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Paris Summer Fashion: What to Wear in Paris Summer

Looking for ideas on what to wear in Paris Summer? This post will show you all the outfits to wear in Paris in summer so that you blend in well with the Parisians.

Paris is such a delightful place to travel to in summer! The days are long, the sun is bright and everyone is out to enjoy this incredible season.

eiffel tower in summertime
Eiffel Tower in the summertime

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But summer in Paris also comes with extreme heat which means that the clothes you pack should not suffocate you to death.

So, if you don’t know what to exactly pack, here is the complete list of what to wear in Paris summer. Whether you’re looking for what to wear in Paris in June, what to wear in Paris in July, or what to wear in Paris in August, this post will help you!

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What to Wear in Paris Summer

what to wear in paris summer

The best way to know how to dress in Paris in summer is to know how the locals dress, especially if you want to blend in well and not scream tourist.

Generally, Parisians go the extra mile to look nice so if you want to blend in well, you might want to put some thought into what you wear.

Anything stylish, and chic but also not over the top will be great in Paris but shouting colored T-shirts with big labels or even leggings will not cut it however nice they look when you wear them in your country.

So now that you have a slight idea of the Parisians’ dress code, let’s look at exactly what to wear when in Paris during summer so that you don’t forget to pack any useful attire.

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What to Wear to Paris in Summer – The Bottoms


Jeans are the go-to bottoms for almost every Parisian and should be the number one outfit for Paris you pack.

Jeans are super comfortable and they can be worn anytime — whether it’s hot or chilly (yes it’s possible for it to rain in Paris in summer).

Depending on how long you’ll spend in Paris, you can either pack yourself a pair or even 2.

I love this pair of Levi Signature jeans as they’re comfortable and look chic but you can opt for these dark blue denim jeans. The darker the pants, the better as you can easily recycle them!

Pretty Summer Skirts

A good pair of summer skirts should be on your list of what to wear in Paris summer. But don’t just take any skirt, take one that is stylish, round, and fun to go with the summer vibe.

You can check out either this skirt or this one to get an idea of what I am talking about. They are also perfect for taking those cute Instagram pics.

Pro tip* You might be tempted to pack shorts for Paris since it’s hot but it’s a huge mistake as Parisian women don’t wear shorts in summer. Actually, if you wear them, everyone will know that you’re a tourist! Not that it’s a bad thing but remember the idea is to blend in well with the locals.

On that same note, you’ll want to leave your leggings at home as they don’t work well in Paris. You can check out my complete article on what not to wear in Paris.

Outfits for Paris summer – The Tops

If you’re not sure what to wear in Paris in summer, start by packing these tops below.

Cute floral tops

There is nothing that screams summer like a cute floral top! My favorite floral top would be this one and this one is the second opinion.

Off-the-shoulder tops

In my opinion, off-the-shoulder tops will never go out of style and they’re the cutest tops you can wear in summer.

If you can get a combination of off-the-shoulder with floral, then you’ve hit the jackpot for the Parisian style summer.

If you don’t have some already, you can check out my favorite off-the-shoulder tops from here, here, and here. Trust me, you’ll love them!

Crop tops

Other Paris outfits in summer that will make you look chic are crop tops. However don’t go too overboard and just wear something close to a sports bra, a crop top like this one will do just fine.

If that one doesn’t work for you, then I can guarantee you’ll look like a Parisian if you wear this crop top.

Leather jacket/ Bomber jacket

Yes, it might be summer but you can be sure to get some showers here and there, and when that happens, it will get cold! That’s why you need to take something to warm you up.

This can be just the usual leather jacket, a bomber jacket, or even this warm fleece. But whatever you choose, you can be sure that it will work well for you.

Lightweight rain jacket

It might be a few days of rain but you can be sure it will happen during the summer months.

And if you’re like me who doesn’t want to waste a day of sightseeing just because it’s raining, then you should take a rain jacket.

This is my favorite rain jacket as it is lightweight, packs really well, and is waterproof which means that I can go about my sightseeing day without soaking.

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How to Dress for Paris Summer – The dresses

Here are the cute dresses to add to your Paris summer outfits list.

Maxi dresses

If you’re all about getting the perfect Instagram photos in Paris, you’ll be happy to take some colorful and pretty maxi dresses.

There is a variety of summer maxi dresses to choose from but if I am to narrow it down to three, then I’d recommend taking this maxi floral one, this one, or even this one.

Summer short dresses

Parisians love summer dresses in that even during springtime in Paris, you’ll see a number of Parisians adorning them.

You can opt for a floral summer short dress like this one, a wrap dress like this one will always look good, and not forgetting this cute round dress.


Rompers or playsuits as some call them are my favorite Paris outfits for summer. They’re casual but at the same time chic and they will help you deal with the heat of the summer at least.

I feel like I always pack more rompers than anything but if you want a few that I love – then check out this one, this one, or even this one.

Cocktail dress

Pack at least one cute black cocktail dress to wear on an evening out or to one of the luxurious or Michelin starred restaurants in Paris for a dinner date.

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What to Wear in Paris Summer – The shoes

When packing shoes for Paris, think comfortable! Will you be able to walk for hours in those shoes on the cobble streets of Paris? If the answer is no, then you know that they’re not the best shoes to pack for Paris summer. Below are the shoes to add to your list of what to wear in Paris in summer.


Sneakers are the best shoes to wear in Paris as they’re easy to walk in and they look cool as well. You can check out these sneakers.

Flip flops

Though Flip flops are a no-no to wear on the streets of Paris, you may want to pack yourself a pair like this one to wear at your hotel or even when you go to the “Paris beach”

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What to Wear When in Paris – The Bags

Here are some of the bags to add to your what to wear in summer in Paris list.

Cross bag

This crossbody bag is perfect for casual walks around Paris and sightseeing. It’s also perfect when it comes to keeping your travel essentials safe as you can wear it across the chest — boooo to pickpockets!

Yes, they do exist in Paris, especially in crowded famous tourist attractions.

Travel Neck Pouch

To keep your essentials safe especially when visiting crowded places, you may want to take this travel neck pouch.


You can opt for an anti-theft Osprey daypack like this one but if you want to look like the Parisians, I recommend taking this cute little girly backpack. It’s classy, chic, and big enough to take all your day’s essentials.

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Other Useful Accessories To Pack for Paris in Summer


A pair of sunglasses is a must-have while in Paris during summer.

A scarf

Most indoor places are air-conditioned since it is super hot outside but that also means feeling chilly while visiting them. So take at least one scarf to use during those times. It also sometimes gets chilly after dark, so a scarf will come in handy.

Sun hat

Protect yourself from the heat of summer by carrying a sun hat like this one.

Ankle socks

I recommend taking good quality no-show ankle socks like these ones to wear with your sneakers.

You can also check out my complete packing list for summer in Paris to know exactly what to take to the French Capital.

FAQs About What to Wear in Paris Summer

La Maison rose in summer
La Maison rose in summer

What colors to wear in Paris in summer?

The colors of what to wear in Paris in summer are not really set in stone but try to carry neutral and dark colors. Instead of taking red pants, consider dark blue or black. The same goes for tops or anything you choose to pack.

Do I need a jacket in Paris summer?

Yes! Expect some showers here and there even during summer so pack a jacket! However, the jacket you pack doesn’t have to be thick or the winter kind. A light leather jacket will be enough.

What should I wear in Paris in July?

July is very hot in Paris so carry light clothes! Think light T-shirts and summer dresses.

Can you wear shorts in Paris summer?

You can wear shorts but you should know that Parisians don’t wear them which means that you’re likely to look like a touristy. Not that there is anything wrong with it, as I said earlier, but if the plan is to blend in, you can leave the shorts at home, especially the bum bum shorts. In brief, you shouldn’t add shorts to your list of what to wear in Paris summer.

Do Parisians wear scarves in the summer?

Yes, you’ll see Parisians adorning their scarves even in summer, especially when it starts to get dark. Not the heavy winter kind of scarfs but light ones. In fact, they’re usually more geared towards looking fashionable than warming up.

How do people dress in Paris in the summer?

Most Parisians were cool and light clothes. They also try to wear neutral colors. Overall, the clothes they were are comfortable, stylish and not sporty.

Final Thoughts on What to Wear in Paris Summer

So there you have it! That was the complete list of what to wear in Paris summer and I hope it showed you everything you need to take to look like a Parisian and blend in well.

Have you been to Paris in the summer? Did you notice some of the dress codes Parisians are not keen on?

Share with me in the comment section to help others not make the mistake of wearing them.

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