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27 Best French Handbag Brands For A Classy Woman

Want to buy yourself a French handbag but not sure what to get? This post will show you the best French handbag brands every classy woman should own!

France is synonymous with elegance and style. The country is known for producing some of the most fashionable pieces of clothing and accessories.

Paris is, after all, one of the 4 fashion capitals of the world owing to Paris Fashion Week. So, it should come as no surprise that French handbags brands are world-famous, too.

Best French Handbag Brands

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French women not only want their handbags to be functional and durable, but they also want to flaunt them like style statements.

Whether they are dressed casually or are attending a fancy event, a must-have accessory that they always carry is their handbag.

So if you want to be like them and hold one of the luxury and durable bags, here is a list of the 27 Best French Handbag Brands for a classy woman.

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Best French Handbag Brands

This list of best French made handbags contains a mix of classic, new, stylish, minimalist, luxurious, and affordable brands.

Some of them are known exclusively for their handbag or purse collection while others have forayed into creating other products with their bags being just as popular.

I hope you find the perfect bag that you’re looking for.

1. Chloé 

Chloé was founded in 1952 by Egyptian-French fashion designer Gabrielle Aghion. It soon became a luxury fashion brand known for its apparel and accessories.

The top-selling handbag by this French luxury handbag brand is the Marcie series which features two top handles and a detachable strap.

The Chloé C bag comes in a close 2nd but most of the time, their products are sold out, and potential shoppers are no strangers to a waitlist when it comes to this brand.

In 2001, a sister label, See by Chloé, was created by Pheobe Philo and featured a younger and more feminine approach.

2. Yves Saint Laurent

Whether you’re in the fashion world or not, I’m sure you’ve heard of Yves Saint Laurent.

This renowned luxury French fashion brand forayed into making handbags to complement its fashion outfits.

YSL handbags are known for their sleek and sophisticated designs and are highly coveted by fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Some of the most popular and signature Saint Laurent handbags include “Sac de Jour,” a structured tote bag with accordion sides, “Loulou,” a shoulder bag featuring a quilted leather design and “Kate,” a classic clutch bag with tassel detailing. All their handbags adorn the iconic YSL logo.

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3. Longchamp

When you think of some of the most affordable French handbag brands, Longchamp will feature in the top 5.

Founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, this brand is one of the few luxury brands that continue to be family-owned.

Jean started off with a tobacco shop where he would cover his pipes with exquisite leather.

The leather was so good that he converted his shop into an accessories store where he would create and sell high-quality French leather accessories like wallets and bags.

The turning point that catapulted Longchamp and its success was the creation of nylon bags. Le Pliage, the brand’s bestseller, is one such durable, daily-use nylon bag.

4. Sézane

Morgane Sézalory’s love for all things vintage led her to create her own brand in 2013, Sézane.

It started with an online initiative where she would have monthly “drops” or “rendez-vous” to sell reinvented vintage clothing.

She realized her potential, so she started supplementing these with her own designs, and that’s how her brand was born.

Sézane sells timeless pieces that suit almost every season and are meant to transcend trends.

Although it started as a clothing brand, it now sells everything from handbags to shoes to accessories.

The brand has continued with the “rendez-vous” concept and has weekly, monthly, and seasonal drops.

Some of their most iconic bags include the Milo Bag, Farrow Bag, a cute bucket bag, and the Heritage Victor Bag.

5. Ateliers Auguste

Ateliers Auguste is a relatively new, contemporary, and minimalist brand known for its handbags and accessories.

It was founded in 2012 by brothers Laurent and Xavier Valembert, who created it to provide bags designed for men.

They later expanded to bags designed for women too. Although the handbags are designed and sold in France (and the rest of the world), they are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in workshops based in Italy and Portugal.

Apart from handbags, the other products on offer are purses, bucket bags, tote bags, and crossbody bags.

The bags are priced to be in between the affordable and luxurious segments but lean towards the former.

6. Louvreuse

Louvreuse, like Polène (#1), is the other new kid on the block and was founded in the same year as the latter (2016) by Victoire de Villiers.

Their designs are inspired by art and fashion, which makes them different. If you are picking up handbags from France as souvenirs and want something unique to remind you of the vibrant country, the brand’s Cleo bags are the answer.

These are shaped like a pyramid to resemble the Louvre (see the link to the brand name) and come in full-size and minis. Their circle bags are pretty popular too.

7. Le Tanneur

Le Tanneur is a French handbag brand that designs, manufactures, and sells high-quality, handmade full-grain leather bags.

It was founded in 1898 by Bonnardel, a leather craftsman, and Mr. Bonnex, a talented tanner.

For over 120 years, Le Tanneur has been living up to its motto “Maître Maroquinier”, which translates to Master Leather craftsman.

The brand and its leather were so good that in 1914, it was tasked with providing the French soldiers with gaiters in WWI.

They even came out with Tann’s school bags in 1978 which became popular with school children.

8. Gérard Darel

In 1971, Gérard Gerbi and Danielle Gerbi-Darel founded Gérard Darel and created some of the best French luxury handbags for women.

In 2003, they came out with the iconic “24 hours” bag. The bag was designed to be functional and elegant, while the name represented the idea that it would be everything a woman needs in a day.

She could go from meetings to brunches to evening soirées to cocktail dinners, all with this handy.

It became so popular that Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Susan Sarandon, and Meryl Streep started carrying bags from this brand. Even the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton owned it.

9. Celine

You might be surprised to know that Celine started off as a custom-made shoe shop for children in 1945, founded by Céline Vipiana and her husband, Richard.

Then, the brand began selling ready-to-wear fashion for women and eventually ventured into selling luxury leather goods.

In 1996, it changed owners and came under the renowned LVMH group. Their luggage series of handbags is what caught on and remains their most popular collection.

Their brand has always wanted to keep things minimal but still sophisticated and that’s exactly what they offer even up-to-date.

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10. Jacquemus

22-year-old self-taught designer Simon Porte Jacquemus was the youngest designer to earn a slot at the Paris Fashion Week though he had already started his own label, Jacquemus, at 19.

Although many French purse designers had already made a name for themselves, Simon wowed everyone when he came out with a Lilliputian version of a regular-sized handbag, a mini purse called Jacquemus purse, and a micro-bag known as It.

He slowly captured the small purse segment and was praised by none other than Karl Lagerfeld for his design sense and aesthetic.

11. Goyard

In 1792, Pierre-François Martin established Maison Martin, a brand that specialized in trunk-making.

It later became Maison Morel in 1841, named after Martin’s son-in-law. Morel hired a 17-year-old apprentice named François Goyard in 1845 and when the former passed away suddenly in 1852, Goyard took charge, and the brand became Maison Goyard.

François was succeeded by his son Edmond who was quite an innovator. He developed a range of products for automobiles and even animals and then expanded into travel bag-making in 1890.

The trunks eventually got a facelift to keep up with the times.

12. Polène

A relatively new brand, Polène, was founded in 2016 by 3 siblings, two brothers, and a sister.

It might be a nascent brand when it comes to French purses brands but, it has already made waves for using top-end leather for its purses and making chic designs.

And, their bags are pretty affordable too, so you don’t have to break the bank to own one. Their bestselling signature purse is aptly called Number One.

13. Amélie Pichard

Amélie Pichard is the founder of the eponymously named brand, established in 2011 as a shoe brand.

It launched its first bag, ABAG, a year later, which is still as iconic a decade later. Since then, they have established themselves as an eco-friendly and sustainable brand with their range of vegan products.

They have also requested their consumers to use their products till the end and not abandon them at the first sign of wear and tear.

If, however, the product is beyond recognition, they ask for it to be brought to their store, where they will help revive it. Now that’s something I think all brands should adopt!

14. Louis Vuitton

Mastercraftsman Louis Vuitton created the eponymous brand in 1854 which has since become one of the most famous French luxury handbag brands.

Their exquisite and quality monogrammed handbags have attracted one and all, of which the Speedy series is probably the most popular and bestselling one.

They have the LV monogram printed all over, coupled with the signature padlock and rolled leather handles making them elegant and comfortable at the same time.

15. Chanel

Chanel was founded by 1883-born French designer Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel.

What started as a hat boutique and sportswear-selling store in the early 1900s turned into the now famed perfumery by 1921 and eventually began selling handbags by 1955.

Though Chanel has created a brand for itself in the haute couture and scents industries, its handbags are not far behind as they are some of the most popular branded bags from France to be sold worldwide.

The most popular bag by the brand is the classic 2.55 shoulder bag, named after the month and year of its release — February 1955. It revolutionized the industry due to its strap/chain design to keep the hands free.

16. Givenchy

House of Givenchy was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy, who named the brand after his family name.

It is known for its haute couture collections, especially those created for actress Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

In 1957, he expanded the brand into a perfume house, Les Parfums Givenchy. He later forayed into making designer French handbags, which created an equal stir.

Antigona, made from soft leather, is the brand’s most iconic and popular handbag that has been going strong for more than a decade. Givenchy, eventually, in 1988, joined the LVMH group.

17. Dior

Dior needs no introduction when it comes to fashion and perfumes, which are famous worldwide.

But their handbags have a fanbase of their own, especially if it’s the iconic Lady Dior handbag.

It comes with wide shoulder straps, rounded handles, Cannage motifs, and distinct Dior charms.

The eponymous brand was founded in 1946 by French fashion designer Christian Dior and is one of the top French designer handbag brands in the world currently.

Their leather handbags were so stylish and elegant that Princess Diana popularized them.

18. Hermès

Thierry Hermès established the French luxury handbags and a design house brand Hermès International in 1837. The brand specializes in leather goods and ready-to-wear fashion.

British actress Jane Birkin was on a flight and seated next to Hermès’ chief executive in 1984 when she expressed her dissatisfaction with not having a large enough leather handbag that could hold everything that she wanted to carry.

And voilà, the Birkin bag was born, inspired by her. This generously-spaced tote bag has since been one of the most iconic and bestselling handbags from France to be sold by the brand.

19. Fauré Le Page

Established in Paris in 1717, Fauré Le Page is a French luxury handbag brand with a rich heritage known for creating some of the most iconic and innovative handbags.

Unlike many other brands, Fauré Le Page’s signature canvas is waterproof and durable bags making them all-weather accessories.

The intricate patterns on their handbags feature historical weaponry and armor giving them a unique and edgy look.

Each bag is handmade in France by skilled artisans ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality.

You can take your pick among various sizes and styles ranging from tote bags to clutches and crossbody bags.

20. Lancel

Known for making high-quality leather handbags that are functional and stylish, Lancel is a French luxury handbag brand that has been around for nearly one and a half centuries.

Their bags are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans from Italy and France who use the finest materials to ensure that they are elegant and timeless.

Since the bags are designed keeping practicality and user-friendliness in mind, you’ll find plenty of pockets and compartments to help you keep your belongings organized.

Moreover, their classic shapes and clean lines ensure that their bags never go out of style.

Over the years, Lancel has collaborated with several notable French designers, including Charlotte Olympia and Jean Paul Gaultier to create limited-edition handbags and accessories.

21. Moynat

Like Lancel, another brand that has been around for more than one and a half centuries and makes luxury handbags is Moynat.

These French made handbags are created using traditional techniques and quality craftsmanship by experienced artisans.

The leather used to make the bags is carefully selected for its quality and longevity and each bag is constructed to withstand the test of time.

Hence, Moynat’s bags are often considered investment pieces with many collectors valuing them for their timeless style and premium quality.

Additionally, they feature clever details such as hidden pockets and compartments making them ideal for everyday use.

22. Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Brunos creative journey began at the tender age of 25 when she launched her eponymous fashion brand in 1996. Over the years, the brand expanded in handbags and accessories.

It has since been known for its elegant and sophisticated designs that blend classic French style with modern and innovative elements, with the Cabas Tote being the brand’s distinctive item.

With feminine and bohemian aesthetics plus intricate detailing, the bags exude chicness and comfort.

Along with this, they are available in a myriad of colors making them an ideal choice for the Parisian woman.

23. RSVP Paris

The next brand on our list of handbags from France is RSVP Paris, a luxury leather goods company established in 2015.

RSVP’s designs blend classic French style with modern and edgy elements to stand out from the rest.

And instead of mass production, they produce limited batches focussing on quality over quantity and use the finest leather accessories.

In addition to classic purses and handbags, RSVP makes uniquely-shaped bucket bags in varied colors and materials that can appeal to any classy woman.

What sets RSVP Paris apart from other French handbag brands is its commitment to innovation and creativity.

24. Pellegrino Paris

After working at YSL for 8 years, Renaud Pellegrino launched his eponymous brand and opened his first boutique in 1983.

Inspired by art, the brand’s motto is creating unusual and standout handbags reminiscent of runway pieces.

If you’re looking for fun, dressy handbags, or statement handbags, then Renaud Pellegrino is what you need.

Two of the brand’s most iconic creations are Cardinal, inspired by the Cardinal’s hat, and Perla, a satin purse with a handle of precious stones and a signature lip design on the flap. You can see the latter in one of the Emily in Paris episodes.

25. Roger Vivier

Founded in 1937 by designer Roger Vivier, this famous brand is known for its luxury designer French handbags, shoes, and accessories.

Roger Vivier’s handbags are crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as their iconic shoes.

From clutches and crossbody bags to evening bags and mini bags, they have it all (except maybe tote bags).

One of Roger Vivier’s most popular handbag designs is the Miss Viv bag, which features a structured silhouette with a metal buckle closure and a chain shoulder strap.

Another popular design is the Pilgrim clutch with its sleek and simple design and signature pilgrim buckle.

Their latest collection features a bejeweled lineup across the board that any luxury French handbag and jewelry lover will want to lay their hands on instantly.

26. Moreau Paris

Moreau Paris is a French leather goods brand founded in 1882. Their handbags feature clean lines, minimalistic designs, and a signature style of unadorned leather exuding functionality and style.

Additionally, they have a small leather good section with cute bag charms, card holders, and porte-cles (key rings).

Most of their handbags are named after French communes paying tribute to their origins like Saint Tropez, Vincennes, Tuelle, and even Brégançon.

The latter is a tote bag and one of the brand’s bestselling designs, so much so that they even created its mini version.

27. Isabel Marant

Among the women French handbag designers, Isabel Marant is a name that stands out for her eponymous brand that creates bohemian, Parisian-inspired styles.

The focus on effortless, understated fashion featuring minimal hardware and embellishments allows the beauty of the leather and the design to speak for itself.

Though their crossbody and shoulder bags are popular, they also have tote bags, satchels, and belt bags.

The handbags are made from high-quality supple leather and come in various colors and finishes.

Plus, they are often seen as investment pieces designed to be timeless and versatile.

FAQs About The Best French Handbag Brands

What is the Most famous handbag brand in France?

If I had to choose the most famous French handbag brand, I’d say Louis Vuitton.

What bag brands are French?

There are many French handbag brands but some of the most famous ones include; Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Givenchy, Celine, Jacquemus, and so much more. I’ve mentioned over 25 famous French handbags in this list. Check it out to see the others.

What designer bags are from France?

The best French designer bags include; Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Givenchy, Longchamp, Le Tanneur, Polène, Jacquemus, Goyard, and many more.

What kind of bag to buy in Paris?

You can buy all the French handbags on this list from Paris. What you buy exactly will depend on your personal preference but this article will guide you. Whether it’s the fancy Louis Vuitton or an everyday bag from Polène, you’ll find all these French designer handbags in France.

What is the most expensive French bag brand?

Louis Vuitton is no doubt the most expensive French handbag brand.

Is Polene Paris a luxury brand?

Yes, Polene is a luxury Paris handbag brand.

Final Thoughts on the Best French handbags designers

There is no shortage of French bag brands when it comes to buying luxury handbags. If you’ve always wanted to buy a French brand handbag, I hope that this list has given you a lot of options to consider.

Which of these 27 best French handbag brands is your favorite? And which ones, if any, do you currently own or want to own? Come talk to me in the comments below about what you’re eyeing once your next paycheck comes in.


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