/ / Puns About France: 73 Funny Puns & Jokes About France That Will Crack You Up

Puns About France: 73 Funny Puns & Jokes About France That Will Crack You Up

Are you looking for funny puns about France or cool jokes about France to go with your photos on Social media? You’ll find all of those in this article!

As one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the most visited according to these facts, France is also one of the most photographed countries.

With stunning cities and villages that seem like they’re straight out of a fairytale storybook, many songs, poems, quotes, and sayings have been written about it.

Eiffel Tower photo - Puns about France

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While these describe the country in the most beautiful way possible, sometimes you just want to crack your audience up on social media with funny puns along with your stunning photos of France.

If that’s you, and you want to bring out your punny side, these puns about France and France jokes will do the trick.

So, read on and wait for your mind to be blown away or even just shake your head in amusement at how cheesy these France puns and jokes about France are.

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Fun France Puns

These puns about France will not only make you laugh out loud but your audience will commend you for being creative and funny. You can use them as France captions for Instagram or on any other social media.

To make your browsing experience seamless, I’ll be categorizing this post into Funny France Puns, Cute puns about France, French food Puns, France Puns About its Monuments, France Puns About Its Cities, and Jokes About France.

Funny France puns

Château de Chenonceau in France
Château de Chenonceau in France

1. Everything here is France-y.

2. The best way to get around France is to Rodin a train.

3. In France, they like to take Candide photos.

4. Holy crêpe, this was in-seine.

5. Pardon my French but I’m in France.

6. I Musee, the French have great taste in art.

7. Even good things like a trip to France come to an end! It’s time to Hugo.

8. In France, cats live in the Cat-acombs or in a chat-eau.

9. I was surprised when I heard about the flooding in Paris. Normally, the water is l’eau.

10. I decided to go to France on a whim. But learned I can only get there on a plane.

11. Don’t travel to France without Monet. It’s a very expensive country.

12. The only way I can remember some French words is by creating a funny fraise.

Cute Puns About France

Lavender fields in Provence
Lavender fields in Provence

13. France, I hope our paths will croissant again.

14. You can visit France any time of the year. Each Cezanne is beautiful.

15. I can’t beret the fact that I am leaving France.

16. Enjoying life one crêpe at a time.

17. This is the Paris-dise I’ve been longing for.

18. It’s just a oui bit different in France but regardless, I louvre it.

19. I can never fouquet my first trip to France.

french food puns

Famous foods in Paris

Here are the funny French food jokes and puns you should know.

20. French people like to have a breakfast of Champignons.

21. I love French food but some of it gives me crepes.

22. The food in France is Brie-ond belief!

23. I have d-eclaired that France is the most beautiful country in the world.

24. Will you go to France again? Of course, Wine not!

25. Haunted French pancakes give me the crepes.

26. There are so many different types of pain in France. The most common ones can be found in every bakery.

27. When having a French Entrée, one egg is more than en-oeuf.

28. I don’t like eating French fish because it’s poissan.

29. You have to baguette about a trip to France.

France Puns About its Monuments

Louvre museum, Paris
Louvre museum, Paris

30. France, I Louvre you.

31. Eiffel in love with France at first sight.

32. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Notre Dame.

33. I tried climbing that Tower in Paris but Eiffel.

34. I louvre the idea of spending the summer in France.

35. I always feel Triomphe-ant in France.

36. You should only visit France in winter if you have a French coat.

37. I am In-Seine-ly in love with France.

38. France has In-Seine-ly beautiful sights.

39. Eiffel off a tower once while in Paris.

40. I just love Catacomb-ing my way around France’s beautiful cities.

41. You must be from France because you’re driving me in-Seine.

42. There is no difference between a tick and the Eiffel Tower. They’re both Paris-sites.

43. What’s not to Louvre about France?

France Puns About Its Cities

Colmar is one of the beautiful cities near Paris

44. There is only one Nice city in France.

45. I am not Lyon when I say I would give anything to live in France.

46. In France, no one wants Toulouse.

47. Nothing can Rouen my trip to France.

48. I am excited about my French Tours.

49. There is so much to see in France that you can never get Bordeaux.

50. I am in Paris-dise.

51. From up here, I Cannes see the whole French Rivera.

52. I can move to France any time. I have nothing Toulouse.

53. There is so much I Marseilles about France.

54. I am a Lille tired after spending several weeks touring France.

France Jokes And Jokes About France

Nice, France
Nice, France

Get a tissue because these jokes about France and the French language are going to crack you up.

55. France Colognialism the entire world with its perfumes. (Check out all the famous French perfume brands here.)

56. The French eat snails because they don’t like fast foods.

57. What do you call your angry French aunt? A crossaunt.

58. What do french fries do when they meet? They ketchup.

59. In France, it is common to give someone a hug and a quiche as an informal greeting

60. This is the first year I haven’t taken a trip to France due to health reasons. Usually, it’s because of a lack of money.

61. Do you know the sound a French ambulance makes? Oui Oui Oui…

62. Why did the French plant trees along Paris’s streets? So that the Germans could march under the shade.

63. When I went to France, I made sure I avoided the Eiffel tower because I was afraid it would suck my blood after all it is a Paris-site.

Church in Toulouse, France
Church in Toulouse, France

64. A wealthy Frenchman was showing off his yachts. This is un, this is deux, this is trois, this is quatre, this is six… What happened to five? his wife asked. Cinq, he answered.

65. France has a lot of cities but there is only one Nice city.

66. After an explosion at a French cheese factory… All that was left was De-Brie.

67. What did the baguette say when it was being sliced? Ouch! Le pain!

68. In France when you go to a doctor with issues with your legs, you’ll say you have pain in your legs.

69. What did the French trademark lawyer say to his wife? He said Je™.

70. The commonest things you’ll see in dumpsters in France are French flies.

71. My French boyfriend and I started a bakery in Paris. We spent our entire life savings. But it didn’t work out and he left me. Now all I have is pain.

72. What do the French people call a really bad Thursday? A trajeudi.

73. What do you call a chicken that likes to chill in the swimming pool in French? Swimming poule.

Final Thoughts on The Best Puns About France

That wraps my list of the France jokes and puns! To be honest, I had so much fun and laughter while writing this post.

I hope that it brightened up your day a little or at least helped you get the best Paris caption for your amazing photos!

What are your favorite puns about France? I still don’t know mine because I kind of like most of them.

But, if you figure out your favorite jokes about France, do let me know in the comments below and if your followers end up engaging more with your photos because of a cool France pun you read here, you can give me a shoutout on Instagram at @dreamsinparis_travel!


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