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19 Best Songs About Paris That Will Make You Feel Closer To The City of Love

Want to listen to some cool songs about Paris? From jazz, pop, folk, to electronic, this post will give you all the famous Parisian songs that you’ll enjoy!

We’ve seen a number of things about the city of love from Quotes about Paris written by writers, and famous figures that had poetic words to describe the city, captions on Paris to make any photo stand out on Instagram to funny Paris puns that made me fall in Louvre, (see what I did there, those are the kind of puns I am talking about.)

But did you know that there are a number of songs about Paris that describe the French capital in the most beautiful way possible? Well, if you didn’t, I’ve got you covered!

Josephine Baker black and white potrait
Josephine Baker, black and white portrait – one of the singers on this list

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I can honestly call myself a Francophile who has a special love for Paris and anything about Paris excites me beyond reason! From its famous landmarks, architecture, cute streets to art and this includes songs!

Yes, I’ve become a little obsessed with some of these songs so I decided to share them with you too since I believe you love the city as much as I do; I mean that’s why you’re here!

Whether you’re planning a trip to Paris, want to feel closer to your favorite place, or just want to cure the Paris travel bug, these Parisian songs will transport you directly to the city of love.

Ella Fitzgerald, black and white potrait - another famous singer on the list
Ella Fitzgerald, black and white portrait – another famous singer on the list

Of course, I admit that we may all have different tastes in music but since we have the same love for Paris, I believe you’ll love these Paris songs. All the lyrics may not be about Paris but I will try to bring out the part that relates them to Paris.

To make sure you easily find these Paris songs or Paris chansons as the French call them, I’ve included a link to Youtube on each song where you can watch and listen to them for free.

Famous Songs About Paris

Famous songs about Paris

There are innumerable songs about Paris but these are my favorite in no particular order.

They include a mix of Electronic, Pop, Jazz, Folk, and many others. These Paris songs are guaranteed to spark the love, passion, and hope inside you every time you think or listen to them. Pick up your speaker now and let’s jam together.

1. J’ai Deux Amours by Josephine Baker

Released: 1930 | Genre: Dance/Electronic

While the title of this song may leave you wondering if Josephine Baker is torn between two lovers, she’s actually singing about how she is torn between two cities.

On one hand, is the city she resides in and calls home, Manhattan. On the other hand, is Paris, a city she has not been to yet but dreams of visiting. She describes Paris and talks about how it has left her spellbound.

This song embodies the effect Paris has on everyone, and how it leaves one and all mesmerized by everything about it.

It also alludes to the dream most people have of visiting the City of Lights that they have only heard so many things about, at least once in their life.

2. La Vie En Rose by Édith Piaf

Released: 1946 | Genre: Pop

Édith Piaf was a French cabaret singer and was widely regarded as France’s national chanteuse.

This song is probably the most famous among Paris chansons (songs). While, in this song, Édith does not actually talk of Paris, it embodies love hence its association with the City of Love.

It is a slow, romantic, and hopeful rendition in which Édith talks about how we experience love initially through rose-colored glasses, and that’s how we should see the world as well.

She encourages everyone to see the beauty, the positive and exciting side of life, comparing it to the first few moments when you fall in love.

3. I Love Paris by Cole Porter/Ella Fitzgerald

Released: 1953 | Genre: Jazz

I Love Paris is one of the popular songs about Paris. It was first sung by Cole Porter in 1953 followed by other famous personalities like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, among others.

The song describes exactly that, why the singer loves Paris. He talks about how he loves everything about the city, across all seasons – like timeless love.

Whether it be a fair season or an unanticipated season, he loves Paris regardless.

4. Bonjour, Paris! By Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, and Kay Thompson

Released: 1957 | Genre: Jazz

Bonjour, Paris! is a song from the 1957 rom-com musical movie, Funny Face. This song showcases all the popular spots in Paris like Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, Petit Palais, Montmartre and even the street, Rue de la Paix which is Paris’ famous shopping street.

Audrey is shown to be someone who has been longing to come to the city to see its sights, among other things.

Her dream eventually comes true when a guy from the cast influences his boss to shoot in Paris.

The picturization of this musical movie scene shows the cast going around the city admiring these places.

5. April in Paris by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

Released: 1957 | Genre: Jazz

The first rendition/performance of April in Paris was by Freddy Martin in 1933 for the Broadway musical, Walk a Little Faster.

It became such a hit that it was covered by Sauter-Finegan Orchestra in 1952, making it even more successful.

From thereon, multiple jazz singers have covered it including Count Basie in 1955, whose performance was then inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, and Ella and Louis two years after that.

The song talks about springtime in Paris and the feelings and visuals associated with it. It is a hopeful song that will transport you to a picturesque scenario.

6. Non, Je ne regrette rien by Édith Piaf

Released: 1960 | Genre: Jazz

This is probably the 2nd most famous song by Édith Piaf, and on this list of the best songs about Paris, after La Vie En Rose.

Like the earlier song by her, the subject of this one too isn’t Paris but, since France’s national idol is singing it, one can connect it to the city and its people.

The song’s title translates to “No, I regret nothing.” It talks about how one should be hopeful, despite the adversities faced.

In good times and bad, you have to have a positive outlook and not regret anything you did or any path that you chose.

7. Les Champs-Elysée by Joe Dassin

Released: 1969 | Genre: Jazz

As the song begins, few truly recognize it but, once it reaches the chorus, everyone sings along.

This song personifies the broadest and most beautiful avenue in Paris, Les Champs-Elysées.

The boulevard is lined with numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops attracting large crowds, thus making it the busiest street in Paris.

The singer celebrates this avenue and talks about the various kinds of people who make their way here.

Today, every year, on Bastille Day (July 14th), France’s national day, the largest military parade goes through this avenue.

Another reason why it’s famous besides housing popular fashion brands is that it’s the final stretch of France’s famous cycling race, the Tour de France.

8. Where Do You Go to (My Lovely) By Peter Sarstedt

Released: 1969 | Genre: Folk

This song has Peter Sarstedt singing to his childhood friend, Marie Claire, who grew up in poverty in Naples.

She now lives in Paris while wining and dining with the rich and famous. He asks her thoughts and feelings when she’s alone, not living a luxurious life.

Thus alluding to the fact that she might not have been as happy and content as she portrayed to the outside world.

Peter, although not French, sings about many French references like Boulevard St. Michel and Sorbonne, and personalities like Picasso, Zizi Jeanmaire, and Sacha Distel.

9. Paris by Faith Hill

Released: 2005 | Genre: Country

When you listen to Paris (which is off the album fireflies), it might seem like a love song, but in actuality, that is far from the truth.

When it was first played for her by the songwriters, Faith Hill also thought it was a love song. They let her believe that for a while.

However, the story goes that the 3 songwriters took a train to Paris from London on Bastille Day.

The anticipated celebratory day (joie de vivre) turned out to be a gruesome one when a fight broke out while the trio was waiting for a cab.

Verges, one of the 3, got knocked out cold with a broken nose and a bloody face.

When he came around, he was in an ambulance being taken to the hospital while his friends didn’t know where he was transported to and had no way of contacting him. Eventually, they returned to London and wrote this song.

10. Crazy Paris by Horny United

Released: 2008 | Genre: Electronic

Like most electronic numbers, Crazy Paris is not big on lyrics and falls short in that department.

There’s no history or story behind this 2008 number. In fact, the singer also has a pretty low social profile. I guess he lets his music do the talking.

The song has a cool head-bobbing tune with alternating segments of catchy beats and lyrics.

The only linkage to Paris is in the name and the recurring occurrence of the word in the minimal lyrics.

11. Paris (Ooh La La) By Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Released: 2010 | Genre: Rock

This rock n’ roll number is a sexy, sassy one in which Grace practically says that she wants to get down and dirty in a lyrical manner.

The chorus is repetitive, but the guitar strums more than make up for it. The song will make you want to crank up the volume and get pumped up like a rock star.

Such is the beat and rhythm of this song that it was covered by numerous people across different talent shows like The Voice and The X Factor.

Pamela Anderson even danced to this number in Dancing with the Stars.

12. La Seine by Vanessa Paradi & M

Released: 2011 | Genre: Pop

La Seine is a chanson taken from an animated movie, Un Monstre à Paris (A Monster in Paris).

In the film, the main character, Lucille, a cabaret singer, performs on stage in a song and dance manner to the tunes of a guitar and an accompanying band.

The guitar-playing character, who eventually sings with Lucille, is the monster referenced in the movie’s title.

While the movie is set in 1910, when the main river that runs through Paris, La Seine, had flooded the streets of Paris and its surrounding towns, the song is an ode to the river itself.

13. Paris by Lana Del Ray

Released: 2012 (leaked) | Genre: Alternative Pop

This 2012 song by Lana Del Ray was actually recorded a year earlier but didn’t make it to her chart-topping 2nd album, Born to Die. It leaked as a solo but didn’t gain as much fame as the album.

The song talks about how the monotony of life has gotten to her and her significant other.

She feels the answer is for him to take her to Paris, so that’s what she asks him to do.

She then narrates how crazy and wild their life could be there. She also references famous Parisian monuments like Sacré-Cœur and Tour Eiffel, also mentioning Yves Saint Laurent.

14. Paris by Little Dragon

Released: 2012 | Genre: Alternative Indie; Dance/Electronic

Paris by Little Dragon is a sad pop song about moving on and celebrating the departed instead of letting their loss absorb you.

The band’s lead singer, Yukimi Nagano, sings about a long-distance friendship and how it was tragically cut short by the death of her friend.

It is about going through the loss of someone close and how she decides to go to Paris, where their rendezvous was supposed to happen.

She feels somewhat weird experiencing things without the person, but ultimately, she knows she has to move on, so that’s what she strives to do.

It is probably the saddest song about Paris, at least on this list, though it doesn’t sound like that if you just listen to the music without knowing the lyrics.

15. Little French Song by Carla Bruni

Released: 2013 | Genre: Pop

This song has been sung by singer turned model, Carla Bruni, who then became the French First Lady (now former).

She sings about how when everything is going wrong, singing a little French song will make things better. This is an upbeat number, so it might genuinely work in uplifting your mood.

Through the song, she takes you around Paris – Pigalle, Saint Louis Island, Tuileries, and Bastille.

She also talks about French poets, writers, and singers, even referencing Édith Piaf. She says they may not be like Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, or Louis Armstrong, but they are famous worldwide nonetheless.

16. Paris by Night by Bénabar

Released: 2014 | Genre: Pop

As the song title suggests, Bruno Nicolini, or Bénabar as he is known, talks about Paris at night.

His French chansons often have him singing about daily life events; some funny, some cynical.

In this foot-tapping song, he describes how Paris is bustling at night. People are going out for dinner to bistros and restaurants, heading for an after-work drink to bars, and making their way to clubs to dance the night away.

His friends invite him to do the same with them. And even though he is initially hesitant, he ends up going anyway and having a lovely time.

17. Paname by Slimane

Released: 2016 | Genre: Pop

The name, Paname, is a Paris nickname given to Paris and its suburbs. In this song, Slimane sings about how he wants to go to Paris with his backpack, songs, and dreams.

He dreams of taking his mother to Paris so that she can hear him sing there.

He talks about how he thinks the Parisian people are and how their way of life is. He then goes on to relate himself in those same situations. He visualizes them (him & his mother) there and how they would go on about their day.

Paname is a song about hope, and how everyone has dreams to make it big in a city they dream of tasting success in.

18. Paris by Sabrina Carpenter

Released: 2018 | Genre: Pop

In Paris, Sabrina sings about her love for the City of Love, how it is incomparable and romantic. Could we disagree? In reality, too, Sabrina has been a fan of the city and had dreamed of visiting it for years. (I mean, can you blame her?)

Those feelings of admiration and longing have reflected in the song. But in fact, she wrote this song after her trip to Paris for her show, and successively, her 18th birthday that she spent there.

She talks about leaving town and going to Paris to find love but eventually realizes that she already has it. To add a little Parisian charm to it, she even sings the bridge in French.

19. Bienvenue Chez Moi by Bigflo & Oli

Released: 2018 | Genre: Dance Electronic

Through Bienvenue Chez Moi, Bigflo and Oli take you not just through Paris but through the entire country of France.

They talk about the beautiful cities of Bordeaux, Normandy, Marseille, and Strasbourg, among others. It’s like taking a tour de France.

Be it the French valleys, beaches, towns, or cities, you can visualize it all and picture yourself living out the lyrics.

If you ask me, this is probably one of the best songs about Paris if you want to know about France, its wonderful places, and what each of them is famous for.

Final Thoughts on the Best Parisian Songs

Just like poets and writers, many singers expressed their love and admiration for Paris through what they do best; singing!

So if you were looking for that one song to listen to and envision your life in the city of lights, I hope that some of these lyrics about Paris have transported you to the city of love and put a smile on your face while imagining it.

Do you have any favorites? Let me know in the comments below which of these Parisian songs transported you or any that gave you that special connection.


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