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What to Wear in Paris Spring ( And Look Like a Parisian or Atleast Try )

Looking for ideas on what to wear in Paris Spring? This post will show you all the clothes to pack for Paris plus the complete list of what to pack for Paris in spring.

Let’s face it, packing for Paris in Spring can be a bit of a pain since it’s neither just cold nor just hot!

The weather keeps oscillating between 5°C /41 °F at the lowest and 20°C /68 °F at the highest which means that the kind of clothes you pack should cater for both cold and warm days.

To check out what exactly the weather is like in Paris in spring, you can look at my previous post which goes into detail about what you can expect in Paris in springtime.

what to wear in paris spring

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What to wear in Paris Spring

what to wear in paris in spring

To know what to wear in Paris Spring, you should know exactly how Parisians dress so that you blend in easily.

And since Paris is known as the Fashion Capital, locals go the extra mile to always look chic, and well dressed but also not over the top — runway kind of dress code. So you might also want to keep it a bit stylish, and chic but also casual and comfortable.

Parisians are not big on wearing athletic clothes on the streets unless they’re actually working out, so if the plan was to wear yoga pants, sweat pants, and sports tees, you might want to reconsider your wardrobe as you’ll be screaming tourist. (You can see my full list of what not to wear in Paris)!

And as a rule of thumb, the best way to keep warm on the cold days of Spring in Paris is layering — from the base layer, mid-layer to the outer layer.

So now that you know a few things about how Parisians dress, here is a complete list of what to wear in Paris in Spring so that don’t forget anything. You can use this article to decide on what to wear in Paris in March, what to wear in Paris in April, and what to wear in Paris in May if you just want ideas for a specific spring month.

What to wear in Paris Spring – The Bottoms

Here are the bottoms to consider as you decide on what to wear in Paris in the spring.


Literally, everyone in Paris wears Jeans — be it young, old, female, or male. So packing some pairs of jeans will help you blend in well.

And even if it’s not to blend in, jeans are super comfortable and are ideal for moving around the busy city. You might want to stick to dark colors since they go well with literally every kind of top.

I always opt for this nice pair of Signature black jeans by Levi and this pair of Blue Denim Jeans. And yes, dark-colored jeans are easy to recycle especially if you’re a backpacker who prefers to travel light.


Flattering and stylish skirts are great to wear in Paris in spring, especially on warm days. I like this cute Midi Maxi Swing Skirt but you can also go for this cute short skirt!

Warm Thermal stockings

Thermal Stockings are super common in Paris during springtime. You can wear them with your short skirt, your cute dress or even under your jeans to keep warm.

And since these stockings are known to preserve heat, they are perfect even on a cold spring day. You can buy yourself this pair of these thick warm fleece Lined thermal Stretchy stockings.

Pro tip* Leggings look good and I personally love them and literally pack them on every trip I go to but they are not a thing in Paris. I don’t think I’ve seen one Parisian wearing them.

You can still take them if they’re really your thing and don’t want to leave them behind but if you want to look like a Parisian, consider leaving your leggings behind. They’re actually considered one of the clothes not to wear in Paris.

What to wear in Paris during spring – The Tops

How to dress in paris in spring

Below are the tops to add to your packing list for Spring in Paris.

Long-sleeved Turtleneck tops

When you look around the streets of Paris, you’ll most definitely notice someone wearing a long-sleeved Turtleneck sweater top.

These tops are cute and they never go out of style, so you can count on them to keep you warm when it gets chilly.

Choose bolder colors like this red one, a black one, or even this white one. Any color you choose will be great but the bolder the color, the better.

Cute crop tops/ Or any nice Pattern top

When it’s warm and sunny in Paris during spring, you know it’s time to pull out your cute crop tops. Pattern tops always look nice but you can also throw in a nice floral top.

You can check out these cute crop tops, these cute t-shirts, or these floral tops to pack for Paris spring.

Leather Jacket/ Low Waist Bomber Jacket

Nothing beats looking cool like throwing a leather jacket on top of your nice top. A leather jacket will accentuate your entire look and will definitely make you look like a Parisian. You can check out my favorite leather jacket here.

However, if leather jackets are not your thing, then you can go with this low-waist bomber jacket.

It’s equally comfortable, and cool, and it will make you look stylish. The one I bought came with a hoody so I choose to wear it without it. Yes girl, drop that hoody!


A scarf is one of the important items to add to your packing list for Paris in spring. You can buy yourself one from here if you don’t have any.

Long Overcoat/ Winter Coat/ French Coat

Whichever name you call it, you’ll need to pack a coat as you pack for Paris spring. There is no way you won’t freeze to death on days it feels like -1°C – yeah it can be 5°C but feel like below freezing point even in spring, especially on some days in March.

So take a long overcoat like this one but you’re also likely to see such coats in Paris, so don’t hesitate to take one if it’s what you prefer.

I would still suggest a coat of a dark color since it can work well will most colors. This black one or even a grey would work just fine.

Lightweight Rain Jacket

If you visit Paris in May, you’re likely to see it raining on a number of days since it is one of the rainiest months in Paris.

But rain doesn’t mean staying cooked up inside your hotel room especially if you don’t want to waste a full day of sightseeing. So carry this lightweight rain jacket to avoid soaking up while roaming around the city.

Beanie/ Beret

A Beanie is one of the things to pack for Paris in spring for those really cold and windy days.

Any normal cute beanie like this one can work but if you want to look even more like a Parisian, then opt for this Beret or a French Beret as some people call it.

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What to wear in Paris Spring – The Dresses

what to wear in paris in the spring

Warm spring days are the perfect days to pull out your dresses. The weather is warm and sunny and it’s a great time to look polished and chic without all the jackets and heavy clothes as you look for the best views in Paris.

Dresses (Floral/Maxi/Round)

We all know how cool floral dresses look especially when scrolling through Instagram.

Now imagine standing right under blooming trees if you visit during the time of the cherry blossoms in Paris with your floral dress — it will be the perfect Instagram shot.

It can be a maxi floral dress like this one, a wrap dress, or even this cute round dress but whatever you choose to take, it will look good and bring you one step closer to dressing like a Parisian.

Cute Black Dress

I honestly believe every girl should own a cute little black dress like this one. You can wear one when going out for dinner and want to look classy and presentable as you dine in one of the fine restaurants of Paris.

What to wear in Paris in the Spring – Shoes

what to wear in paris spring

These are the best shoes to wear in Paris spring!


Parisian streets are all covered in cobblestones which means that the shoes you pack should be extremely comfortable, and I can only think of sneakers as the most comfortable shoes and most Parisians agree — well if you look at what they mostly wear.

Running shoes are not so typical so you might want to stick to stylish sneakers like these All-Star Shorelines or these Converses. But if you’re on the lower end of the budget, you can just take any sneakers you have already.

If you need to throw in some French shoes, you can check out my list of the best French shoe brands.

Boots/Ankle Boots

I am sure by now you agree with me that it’s also about being stylish when it comes to packing for Paris and there is nothing that screams stylish and classy like books (well except when they’re completely worn out but you get the idea).

High knee-level boots are not common so you’re better off sticking to these kinds of ankle boots, mid-level boots like these ones, or even these block-heeled boots.

Those are my favorite as I can easily walk with them on the cobblestoned streets of Paris.

Pro tip* The only people that walk around the streets with flip-flops are tourists so unless you want to stand out, you might reconsider wearing them on the streets. However, you can just pack one pair to walk around your hotel. <<These are my favorite flip-flops if you choose to take a pair>>

You should also stay away from high heels – well unless you plan to take an uber from your hotel to the restaurant and back, otherwise, stilettos are extremely uncomfortable and impractical to walk in around Paris.

What to pack for Paris Spring – Bags

There is no way you can walk around Paris without a bag or a purse! A purse does a great job at making you look more classy and not just any bag but at least one of these bags below.

Crossbody bags

This crossbody bag is perfect for casual walks around Paris and sightseeing. It’s also perfect when it comes to keeping your travel essentials safe as you can wear it across the chest – boooo to pickpockets!

Yes, they do exist in Paris, especially in crowded famous tourist attractions.


You can opt for an anti-theft backpack like this one but if you want to look like the Parisians, I recommend taking this cute little girly backpack. It’s classy, chic, and big enough to take all your day’s essentials.

Travel wallet

A travel wallet like this one will keep your money safe, debit/credit cards organized, and all your identity cards in one place – and a big plus is that it’s small and lightweight to fit in your crossbody bag.

So it’s that one travel accessory that you shouldn’t leave behind when going to Paris.

Other Useful Accessories to Take to Paris in Spring

packing list for paris in spring

Here are more items to add to your Paris packing list for Spring.


I love these ones but you can take any pair that looks good on you.

Travel Umbrella

Make sure you never leave it behind as it rains a number of days in Paris in Spring. This is the one I currently have as it is waterproof and very sturdy.

Warm socks

I like these Merino wool socks as they are guaranteed to keep my feet warm even on the coldest spring day in Paris.


It might be on rare days when it gets extremely cold to need gloves but as I mentioned earlier, spring weather changes dramatically. So throw in at least a pair of gloves in your luggage as you might need them.

I like these gloves as they are warm and touch-screen sensitive so I don’t need to remove them if I need to use my phone.

Summary of What to Wear During Paris

Here is a summary of how to dress in Paris in spring plus what to pack.

FAQs About What to Wear in Paris Spring

What do people wear in Paris in spring?

People in Paris in spring wear casual but chic clothes. There is also a lot of layering since spring’s weather gets chilly sometimes. So, expect to see scarves, coats, sweaters, jeans, and boots.

What clothes to wear in Paris in April?

Since the weather in Paris in April is still between cold and warm on certain days, you’ll still need to pack layers. Pack some fun summer dresses for warm days but also don’t leave behind a sweater, jacket, and some turtle neck tops for colder days.

Is spring in Paris cold?

Spring starts on the 21st of March and at this time, Paris is still cold with temperatures hovering around 10°C (50°F) but they increase as time goes on. By the end of Spring, temperatures have risen up to 20°C (68 °F).

How do people dress in Paris in early March?

Early March is still cold, so you’re better off dressing in your winter clothes. People in Paris in early March dress in layers. Think base layer, sweater, jacket, and scarves.

Do I need a coat in Paris in March?

As I mentioned earlier, March is pretty much still cold, so yes, you’ll need a coat.

Final Thoughts on What to Wear in Paris in Spring

So there you have it! That was the complete list of what to wear in Paris spring and I hope it showed you everything you need to look like a Parisian and blend in well.

Have you been to Paris in Spring? Have you noticed some of the dress codes Parisians are not keen on? Share with me in the comment section to help others not make the mistake of wearing them.

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