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Paris In February 2024: What To Do, The Weather, Where To Stay + What To Pack

Thinking of traveling to Paris in February and not sure what to expect? This post will show you all the best things to do plus the practical tips for a fun trip!

Paris in February might not be everyone’s favorite time of the year, but if you’re a lover of cold weather, like to avoid crowds, and explore the unexplored, a February in Paris is sure to be one for the books.

Yes, the skies are still gloomy, the rains are still pouring, and the temperatures are still low, but if you can look past these minor inconveniences, you can truly enjoy Paris even at this time of the year.

Montmartre cemetary street

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Whether it’s participating in a snowball fight with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop with your friends, (if it snows), tasting hot chocolates from all the bistros in your area, or celebrating Valentine’s Day in the city of love, February in Paris presents a lot of opportunities to immerse yourself in the Parisian culture.

So, if you’re ready to spend the month of love in the city of love, keep on reading to discover the best tips for visiting Paris in February!

Whether you’re just spending Valentine’s weekend in Paris or a couple of days, this guide will help you plan your trip well.

Before You Go, Here’s How to Plan Your Visit To Paris: Practical Quick Tips

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Weather in Paris in February

Champs de mars in snow
Snow in Paris in February

Paris weather in February is pretty chilly as it’s the last leg of the wintertime. You can expect a few sunny days mixed with rainy and extremely windy days.

The days progressively get longer, from about 9 hours of daylight to almost 11 hours by the end of the month.

Paris’ February weather also has high chances of rain and snow and can sometimes catch you off guard, and along with the heavy winds, you must be prepared for it. 

Since the days become a bit longer compared to Paris in January, you can expect to catch a Parisian sunrise between 8:20 AM and 7:34 AM at the beginning and the end of the month respectively.

But if you’d rather see the sun setting, you can enjoy it between 5: 48 PM and 6:32 PM at the beginning and end of the month respectively.

Paris Temperature in February

Montmatre in winter

To give you a full picture of what you can expect in terms of the weather, here are the specific details about the Paris temperature in February.

  • Paris February Temperature: ​​7.6°C (45.7°F) High and 2°C (35.6°F) Low
  • Average Humidity in Paris in February: 81%
  • Average days of rainfall in Paris in February: 12.8 days
  • Average days of snowfall in Paris in February: 2.8 days

Things to do in Paris in February

On top of the usual things to do in Paris, here are the unique activities and events you shouldn’t miss in Paris in February.

1. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the City of Love

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is one of the fun things to do in Paris in february

Paris is famously known worldwide as the city of love, so indeed there’s no better place to spend Valentine’s Day, the day commemorating love of all kinds, than Paris!

While you’ll feel the love in the air in Paris at all times of the year, on the day of love, i.e., 14th February, (or the entire month for that matter), it’s sure to feel a tad bit more magical.

Many restaurants in the city have special menus for the day, with champagne, and other sweet desserts that you can gorge on.

If you or your partner are chocolate connoisseurs, numerous chocolatiers in the city roll out signature treats on V-day!

You can even opt for this romantic Seine dinner cruise or dine at one of the romantic restaurants that offer Eiffel Tower views.

Being the city of love, you can’t run out of romantic things to do, especially during the month of love!

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2. Taste Various Foods at the Taste of Paris Food Festival

Tasting various Foods at the Taste of Paris Food Festival  is one of the fun things to do in Paris in February

One of the top things to do in Paris in February is to enjoy various foods at the famous Taste of Paris food festival!

Well-known by locals and tourists alike, this celebration of food pop-up festival takes place in the magnificent main hall of the Grand Palais Éphémère (the temporary Grand Palais since the real one is currently closed for renovation) for 4 days.

You’ll get a chance to taste delicacies from renowned chefs from across the world, buy artisanal products from small business owners with stalls, and even participate in cooking classes and workshops!

They also offer special afternoon tea and champagne experiences that you can enjoy with your loved one.

3. Bring in the Chinese New Year

celebrating Chinese New year  is one of the fun things to do in Paris in February

If you’re a fan of parades, enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year, or just looking for a reason to celebrate, get ready to bring in the Chinese New Year in style in Paris!

During the Lunar New Year, a multi-week celebration, the city lights up with several cooking workshops, guided tours, live events, and so much more to bring in the Chinese New Year.

You can also take time to visit art galleries that highlight Asian art, more so during this time of year.

Besides gorging on the signature Asian food of your choice, you’ll also get a chance to witness a Dragon Parade; there are two that happen in the city, one in Marais and the other in the Asian quarter.

4. Go ice skating in the city center

Going ice skating  is one of the fun things to do in Paris in February

In February, the city is at its tail-end of the winter, and while that means snowy (if it does snow) and rainy days, for the most part, it also means that the winter festivities like ice skating rinks are still open and available to visit!

There are many rinks to choose from; Hotel Plaza Athénée ice rink, Patinoire Pailleron where you can sign up for dancing or hockey lessons, or Patinoire Sonja Henie which is known for its skiing weekend night sessions where the music gets louder, and the psychedelic lights liven up the mood!

5. Gorge on delicacies on Crêpes Day

Gorging on delicacies on Crêpes day is one of the best things to do in February in Paris

La Chandeleur is a traditional Catholic holiday celebrated 40 days post-Christmas! However, it also has another celebration in France, known as Crêpes Day celebrated on 2nd February every year!

Known in the city as Le jour des crêpes, the week leading up to it has events such as cooking workshops, special menus in the cutest Parisian bistros, and even a crêpes block party where an entire block shares their love for the food and gorges on varieties of the dish until the sun goes down.

On top of that, on this day, several French families, cafes, and restaurants make lots of crêpes from savory to sweet and you ought to join the celebration by eating some crêpes too.

Several restaurants are known for their specialty crêpes around the city but be sure to check out La Crêperie de Josselin, Breizh Café for crêpes that’ll leave you more contented than ever!

6. Enjoy a night in with Raclette And wine

Enjoying a night in with Raclette And wine is one of the best things to do in February in Paris

With reasonably cold weather conditions and high chances of rain or snow, a night in, in the city of Paris is a must!

Nothing sounds cozier than an evening in your apartment or hotel with your loved one, accompanied by hot Raclette (one of the most loved French dishes) and signature French wine be it white, red, or rosé; whatever you’re in the mood for.

You can celebrate these artisanal products of the city and binge-watch your favorite series for a night to remember.

7. Have Fun at Carnaval de Paris

A French tradition from the 11th century, Carnaval de Paris has been a signature part of Paris’ February traditions for decades.

A festival filled with color, music, and love was immortalized by artists like Claude Monet and continues to be a festive parade that makes the city come alive!

The parade begins in the afternoon from Place Gambetta and runs until Place de la République.

A one-day event, participation is free and voluntary, so you can choose to observe the parade or even be in it! For carnival and festival lovers, this is one of the best ways to enjoy February in Paris.

8. Wander Through Museums without the crowds

Winged Victory sculpture in the Louvre

Paris truly has so much to offer at every corner, and one of its crown jewels is its art.

With the most visited art museum in the world, the Louvre, iconic museums like Centre Pompidou, Museé du Quai Branly, Musée d’Orsay, and countless others, you’ll get a chance to soak in the art and all its glory.

Since you’ll be visiting in February, you won’t have to stand in long queues or be surrounded by thousands of tourists while trying to catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa; you’ll enjoy taking as much time as you want in front of the art pieces/ objects and genuinely have a peaceful, serene day in a museum!

Several exhibitions are also happening throughout the year, so be sure to confirm the particular exhibitions that are on during the time of your visit.

However, even with fewer crowds, it’s always better to buy entry tickets to these museums in advance! Some of the tickets you can purchase include;

You can alternatively check out my complete list of skip-the-line tickets for popular attractions in Paris if you want to access everything in one place.

Not sure which museum you should visit? Then you can either check out my list of Paris museums or this list of the free museums in Paris.

9. Warm up with hot chocolate and coffee

Immersing Yourelf in the coffee and hot chocolate culture of the city is one of the things to do in Autumn in Paris

Paris weather in February can get pretty chilly with a high chance of rainfall, snowfall, and winds, so what better way to combat that than to warm up with some steaming coffee or hot chocolate?

Though there’s no lack of options in the city for a cute and cozy bistro with world-class beverages, the top-tier places for hot chocolate are the Angelina Paris, Jacques Genin, and Carette (also well-known in the city for their crisp golden croissants).

If you’re more into coffee, your caffeine needs are sure to be fulfilled and exceeded anywhere in the town, but Matamata Coffee, in particular, promises a good time.

There are plenty of cute cafes in Paris to choose from regardless of your hot beverage needs!

10. Take a self-guided tour of iconic monuments

Arc de Triomphe in paris

If you’re thinking about what to do in Paris in February, one of the ideal activities during this time of year is to visit the city’s iconic monuments.

Known across the globe for its historical icons, during most times of the year, these places are packed with tourists, so if you’re in the city when it is usually quieter, with fewer tourists, and in some cases lower admission prices, you must jump on the chance to take a self-guided tour!

There are many Parisian landmarks worth visiting including the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Palais Garnier, the Louvre, Notré Dame, and the list goes on.

11. Shop till you drop at the end of the winter sales

Shopping during the winter sales is one of the things to do in Paris in January

Shopping in Paris is a dream but can get costly during most times of the year. The stores in the fashion capital have two mega sales throughout the year, one in the summertime and one during the wintertime, and February happens to fall at the very end of the winter sale!

These sale periods, called les soldes, are a six-week event that begins in January and by the time February rolls around, it’s the time for actual bargain buying.

If you’re persistent and take your sweet time picking things, you’re sure to find apparel, accessories, kitchenware, and so much more at discounts as high as 60% off.

You just have to enter stores that have the word “Soldes” on their door or window or anywhere within the store.

12. Catch panoramic views from La Grande Roue de Paris

Catch ingpanoramic views from La Grande Roue de Paris  is one of the fun things to do in Paris in February

Another significant landmark that you’ll only be able to experience in the wintertime, especially in February, devoid of the crowds, is the Ferris Wheel at Place de la Concorde.

Known as the La Grande Roue de Paris, it is a temporary structure that boasts panoramic views of the city, notably the Eiffel Tower and the gorgeous River Seine.

The activity is particularly delightful in the nighttime as you can see all the city’s lights and may even catch the Eiffel Tower sparkling under the night sky!

Where to Stay in Paris in February

Since there are so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose one place that suits your needs.

Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly, mid-range, or even luxury accommodation during your stay in Paris in February, here are my favorite places.

Le Grey Hotel

Budget Accommodation

Generator Paris: Located in the lively 10th Arrondissement, Generator Paris is the ideal accommodation for those looking to cut costs and spend money on excursions in the city instead! With well-equipped rooms, some with even a private terrace, you’re sure to have a comfortable stay here. You can drink with friends at the bar or grab a delicious meal at the hotel’s in-house café, Café Fabian. You’ll also be within proximity of the Buttes-Chaumont Park, Canal St. Martin (home to cafés and vintage stores), and the Gare de l’Est Metro Station.

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Mid-range Accommodation

Le Grey Hotel: Situated between Opéra Garnier and Montmartre, Le Grey Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel in the city’s heart. It offers contemporary and stylish rooms with an expansive spread at the complimentary breakfast buffet. It’s within walking distance of Saint-Lazare Train Station, and the departmental stores are also not too far (perfect for the winter sales!). For a fair rate, you get to stay comfortably.

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Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel is one of the best eiffel tower view hotels
Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

Luxury Accommodation

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel: Located in the 15th Arrondissement, this hotel has a contemporary design, a modern wine bar, and California-style restaurants with modern French food. It is truly one of the best places to stay accompanied by a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower. The Bir-Hakeim Metro Station is also located right by the property, connecting its residents to all the iconic Paris monuments with ease. So if you’re looking to stay in Paris like a royal, head to Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel!

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Apartment Rental

Cozy apartment in the heart of the city: If you prefer homestays and apartments over hotels, here is a brilliant option for you. A perfect mix of modern architecture and pieces borrowed from the city’s past, this apartment is an excellent option for those who prefer their own space. A two-bedroom apartment, equipped with a full-fledged kitchen, living room, and dining area, you’ll have everything you need; that too with a spectacular view of rue la Seine. Plus, Saint Paul Line 1 Metro Station is within walking distance!

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Those were my suggestions but if nothing suits your needs, then you can check out my complete list of Paris hotels with Eiffel Tower views, these hotels near the Louvre museum or these budget hotels in Paris if you’re traveling on a limited budget.

However, if you prefer feeling at home, you can opt for these Paris Airbnb with Eiffel Tower views, these budget-friendly apartment rentals if you’re traveling on a budget, or these luxury Paris apartments if you prefer a touch of luxury.

What to Pack for Paris in February + What to Wear

what to pack for Paris in winter

With harsh weather conditions and so many different kinds of excursions that you can do during this time of the year, it’s only prudent that you pack the right essentials and to help you with that, here is a brief on what to wear in Paris in February plus what to pack.

Umbrella: You can expect several rainy days so take this windproof umbrella to take shelter if it finds you outside.

A fleece/Sweater: Dressing for winter is all about layering! Take this fleece or this sweater if that’s what you prefer to stay warm at all times.

A winter coat: February has frigid temperatures so you’ll need to take a winter coat to stay warm. You can opt for this hooded fleece-lined winter coat or this warm trench coat if you want to stay fashionable.

Touch-sensitive gloves: Keep your fingers warm by taking gloves. But don’t just take any you find; take these ones that are warm and touch-sensitive so that you don’t have to remove them when you want to use your phone.

Woolen socks: I love these woolen socks as they won’t only keep your feet warm but also dry.

Scarf: Scarves are the most loved accessories by Parisians during the winter months! They not only keep you warm but also accentuate your winter style! I love this scarf in particular as it is large and warm.

Portable charger: Winter drains battery more than any time of the year, so to make sure that you stay connected even when you’re outside, I recommend taking this power bank. It is portable and charges the phone several times before it runs out.

Eiffel Tower view in winter

Passport/ID: Obviously!

Waterproof winter boots: Take a good pair of waterproof winter shoes! You can opt for these winter boots since they’re comfortable to walk in, warm, and waterproof.

Camera: Capture all the Instagrammable places in Paris by taking a good camera.

Universal Travel Adapter: To be able to charge all your devices with ease wherever you go, I recommend taking this universal travel adapterThis European travel adapter works well in Paris too but it’s very limiting if you travel to other countries with different power outlets.

Day pack: This daypack from Osprey will help keep all your daily essentials close to you at all times but you can also opt for this cute backpack if you prefer looking cool and chic.

You can also check out my complete list of what to wear in Paris in winter to know exactly what to take during this time of the year.

FAQS About Visiting Paris in February

Rue Lepic is one of the prettiest streets in Paris

What is Paris like in February?

Paris in February is usually cold, it has fewer tourists but even with that, there are still traces of festivals and carnivals! After all, it’s still Paris regardless of the time of the year!

is Paris rainy in February?

Yes, it does rain in Paris in February! In fact, the average number of rainy days in February is around 12 days.

Is it cold in Paris in February?

February is one of the coldest months in Paris. The temperatures oscillate between 7.6°C (45.7°F) High and 2°C (35.6°F) Low. So, generally speaking, yes, it is usually cold!

Is February a good time to go to Paris?

There is no easy answer to this question except saying… it depends! If you don’t like crowds, don’t mind the cold, and prefer winter activities, then February in Paris is a good time!

This also comes with lower rates on most things like accommodation and flight tickets!

However, if you prefer chilling on Paris plages, don’t like wearing 3-4 layers of clothes, and hate rain, February may not be the best time for you!

In brief, it depends on what you prefer as an individual but any time you visit Paris will be memorable.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Things to Do in Paris in February

Your Parisian trip is sure to be memorable no matter which time of year you choose to visit, however, with the days getting progressively longer, the magical air in the city of love during Valentine’s Day, and so much more, February in Paris is sure to be a delight!

So what’s the wait? Pack your woolens, and head to Paris in February for a trip like no other.


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