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What to Wear in Paris Winter + What To Pack For Paris In Winter

Looking for ideas on what to wear in Paris winter? This post will show you all the clothes to pack for Paris plus the complete list of what to pack for Paris in winter.

If you’re planning to travel to Paris in winter, you’ve made the right choice! Though it’s pretty cold and rainy, there are many reasons to visit Paris in winter!

From taking advantage of the low costs that come with the low season, avoiding the huge crowds that come with other seasons like summer or even spring, to getting a different perspective of the city!

Montmatre in winter

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But as you prepare to enjoy the chilly weather, and snow if you’re lucky to find snow since snow in Paris is rare, you need to know what to wear for a perfect trip!

So, in this post, I will give you details of what to wear in Paris winter plus the complete Paris winter packing list so that you know exactly what to take!

But before we look at that, it is important to know the average temperatures in Paris in winter so that you get an idea of what’s needed! 

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Paris Weather In Winter

Eiffel Tower view in winter

Paris winter temperatures oscillated between 9 °C (48 °F)  and 3 °C (37 °F)  but to give you a clear picture, here is a summary of the temperatures for all the winter months! 

  • Paris temperatures in December:  4° C ( 39 °F) low and 8° C (46 °F) high
  • Paris temperatures in January: 3° C (37 °F) low and 8° C (46 °F) high
  • Paris temperatures in February: 3° C (37 °F) low and 9° C ( 48 °F) high

Now that you know what the weather is like, let’s look at what to wear in winter in Paris!

What to Wear in Paris Winter

Champs de mars in snow

As you prepare the clothes to take, you should know that Parisians are fashionable and they put some thought into what they wear, so it’s important to keep the same Paris winter fashion and try to look like them.

Of course, it’s not like a run-way kind of thing but try to dress stylishly without going over the top.

What to wear in Paris during winter – The tops

As a rule of thumb, dressing for winter is all about layering! You’ll need like 3-4 layers to completely stay warm but remember to keep it fashionable since Parisian like to be chic.

Baselayer – Merino Wool Long-Sleeved Top

The base layer is the first piece of clothing that goes on your skin! It should be soft, warm, and above all comfortable! 

I love this long-sleeved merino wool top as it possesses all those qualities, and it’s pretty fashionable!

But since it’s on the high end of the budget, you can opt for this long-sleeved turtleneck top as it works equally well! Here is the men’s version of the base layer!

Mid-layer – Fleece/Sweater

For your mid-layer, I recommend either taking a fleece or a sweater! However, the mid-layer you opt for must be soft and it should be able to keep you warm at all times!

I recommend taking this Columbia fleece as it’s warm and soft ( here is the men’s version). But for people who prefer sweaters, this sweater is beyond warm and cute!

One tip when buying a mid-layer is that it shouldn’t be too big; it should be able to be worn comfortably under a jacket or any outer layer!

Outer layer – Winter Coat

The outer layer is meant to be the protective “shell” while exploring Paris in winter! You can choose between this long coat or this fleece-lined winter jacket with a hoodie!

Regardless of what you choose, you should make sure that it is dull-colored so that it goes well with all your other attires!

Yes, I am one of those girls you see in 10 thousand photos wearing the same winter jacket! 

Waterproof rain jacket

There is no doubt that it rains in Paris during winter and it would be a Parisian mistake not to take a waterproof rain jacket with you.

I love this winter jacket from Columbia, but I’ve read great reviews about this rain jacket from Little Donkey Andy. And for the guys, here is your version.


A scarf is a must-have while traveling to Paris in winter. It will not only keep you warm but also add a bit of class to your entire outfit.

Parisians love scarves so much that even when it’s not that cold, you’ll still find most of them adorning one.

I love this scarf in particular as it’s large enough to act as a blanket if I need more warmth.

Beanie/ Beret

Some winter days are colder than others, so for such days, you’ll need a beanie to keep your head warm.

You can buy this ordinary but cute beanie if you don’t have one already, but if you want to look like a typical French woman, you can opt for this beret instead.

Touch Screen Sensitive Gloves

Another accessory to pack for Paris in winter is a pair of gloves! But not just any gloves but these touch-sensitive and warm gloves.

Don’t you just hate having to remove your gloves to use your phone? With these gloves, that’s no more! You’ll be able to use your phone while keeping your hands warm at the same time.

What to wear in Paris in the winter – The Bottoms

Base layer – Thermal leggings

Some winter days are too cold to wear just jeans and move, so that’s where thermal leggings come in.

Besides adding another layer, they’re indeed warm. I always wear this pair of thermals under the jean and the difference it makes is huge. (You can get the guy’s version from here).

Alternatively, instead of just buying the top base layer and the bottom base layer separately, you can just buy this thermal set that comes with both the top and the legging. It is soft, warm, and above all comfortable. (Here’s the men’s version).


Jeans are a given when it comes to packing for Paris, be it winter, summer, fall, or spring! It’s just that well-rounded attire that works all year round.

They are easy and comfortable to walk around in while exploring Paris’ famous landmarks or its pretty streets.

I like this pair of Levi jeans and this pair of blue Denim as they’re flattering on every body type.

One tip I would give is to stick to dark-colored jeans as they can easily go with every kind of top and you can wear it more than once if you prefer to pack light instead of carrying 10 pairs of jeans.

Woolen Socks

Woolen socks are some of the things to add to your packing list for Paris in winter. These woolen socks in particular are the ones I recommend as they won’t only keep your feet warm but they’ll also keep them dry.

They’re a bit pricey for sure but if you prefer something budget-friendly, you can opt for these ones.

Winter Boots

Besides clothes, you need to pack shoes that work well in winter. Since Paris rarely gets snow, you may not need to take winter snow boots but a good pair of boots like these will make you slay the winter fashion in Paris.

If you’re not a fan of knee-high boots, you can opt for these equally cool ankle boots instead.

What To Pack For Paris In the Winter

what to pack for Paris in winter

Now that you know what to wear in Paris winter, let’s look at other items to add to your Paris winter packing list.

Packing for winter in Paris – The Bags

Backpack / Suitcase

You’ll need something to put all your travel essentials and depending on the kind of traveler you are, you can either opt for a backpack or a suitcase.

For backpackers, you can never find anything better than this Osprey backpack. It is compact, lightweight, and durable. But if you prefer a suitcase, this one is highly rated by many previous buyers.

Crossbody bag/Purse

For a casual winter day in Paris, you’ll need to carry this crossbody purse. Besides being cute, it can accommodate all your day’s travel essentials. And since it can be worn as a crossbody, it reduces the risks of being pickpocketed.

Anti-theft backpack

Speaking of pickpocketing, you’ll need to take this anti-theft backpack to protect all your travel items while exploring Paris, especially in crowded places.

However, if you prefer staying chic even on the gloomy days of winter, then you can open for this cute and girly backpack.

Travel Neck pouch/ Travel wallet

To keep all your money and credit/debit cards organized in one place while also keeping them safe, I would recommend taking this travel neck pouch.

But if that’s not your cup of tea, then you can opt for this cute travel wallet instead.

Packing cubes

Since I started using packing cubes, I can never travel anywhere without them. They’re a lifesaver when it comes to packing light and keeping all my travel items organized.

They come in different sizes and numbers, so depending on your luggage, you can either opt for this 4-piece set, this 5-set piece, or this 7-piece set.

Packing for Paris in winter – Other accessories

Windproof Travel Umbrella

It rains in Paris in winter, and staying cooked up in your hotel room because it’s raining is not an option!

So, take this windproof and sturdy travel umbrella to take shelter when it rains.

Power bank

Yes, cold temperatures drain the battery faster than when it’s hot and that’s why you should take a power bank.

This one, in particular, is portable and it can charge a phone twice before it runs out.

Universal Travel Adapter

While still on the topic of charging, be sure to take this universal travel adapter.

You may be tempted to take the European travel adapter (which will work in Paris) but it’s better to take a universal one so that you don’t keep buying a different one every time you go to a new country.

Extra External Memory Cards

With all the beauty that Paris possesses, even in winter, you’re bound to take lots of photos.

But, there is nothing more annoying than running out of storage when you’re capturing photos of some amazing sites; and that’s why you need back up.

You can choose to take either this Samsung memory card or this SanDisk one! They’re both equally good.

First Aid kit

As a traveler, you shouldn’t go anywhere without a first aid kit, and Paris in winter is no exception.

I recommend taking this first aid kit as it has all the medical items needed for the first medical attention and it’s small enough not to take up a lot of space in your suitcase/backpack.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is one of the most important things to have when traveling anywhere! So, as you travel to Paris in winter, make sure that you buy travel insurance before you go.

There are quite a number of travel insurances out there but I find World Nomads superior compared to others and the claim process is not a rat race.

Easy French Phrase Book

For a fun trip to Paris, I recommend learning a few French words. It doesn’t have to be conversational French but a few phrases that will get you by.

In that case, I suggest buying this easy French Phrase Book. The book has over 1500 easy french phrases that you’ll find useful while exploring the city of love.

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What to pack for Paris in winter – Toiletries

TSA Approved Toilet Bag

Before getting your toiletries in order, you should have a toilet bag. And not just any random one but a TSA-approved toiled bag like this one which is transparent, or this travel hanging toilet bag if that’s what you prefer.

Lip balm/Chapstick

Even in winter, your lips are bound to get dry so take this pack of chapstick to keep your lips moisturized.


A runny nose is inevitable in winter so take a pack of tissue to sneeze in peace.

More Toiletries to Pack for Paris

  • Body cream
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hairbrush
  • Makeup
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Toilet paper
  • Perfume
  • Razors etc

Final Thoughts on What to Wear in Paris winter plus what to Pack

And that’s a wrap! That was the list of winter in Paris fashion plus the complete Paris in the winter packing list.

With this post, I hope that your next packing session will be seamless! But don’t fret; if you forget anything useful, you’ll still be able to buy it in Paris though it might be more expensive than buying it now online.

For now, enjoy your time in the gray Paris and all that it has to offer.


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