/ / Paris sunrise: 6 Stunning Places to Watch The Sunrise In Paris (+ A Free Map & Tips)

Paris sunrise: 6 Stunning Places to Watch The Sunrise In Paris (+ A Free Map & Tips)

Traveling to Paris and looking for the best spots to enjoy a Paris sunrise? Here are the places with the best sunrise in Paris! Read on to find out more!

I am going to be honest here, It’s not every day that I wake up early just to watch the sunrise! Yes, I know sunrises are incredibly magical but I just find it hard to wake up to chase them!

But alas, that changed when I came to Paris! I knew Paris was magical and I had explored some of the things there is to see and even when I had it on my Paris itinerary, I kept putting it off because you know … I am not an early bird person.

But now that I finally did, I can’t believe it took me this long to chase sunrises in Paris! So after braving up for several cold and chilly mornings, I am here to share with you some of the most beautiful places to watch a sunrise in Paris.

Sunrise over the Eiffel Tower view from the street
Sunrise over the Eiffel Tower view from the street

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Besides getting stunning photos of colors dancing in the sky, at sunrise, it’s probably the only time you’ll be alone in Paris (well not really alone since not so many tourists want to give up their morning warmth in bed.

With just a few people, you’ll be able to take in all the beauty of the famous French landmarks and get those Eiffel Tower photos you’ve been longing for with no one in them.

But as you prepare to watch the sunrise in Paris, you need to pay attention to the timing! Since seasons change, even the time for the sunrise keeps changing! It would be a shame to go too early or too late and miss the beautiful colors!

To help you time your day well, below are the various times when the sun rises in different seasons.

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When is the Sunrise in Paris?

You’ll still need to check the weather app the day before you plan to chase the sunrise but to give you an idea and help you plan your trip to Paris, here is the breakdown of the Paris sunrise time by season.

Paris Sunrise Time in Summer

Eiffel Tower sunrise in summer
Eiffel Tower sunrise in summer

Summer is when Paris experiences the longest daylight (between 14 and 16 to be exact) which means that the sun rises super early and so should you if you want to see that beauty.

  • Sunrise time in June — 5: 44 am
  • Sunrise time in July — 6: 01 am
  • Sunrise time in August — 6: 42 am

Paris Sunrise Time in Autumn/ Fall

Seine river sunrise in fall
Seine River sunrise in the fall

As the days start to get chilly, the daylight hours start reducing and the leaves start to bring out nice yellowish and orange colors! This also means that the sun starts rising a bit later than in summer.

  • Sunrise time in September — 7:26 am
  • Sunrise time in October — 8:09 am
  • Sunrise time in November — 7: 58 am

Paris Sunrise Time in Winter

Paris sunrise in winter
Paris sunrise in winter

Welcome to the coldest and darkest month of the year! The days are extremely short but on the bright side, you won’t have to wake up very early to chance the sunrise in Paris.

  • Sunrise time in December — 8: 35 am
  • Sunrise time in January — 8: 36 am
  • Sunrise time in February — 7: 56 am

Paris Sunrise Time in Spring

Eiffel Tower sunrise in spring
Eiffel Tower sunrise in spring

Ahh, here comes spring, the cherry blossom season as I like to call it! The most beautiful time of the year besides Christmastime in Paris! The days start to get warmer, longer and the flowers start to bloom and Paris is covered in Pink!

  • Sunrise time in March — 7: 01 am
  • Sunrise time in April — 6: 57 am
  • Sunrise time in May — 6: 06 am

Now that you know when the sun rises throughout the months of the year, let’s look at the best sunrise spots in Paris!

Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in Paris

Drumrolls…! Brave up, warm up, get your camera, and get ready to explore these stunning Paris sunrise spots below!

1. A sunrise from Trocadéro Square

Eiffel Tower sunrise from Trocadéro Square

There is no doubt that the Trocadéro Square in the 16th arrondissement offers the most beautiful and unobstructed Eiffel Tower views and watching a sunrise from here is incredibly rewarding!

Besides the stunning rays and the beautiful colors crossing through the Iron Lady herself, taking photos from the Trocadéro square will include the Fountain of Warsaw in the frame which creates a beautiful reflection of the Eiffel Tower on the water. This is the one shot you shouldn’t miss while chasing sunrises in Paris.

Another reason why you should watch the Eiffel Tower sunrise from the Trocadéro is that that’s pretty much the only time the square won’t be packed with people!

If you make the Parisian mistake of going at other times of the day, it will be close to impossible to take a photo without a billion people in it, and if you’re not comfortable making those fun but silly Insta poses (as some people call them) with crowds of people watching, going at sunrise is the best answer!

At that time of the day, you’ll be able to take countless photos without the guilt of “hogging” the place and you can take them from various angles and positions like at the Trocadéro steps or you can even slope down to the Trocadéro Gardens.

And, you’ll be able to make your crazy poses without the weird stares!

2. Sunrise From Pont Alexandre III

pont Alexandre III is one of the best places to watch a sunrise in Paris

Sunrises on the Seine are incredibly beautiful, to say the least! The waters are still calm, the sky starting to break into beautiful colors, and the reflection of the rising sun onto the river is comforting and relaxing!

While you can enjoy the sunrise at any spot on the Seine, my favorite place is Pont Alexandre III.

The golden statues on the pillars of the bridge light up brighter than ever, the trees and the bridge get reflected on the river, and the street lamps standstill appreciating the beauty of the orange and yellow colors overshadowing them! It’s a beautiful sight altogether!

And it doesn’t end there, you even get a glimpse of the sun as it rises above the roof of the Grand Palais not to mention views of the Eiffel Tower!

What makes the Pont Alexandre III a must-visit sunrise spot is that you get to take in stunning views as the sun engulfs the major Paris attractions including the Seine River, the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower, and the Invalides!

Such places make me feel incredibly lucky that I can witness such magic!

3. Sunrise From Sacré-Coeur

Sacré-Coeur  is one of the cool places to watch a sunrise in Paris

The journey to watch a sunrise in Paris leads us to Sacré-Coeur, a stunning basilica that sits atop the hill of Montmartre!

Watching the sunrise from Sacré-Coeur has 2 rewards! Besides seeing the sun romancing the Basilica itself as the white turns orange, you also get to see the sun rising above Paris.

The church is located on the highest point in Paris which means that this is the best place to watch the entire city turn golden and bright.

4. Sunrise From The Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum is one of the best places to watch a sunrise in Paris

Here is another sunrise spot in Paris that needs no introduction! It’s commonly known for being the largest art museum in the world and for hosting the famous Mona Lisa Painting!

With those facts, I bet you can already guess how crowded the Louvre gets! However, you can beat the crowds by visiting it at sunrise!

No, you won’t be able to enter it at that time of the day but you’ll be able to get stunning photos of the sun bouncing on both the famous building and its pyramid.

The entire pyramid turns golden as the sun protrudes through it creating an awe-inspiring photo moment.

And just right across the Louvre, you’ll find the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel which is also a great sunrise photo spot on some days as the sun passes right through it!

5. Sunrise From Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of the best places to watch a sunrise in Paris

Notre Dame might have burned down but it still graces us with some of the most beautiful Paris sunrises!

With its impressive architecture, the 2 towers protruding through the skies and being situated along the Seine make sunrise at Notre Dame worth waking up for.

Even after the fire, Notre Dame still gets crowded but at sunrise, you get the entire building to yourself and take in all its grandeur and beauty as the sun paints it with beautiful colors.

Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of the best places to watch a sunrise in Paris
Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of the best places to watch a sunrise in Paris

The beauty of catching the sunrise here is that you can enjoy it from 2 different perspectives! You can watch the sunrise from the front; from this point, you’ll be able to see the sun piercing right through the “rib” of the cathedral.

Or, you can catch it from the left side of the building to get combined views of the seine, part of the building, and the stunning bridge.

6. Sunrise From the Seine River

The Seine River is one of the places to watch a sunrise in Paris

I earlier mentioned watching the sunrise from Pont Alexandre III but if you can’t make it to this specific spot, it doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on a beautiful Parisian sunrise.

Since the Seine cuts through the city into 2 different parts, it means that you can access it from most areas in Paris.

All you have to do is to locate the closest Part of the Seine, wake up early, and be prepared for your breath to be taken away.

Watching the sun rise up, the sky starting to brighten up with beautiful colors, and the river starting to glow with a beautiful reflection, this is a truly magical moment you shouldn’t miss even if you’re just visiting Paris for a weekend.

Tips for Enjoying a Sunrise in Paris

Eiffel Tower sunrise from Trocadéro Square

Before you head out to watch a beautiful Paris sunrise, there are a few tips you should know! Below are some of them.

Know the exact time of the sunrise

Before heading out, you should know the exact time the sun will rise! It would be a shame to reach and have to wait for another hour outside or even wake up when the sun is already up.

I already shared a summary of the sunrise times for every month but be sure to cross-check the day before you go.

Carry a sweater or warm clothes

Mornings are usually chilly and there is just no way of going around it except by wearing something warm.

Actually, even in the middle of summer, it’ll still get chilly in the morning. So carry a sweater or even a fleece to make sure that you fully enjoy the moment without freezing.

Eiffel Tower sunrise from Pont de Bir-Hakeim
Eiffel Tower sunrise from Pont de Bir-Hakeim

Arrive a bit early at the Sunrise Spot

After knowing the specific sunrise time, make sure that you plan to reach the place at least 10-20mins earlier.

This will help you have time to find the exact spot you like and if something goes wrong e.g., a delayed train or bus, you’ll still have time to catch the sunrise.

Stay a bit longer after the actual sunrise

Don’t be in a rush to leave after capturing the beautiful rising sun! Stay around to take in the beauty of the beautiful colors as they romance the sky and watch the city brighten up from the dark.

Plan your next step

With so many places closed at sunrise (during some months), it’s better to plan what you’ll do next after watching the Paris sunrise.

Will it be strolling in the park? Grabbing a French breakfast or returning back to your hotel? Just make sure that you have a plan so that you fully take advantage of the few days you have in the city of lights.

Of course, what you choose to do after will depend on the specific sunrise spot you choose.

Map of the Best Paris sunrise spots

How to Use this Map: Just click on the Camera icon on the map above and the location will be displayed on the left side of the screen.

You can choose to either “view on google maps” and save the location for later or you can click on the itinerary arrow to get directions on how to get there. Alternatively, you can download the complete map for free!

Final Thoughts on The Best Places to Enjoy a Sunrise in Paris

And there you have it, friends! Those were the best places to watch a sunrise in Paris! Of course, there could be others but these are the ones that are worth leaving your bed for!

Just make sure that you get your camera, follow the tips I’ve shared above and you’ll be on your way to seeing the most beautiful sunrise ever.

Have you ever gone sunrise chasing in Paris? Which spot was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and if you’ve never done so, be sure to do it the next time you’re in the city as it’s one of the best things to do in Paris.


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