousness.

A bite into the texture of the shell to the filling is an eye-closing moment if I am to paint you a somewhat proper picture of the taste.

I am sure you’ve heard or seen people raving about them and wondering what the big fuss is all about. I was the same but that fuss got me really hyped to look for them as soon as I was in Paris.

And after stuffing myself with a number of them, I am here to confirm to you that the French Macarons are worth the hype they get. They’re incredibly good so you must add them to your list of best desserts in Paris to try.

However, to have the great taste I am raving about, you should buy from a good brand like Pierre Hermé or La Durée or any of these Macaron shops in Paris.

The best part about Macarons is that they come in different flavors! From caramel, Orange, coffee, Rose, and Vanilla, to Lemon. My favorites are Ispaham and Vanilla from Madagascar but you can choose any that catches your eye.

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5. Eclair Au Chocolat

Best desserts in Paris

One of the other best desserts in Paris that has become a household name is the Eclair. There are various flavors of Eclairs but the one I’ve tried so far is the Eclair au Chocolat whose dough is filled with cream and finished off with chocolate icing.

If you don’t fancy a chocolate one, you can opt for an Eclair au café, Eclair à la Pistache, Eclair au Citron, or Eclair à la fraise but if you want the original ones, stick with either Eclair au Chocolat or Eclair au café.

6. Opera Cake

Has anyone ever looked at you the way I am looking at my Opera cake? Not trying to send you in deep thoughts right now but this Parisian dessert is worth that look and clearly, I couldn’t wait for the pic to be done and munch it in one minute.

Arranged in 4 layers, the Opera cake consists of almond sponge cake layers soaked in coffee syrup and coffee French buttercream and topped with a chocolate glaze.

So, if you’re both a chocolate, cream, and coffee lover, the opera cake is the best dessert in Paris for you.

7. Chouquettes

best sweets in paris

Like most people, I almost ignored the Chouquettes! They’re not fancy nor common in many pastries shops but I am so glad I took the plunge to try them out.

Their “basic” look and size doesn’t do them any favors when it comes to competing with other pastries in Paris, especially at first sight but a bite into these soft perfectly baked dough sprinkled in pearl sugar will make you think otherwise.

They are those little tiny desserts in Paris that I crave up to now but still wonder why most people ignore them even if they are incredibly delicious.

So while in Paris, make sure that you look for those delicacies and I am sure you’ll be glad you did.

8. Milles Feuilles

dessert paris

Translated as a “thousand sheets”, because of its many layers, Milles Feuilles is one of the best desserts in Paris you must try.

Even though its exact origin is unknown, the modernizations to it were made by Marie-Antoine Carême which officially made it a french delicacy.

Alternated with layers of puffy pastry, cream, and chocolate, and topped with stripes of either cocoa, chocolate, icing, or fondant, this mouth-watering Parisian dessert will create a party in your mouth as you bite into the crispy layers followed by the creamy ones.

9. Religieuse Au Chocolat

best pastries paris

If you love everything chocolate, you’ll enjoy Religieuse Au Chocolat. It consists of two choux pastry cases with the bigger one at the bottom and the small one at the top with each filled with chocolate cream inside.

No, the chocolate doesn’t stop there, they go ahead and add a layer of chocolate on top of each case, and on top of that, they add a generous sprinkle of chocolate flakes on the top case to finish off this “chocolateful” dessert.

Whichever side of the Religieuse Au Chocolat you bite, you’ll be drowning in chocolate. So if you’re a chocolate person, this is one of the best pastries in Paris you have to try.

10. Cardinal

Do you just look at a dessert and want to eat it but you also don’t want to because it just looks so good you don’t want to “lose” it? These were my exact thoughts when I bought the cardinal.

Not sure whether it is the cake texture, the cream layers, the strawberry layers, or everything together that makes this dessert look so good – but wait until you eat it! It tastes even way more than it looks! With that look, you can imagine how good it tastes.

I keep going back and forth about naming it my best dessert in Paris but as soon as I make up my mind, I taste another one and I go back to the confusion of I probably have many favorites and there is nothing wrong with that.

11. Chausson au Pomme

best french pastries

Chausson au Pomme is another pastry in Paris that is shaped either in a semi-circle or a triangle form.

Its taste is closely related to that of the croissants when you bite into the crispy outer layer but the apple filling on the inside gives it a completely different taste.

It’s one of those sweets in Paris that look a bit “basic” and may not even be ordered as a dessert in a fancy restaurant but when you go to any bakery, ask for it and you’ll be glad you did.

12. Mille Feuilles a la Fraise

best desserts in Paris France

Mille Feuilles a la Fraise is also a dessert of a thousand sheets but the only difference from the one I mentioned above is that this is a strawberry one.

The taste is actually different and that’s why it’s getting its own spotlight as a stand-alone dessert in Paris.

The many crispy sheets complemented by the strawberries covered in cream give it an incredible taste that I still have in my mouth even up to now – ok maybe I am exaggerating a bit but it’s incredibly tasty.

All that is completed off with a topping of creamy white sugar which when bit into all together makes you realize how great of a decision you made when you decided to travel to Paris.

13. Tarte au fraise

best dessert paris

After the croissant, Tarte au fraise (or translated as a strawberry pie) is probably the second Parisian dessert I ate in the city of love.

At the time, I didn’t even know its name but all I know is that it caught my eye instantly and I wanted to devour it.

The soft pie base with a touch of a crust is topped with sweet butter which is in turn topped with a generous amount of strawberries creating a picture-perfect dessert.

You can find these Parisian sweets in almost all bakeries in the city and before you even start looking for them in the display glass, your eyes will probably be glued to them already.

14. Fraisier

desserts from paris

I am very much likely to choose a strawberry dessert over any other unless it’s caramel or milk chocolate and as always, this Fraiser did not disappoint.

It is glazed in strawberry from bottom to top, with a strawberry flavorful cake and topped with strawberry icing – so every bite into it will take you to a strawberry wonderland.

15. Viennoise

best sweets in paris

Sometimes the best desserts in Paris come in simple shapes and looks and this Viennoise with chocolate chips prove that.

It is buttery, so soft on the inside and the taste is beyond what it looks like. It’s one of those Paris desserts you can find everywhere even in small bakeries.

Final Thoughts on the Best Desserts in Paris

There are so many desserts in Paris that it can be incredibly hard to taste all of them, especially in one visit but these are just a few that I enjoyed.

However, as I continue discovering the city of love, even this list of the best desserts in Paris will keep growing because I am sure I’ve not tasted even a fraction of what Paris has to offer.

Have you indulged yourself in one of these best Paris pastries? Which ones did you like the most!

And if you’ve tried out other famous desserts in Paris that are not on this list, leave them in the comment box below and inspire me and others to try them out.

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  1. Félicitations ma chère, you have graced us with your culinary Paris adventures. I know it must have been difficult selecting just 15! In addition, a Choquette? Never heard of that!!
    I am hoping, if you plan on expanding, I you might consider the Canelé (this is the latest spelling by some Canelé Association, in France. I’m of French descent and was born in Maine and spent most of my life in Maine and Boston, but now make my home in Montréal When I arrived I discovered the Canelé and a few of the pastries my ancestors enjoyed. I had never heard of the Macaron, or the Canelé, {Can-ah-lay} or the Tarte Tatin (an upside down Apple pie without an inverted crust). All are great and I’ve finally started baking my own—c’est pas facile! The Canelés are the most difficult; but I was recently gifted a few copper moulds, and will give them a try again, soon. I also recently made my first batch of strawberry macarons and though far from perfect, I quickly overcame my jitters. I need to perfect my piping technique. A la prochaine, Esther!

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