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15 Best Beaches Near Paris, France

Visiting Paris and want to go on a beach getaway? Here are the best beaches near Paris, France that every kind of traveler will enjoy.

With summer here, Parisians and tourists in the French capital are looking forward to enjoying the sun and there is no better way to do that than chilling on the beach.

However, there are no beaches in Paris, unfortunately, which means that beach lovers have to travel outside the city to enjoy some sun on the beach.

Val De Seine Leisure Island in Verneuil-sur-seine is one of the fun beaches near Paris

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So to make sure that you don’t miss out on all the fun that comes with being on the beach, here are some of the best beaches near Paris you can go to.

All these beaches are within driving distance and can easily be reached by train in less than 5 hours. Some of them can be treated as day trips since they’re like 1 hour away while others can be treated as weekend trips from Paris to fully get the most out of your beach getaway.

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Best Beaches Near Paris, France

Read on to discover the best beaches near Paris!

1. Etretat Beach, Normandy

Etretat Beach in Normandy is one one of the best beaches near Paris

A 2.5 hours drive from Paris will take you to the beautiful Etretat Beach in Normandy which is one of the most picturesque beaches near Paris.

It is surrounded by breathtaking unusual nature-carved white cliffs that are jaw-dropping and attract many tourists, impressionists’ painters, and photographers worldwide.

Though the beach was used for fishing activities for many centuries, it’s now a popular seaside resort that welcomes locals and tourists alike.

Enjoying the sun on the white pebble beach while taking in the beauty of the turquoise blue waters, and admiring the massive white cliffs that tower high over the Atlantic Ocean are some of the fun things to do on this beach.

Swimming, kayaking, paddling, and tasting seafood platters in one of the fancy restaurants are some of the other activities to enjoy here.

If you’re looking for a beach near Paris that has a number of facilities, Etretat Beach should be on your list as it has bathing huts, a casino, hotels, and villas to unwind from.

2. Calanque d’EN Vau, Cassis

Calanque d'EN Vau in Cassis is one of the best beaches near Paris, France
Calanque d’EN Vau in Cassis is one of the best beaches near Paris, France

Calanque d’EN Vau is one of the beaches near Paris, France that will take you only 4 hours 18 minutes when using a train.

Located on a 20km (12 mi) stretch of the wild, rugged terrain of the coastline in Cassis are several steep cliff coastal inlets with stunning beaches and hidden coves.

While they’re many, none of the deep inlets present along this stretch are more beautiful and popular than Calanque d’EN Vau beach.

It is set at the end of a deep canyon on a small stretch of stunning pristine white pebbles and sand with the incredible turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

Getting to the beach is another adventure that involves trekking over the rugged terrain and the steep path of the towering cliffs but the reward after is the stunning scenery of the beautiful beach.

If you are an adventure junkie, your trip does not end here. You can do rock climbing, snorkeling, boat riding, or kayaking to get the most thrilling experience out of this beautiful place.

3. Plage De La Cote des Basques, Biarritz

Plage De La Cote des Basques in Biarritz is one of the neares beaches to Paris

Plage De La Cote des Basques is one of the best beaches in the South of France and the largest in Biarritz. The beach is geographically positioned in a unique setting, surrounded by alluring cliffs and a magnificent view of the Spanish coast and Pyrenees mountains.

It is a 3km pebble-lined beach where you can enjoy the sun, the sea, and the beautiful scenery. It is also said that European surfing started here in the 1950s, and it’s currently a popular surfing spot for many tourists.

Since the waters are rough here, swimming is not allowed, but you can enjoy surfboarding, waterboarding, or even learn surfing at one of the surfing schools along the beach.

An approximate 6hr drive from Paris will get you to this stunning beach. If you’re driving, you can park your car at the top of the cliffs for free and access the beach via the meandering foot and bike path along the cliffs.

4. Deauville Beach, Normandy

Deauville Beach in Normandy is one the beautiful beaches close to Paris

If you are looking for a nearby place to escape the bustling life of the city, Deauville Beach is one of the closest beaches to Paris.

Located only 2 hours from Paris on the Normandy Coast, this beautiful beach is immaculate yet not crowded. It suits all types of travelers from families with children, couples, and young people, to those that have advanced in age.

The beach offers a few kilometers of uniform sand pool and it’s a nice place to rest, bask comfortably, or even play outdoor games.

The main attraction here is the gambling complex where adults can have fun while the kids can play golf at the Du Golf Barrielle or learn how to ride at the Poney Club.

Located further along the coast are hotels and private villas if you’re looking for where to stay and if you’re a shopaholic, there are a number of delightful markets nearby.

5. Plage De Cabourg, Cabourg

Plage De Cabourg in Cabourg is one of the top beaches near paris

A drive of around 2 hours and 20 minutes by car or 3 hours by bus or train will take you to one of the beaches in France near Paris known as Plage de Cabourg.

Its 4km golden beach makes it one of the best places to relax during summer for both Parisians and European tourists.

The well-developed infrastructure around this beach, including toilets, changing cabins, showers, and various entertainments make this huge beach one of the best.

The grand hotel resort, casino, racecourse, and lovely promenade also make this beach an excellent place for having fun.

The beach holds a whole range of summer events and has a children’s beach club with a swimming pool, making it an ideal summer vacation destination for many families.

You will also be spoilt with choices from the broad range of activities like board sports, horse riding, sea trips, golf, karting, to jet skiing.

6. Ile De Loisirs Vaires-Torcy, Torcy

Ile De Loisirs Vaires-Torcy, Torcy

Sitting 35km (22 mi) from Paris and taking you only less than an hour, Ile De Loisirs Varies-Torcy is the nearest beach to Paris. It is a holiday spot located just outside the city of love where anyone can enjoy optimum relaxation.

Ile De Loisirs Varies-Torcy is a recreational leisure ground with a beach covering 7000 square meters and a 10000 square meters lawn for swimming and relaxing. The beach is ideal for families, groups of friends, or even solo travelers.

The place offers a number of things to do, so after relaxing at the beach and swimming, you can indulge in various sports activities like golfing, playing tennis, pony riding, or getting into the fitness centers.

7. Omaha Beach, Normandy

Omaha Beach in  Normandy is a historical beach near Paris not to miss
Omaha Beach in Normandy is a historical beach near Paris not to miss

Omaha is one of the beaches near Paris that carries the history of airborne assault during the D-Day Allied invasion of Europe in Normandy. A 2-hour drive from Paris will take you to this history-filled beach.

Enjoying the surreal beauty of the beach surrounded by shallow hills all around and taking in stunning photogenic views are some of the things to do at Omaha Beach.

Other attractions here include the Normandy American cemetery and memorial with white marble crosses of the American soldiers who died in WWII, a memorial museum housing a collection of restored military equipment used during WWII, and a D-Day monument.

So if you’re longing for a fun-filled day on the beach while learning more about WWII history, Omaha is the closest beach to Paris just for that.

8. Berck Sur Mer Beach, Berck

Berck Sur Mer Beach in  Berck is one of the beaches near paris

Located in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais in the Opal coast is Berck Sur Mer beach, a little gem worth visiting.

Publicized as a “KID” resort, this beautiful beach is a safe relaxation haven for families with children as it was awarded the “Pavilion Bleu European” status as a clean and safe beach.

It’s one of the best beaches near Paris that offers plenty of things to do and see for everyone. From sand yachting (the 12km beach stretch makes it perfect for this) kite flying, and sand bathing to basking (to take in the fresh sea breeze), this beach offers a lot of things to do for all types of travelers.

And if you’re pretty adventurous, you can do land sailing, fishing, jet-skiing, or even explore the dunes. But regardless of what you’re into, Berck Sur Mer Beach has something for you.

9. Plage De Trouville, Normandy

Plage De Trouville, Normandy

Also known as the queen of beaches, Plage De Trouville is a natural paradise on earth. The beach is located in the middle of the city with a fantastic range of front-row villas, hotels, and private homes.

Its clean and pleasant state attracts crowds of tourists from all over, and it’s worth spending a few hours here.

If you are looking for a spot to relax and enjoy the good weather, head on to Plage De Trouville. Its fine white sand stretches over 900m, and its translucent water and magnificent landscape make it an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the cool breeze.

And it even gets better as you walk towards the end of the beach – a wild beach at the foot of the unstable cliffs awaits you. In my opinion, Plage De Trouville is one of the best beaches near Paris as you get to explore another nearby wild beach.

10. Plages du Prado, Marseille

Plages du Pradoin Marseille is one of the fun beaches near Paris

Are water sports activities your thing? If you answered yes, Plages du Prado in Marseille is another beach near Paris and a paradise for daring travelers while taking only 2 hours from Paris.

This beach will quench your thirst for intrepid splashy thrilling activities. Some of the water sports activities to enjoy here include; snorkeling, kayaking, sailboarding, and fun rides.

But if you’re not into water sports activities, you can just stroll around or sit and relax on the long soft sand of the beach.

An annual festival of the wind is also held here every September, and it’s a great event to experience if you are visiting the country by then.

There is also a nearby stadium overlooking the turquoise blue waters hosting rugby and netball programs, and the mountains which offer some lovely backdrops for your pictures.

So if you’re still looking for where to go, Plages du Prado is an exciting vacation destination to consider for your next holiday with your friends or family.

11. Val De Seine Leisure Island, Verneuil-sur-seine

Val De Seine Leisure Island in Verneuil-sur-seine is one of the fun  beaches near Paris

Are you looking for a quick beach getaway from France’s capital? Taking you only less than an hour, Val De Seine Leisure Island is the nearest beach to Paris.

It’s a leisure site to discover if you are visiting the city and an excellent alternative to the artificial pop-up beaches in Paris during summer.

Located behind the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye along River Seine is this sandy shoreline with refreshing waters that offers a large swimming area.

The island is an excellent option for families and friends where you can enjoy leisure activities like fishing, mountain biking, picnicking, playing games like basketball, table tennis, football, horse riding, or even taking a forest walk.

Besides the beach are several ponds where visitors can go kayaking and canoeing. So if you’re a person that wants to stay active instead of just laying on the beach, Val De Seine Leisure Island is a great option to consider.

12. Plage Le Crotoy, Le Crotoy

Plage Le Crotoy, Le Crotoy

Plage Le Crotoy is one of the beaches in France near Paris with a 2hr train ride or a 3-hours drive by car from Paris. And once you reach Noyelle-Sur-Mer, you can rent a bike to get to this natural wonder!

The beach is serene, and unlike the other beaches near Paris, it is free from crowds of surfers, sunbathers, and swimmers.

It is a perfect destination if you are looking to escape the busy city and the crowd of tourists. And don’t worry if you get hungry, you can try the tasty Hortillons soup which is one of the hearty local specialties served in the restaurants around.

13. Ile de Loisirs de Jablines-Annet, Jablines

Ile de Loisirs de Jablines-Annet in Jablines is one of the cool beaches near Paris

If you are looking for a fun-filled and thrill-guaranteed day away from the city, head to Ile de Loisirs de Jablines-Annet.

Located only a few minutes from Disneyland Paris, the massive recreational zone has a 400m stretch of white sand with numerous activities that lure visitors.

You will experience some unforgettable moments while participating in various fun activities in the relaxing green surroundings.

Visitors can also enjoy swimming, pedalos, windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing, horseback riding, and birdwatching. If you love field sports, you can also enjoy golf, mini-golf, table tennis, and biking.

The place offers exhilarating experiences from outdoor activities, cable skiing, to pony rides.

14. Vasouy Beach, Honfleur

Vasouy Beach in Honfleur is one of the beaches near Paris

Vasouy is one of the two beaches located at the seaside resort of Honfleur, a short distance from Butin Beach along the coast as you head to Trouville.

The beach is more withdrawn, and it’s less frequented making it ideal for people looking for a more private and quieter destination.

The beach is wild and set in a more natural environment with cliffs, making it a picturesque hidden gem.

A 2-hour drive by car or 3 hours by train or bus from Paris will take you to this quiet, serene sand beach, a great place to unwind and enjoy the calm serenity of the sea breeze.

Don’t miss the sunset views from here because they are breathtaking!

15. Paris Plages

Paris Plages are some of the best beaches in Paris

Last on the list are the Paris beaches themselves. These are pop-up beaches set up in the heart of Paris every summer from July to September to create some kind of summer-on-a-beach vibe.

Covering a stretch of 4km on the banks of the famous Seine River, the Paris Plages offers an alternative way to enjoy the sun and the beach without traveling outside the city.

The Paris plages are a great summer spot and all you have to do is to take your beach umbrella with your family and friends and enjoy the beach-like experience in the city.

As you relax, you can enjoy leisure activities like playing games, swimming, or sipping on wine or beer.

But you have to go early because these beaches of Paris fill up fast since most Parisians want to enjoy a beach vibe without traveling far.

FAQs About the Beaches of Paris

Calanque d'EN Vau, Cassis
Calanque d’EN Vau, Cassis

Is there a Beach Near Paris?

Yes, there are several beaches near Paris and the ones I shared above are the best.

What is the Nearest Beach to Paris?

Located less than 1 hour from the French capital, Ile De Loisirs Vaires-Torcy in Torcy is the closest beach to Paris.

How many Beaches does Paris have?

Realistically, Paris doesn’t have any beaches but during the summer, they create pop-up beaches (usually 2 in different locations) called Paris Plages where locals and tourists can enjoy some kind of beach vibe on the Seine River.

Final Thoughts on the Best Beaches Near Paris

Paris may not have any beaches (aside from the Paris plages that only happen in summer), but it doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the various beach activities.

So with this post, I hope that you now have a number of options to consider every time you want to feel the cool breeze of the sea.

Have you been to any of these beaches? Which nearest beach to Paris was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.


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