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17 Most Famous Paintings At The Louvre Museum Not To Miss

Visiting the Louvre and wondering which artworks you shouldn’t miss? This article will show you the most famous paintings at the Louvre Museum you should see!

One of the best museums in Paris is the Louvre! It is not only the largest art museum in the whole world but also the most visited.

The Louvre is home to some of the most famous paintings in Paris and the world at large, and it showcases the works of the most famous painters and sculptors.

Louvre museum facts
Louvre museum exterior

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With a collection of over 38, 000 objects on display, it’s obvious that it is hard to see everything in one visit. In fact, it would take over 200 days to see everything assuming that one spends a mere 30 seconds in front of each piece.

While most people head straight to Mona Lisa since it’s the most famous painting in the Louvre, there are some other Louvre paintings every art lover should not miss.

And since it’s hard to see everything, in this article, I will be focusing on the most famous paintings at the Louvre that you shouldn’t miss while visiting this magnificent Parisian landmark.

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Famous Paintings at The Louvre Museum

If you are wondering what paintings are at the Louvre besides Mona Lisa, take a stroll down this article to explore the 17 most famous paintings in the Louvre that no art lover should miss.

1. Mona Lisa By Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa is one of the famous paintings at the Louvre museum.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Mona Lisa is perhaps the most beautiful and beguiling painting in the world despite its seemingly simple nature.

Leonardo painted it from 1503 to 1517 while he was still living in Florence.

Mona Lisa is always a topic of discussion because of the uncanny way it was painted, its three-quarter view, and the way the painting is turned towards the viewer instead of the standard portrait style during that time.

Apart from its structure, the Mona Lisa is so interesting that no one knows about the woman’s identity in the painting.

Rumor has it that the lady is Lisa del Giocondo, wife of a Florentine merchant. But whatever the case might be, Mona Lisa will remain the epitome of famous art in the Louvre and globally.

It is the most visited, talked about, and sung about painting in the world and also the most expensive one valued at US$100 million in 1962 which equated to $870 million in 2021.

With all those titles attached to it, many people are usually surprised when they realize that it is actually a small portrait. It is just 77 cm x 53 cm (2.5ft x 1.7 ft). There are so many intriguing facts about Mona Lisa that make it stand out.

2. The Raft of Medusa By Théodore Géricault

The Raft of Medusa is one of the famous paintings in France.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This huge work of art (13.75 × 23.5 ft [4.91 × 7.16 meters]) depicts the dreadful condition of 150 people who faced the 1816 French Royal Navy Frigate of Medusa wreck, but after battling starvation for 13 days, they eventually succumbed to death; descending into cannibalism and murder. Just 15 people survived to tell the tales of the event.

This French painting is not a collective representation of what happened but rather an individual representation of the suffering of individuals who died on the raft.

Interestingly, the painting’s creator, Géricault, showed his work at the annual exhibition of French art at the Louvre but a handful of critics showed their dismay at the repellent realism, which forced him to take his painting back to England.

However, after his death in 1824, Comte De Forbin purchased the painting on behalf of the Louvre, and today, it hangs as one of the most famous paintings in the Louvre museum.

3. Liberty leading The people by Eugène Delacroix

Liberty Leading the People is one of the famous French paintings.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This ultimate masterpiece was painted by one of the most romantic painters of French romanticism, Eugène Delacroix, and was made to commemorate the victory of the 1830 July revolution which overthrew King Charles X.

The semi-nude woman in the center depicts liberty during that time by holding the tri-colored flag that later became France’s flag. She has often been portrayed as the symbol of the republic and liberty over the years.

The other figures alongside her represent all the classes who worked together for freedom — students, workers, and professors. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous Louvre paintings and a treat to witness.

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4. Portrait of Louis XIV By Hyacinthe Rigaud

Portrait of Louis XIV is one of the is one of the famous paintings in louvre museum.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Painted in 1701, this beautiful painting is the standing portrait of the King of France, Louis XIV.

While it looks majestic and later became the official portrait of the King, there is a very interesting story behind how this portrait was made.

When this beauty was painted, King Louis XIV was 63-years-old and partially paralyzed.

Now you may ask how he managed to stand for so long. Well, he didn’t. Rigaud painted his face in merely two sittings.

He stitched the face to a large canvas and asked a 20-year-old man to pose wearing the king’s coronation outfit, which explains the rather intriguing-looking legs on an older face making it one of the most famous artworks in the Louvre.

5. Oath of The Horatii By Jacques-Louis David

Oath of The Horatii is one of the famous works of art in the louvre.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Painted in 1784, Oath of the Horatii became an instant hit, and even today, it remains one of the best paintings at the Louvre in the Neoclassical style.

This beautiful painting portrays a scene from the dispute between Alba Longa and Rome during the seventh century BC.

The legend goes that, instead of the armies, they decided to send three men from each city to the war, and the winning team would decide the fate of the winning city.

This Louvre painting depicts three brothers who are taking an oath in front of their father to defend Rome, and along with these, we see their women (and sister) of the house sitting distressed, thinking about the outcomes.

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6. Gabriel d’Estrees and one of her sisters – Unknown

is one of the most famous paintings in the louvre.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the most mysterious arts in the Louvre, which sheds light on Gabrielle d’Estrées, mistress of King Henry IV, and her sister, the Duchess of Villars.

The very queer image of the Duchess (the sister) pinching Gabrielle’s nipple represents the announcement of her ( Gabrielle) carrying the illegitimate child of King Henry IV.

However, the piercing gaze of both women and the erotic nature of the painting is at times, seen as some queer love between the two women.

That could be one way of seeing it, but the pinching of the sister’s nipple represents fertility, which is emphasized all the more by the presence of the lady behind, who is sewing clothes presumably for the baby.

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7. The Turkish Bath By Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingre

Measuring 108 x 110 cm (42.5 × 43.3 in), the Turkish Bath remains one of the most famous paintings in the Louvre.

The painting portrays a group of nude women bathing in a harem. Painted in the most erotic style, it evokes both western and Near Eastern styles, which are linked with the mythological matter of the subject.

This painting was initially made in a rectangular form between 1852 and 1859 but was later modified and cut into tondo form.

Unlike other nude paintings that caused a stir when first unveiled publically, this one didn’t create a scandal because it remained in a private collection until it was moved to the Louvre museum.

You can check out the photo of the Turkish bath here.

8. The lacemaker By Johannes Vermeer

The lacemaker is one of the famous works of art in the louvre.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This spellbinding painting depicts a girl engrossed in lacework, which can also be seen as the main focus of the painting.

This is because Vermeer created a plain background free of any distractions, and he probably used the technique of camera obscura to paint this masterpiece.

If you notice the painting closely, you will see many techniques, such as the blurring of the foreground, and the noticeable depth of the ground, which is typical of photography.

The painting also poses a faithful representation of work and distraction. One of the most exquisite paintings at the Louvre, you shouldn’t miss it on your visit.

9. The coronation of Napoleon By Jacques-Louis David

The Coronation of Napoleon is one of the French famous paintings.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Coronation Of Napoleon is one of the crucial and most famous art pieces in the Louvre. Painted on a massive canvas measuring 6.21 m × 9.79 m (20 ft 4 in × 32 ft 1 in), it is possible to study the faces of each person in this magnificent painting.

And if you look closely, you will see all eyes turned towards Napoleon.

This painting depicts the real-life monumentous event of the coronation of Napoleon, which took place on December 2nd, 1804, in Notre Dame de Paris.

This is one of the greatest Louvre paintings that showcases one of the most historical events in France.

10. The cheat with the ace of diamonds By Georges de la Tour

The cheat with the ace of diamonds is one of the famous louvre paintings.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Completed in 3 years from 1636 to 1638, this intriguing painting will surely steal your heart.

During that time, gambling was a popular topic of discussion, and back then, this painting belonged to the moralizing genre.

In the painting, the eyes of the spectator cannot help but notice how the three people are exchanging glances and are about to cheat the one who is naively looking at his cards.

This painting has done a wonderful job of representing human emotions — cheating in this case — and indulgence in wine and gambling, which were very common at that time.

11. The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Leonardo da Vinci

Among all the Louvre famous paintings, this is one of the unfinished paintings that can’t be missed. Painted by Leonardo da Vinci, it has a similar warmth and charm to Mona Lisa.

It is popularly known for its technicality, which is the triangular form the painting takes, never leaving the eye of the spectator. This picture portrays Saint Anne, the Virgin Mary, her daughter, and Jesus.

The painting is believed to have been commissioned by King Louis XII of France though he ended up not receiving it.

12. The battle between love and chastity By Pietro Perugino

The battle between love and chastity is one of the most famous paintings in the louvre.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In the 15th and 16th centuries, society demanded chastity leading up to marriage, and this painting by Pietro depicts the battle and suffering people, especially women, had to face.

If you look at the painting closely, you will see the background filled with steep hills, and the fight between symbolic figures of love and chastity.

Numerous mythological figures such as Venus, nymphs, and Minerva can be seen, among many others.

Although you might not recognize the artist, this work of art is by an Italian Renaissance artist named Pietro Perugino.

13. La Belle Ferronnière By Leonardo da Vinci

La Belle Ferronnière is one of the famous louvre paintings.

Leonardo da Vinci, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Commonly knowns as the Portrait of an Unknown Woman, this is another one of Leonardo’s famous works.

This painting took 6 years to finish and gloriously holds a place in the famous works of art in the Louvre.

The lady seen in the painting was believed to be a close relative or wife of a Ferronniere (an iron man), and some even claim her to have been the mistress of Francis I of France.

Because of the stiff pose and thick and heavier features, as opposed to Leonardo’s usual style, some critics deny this to be Leonardo’s work even today.

Though there is no absolute surety about the painter or who the lady in the painting is, what is for sure is that it is one of the most beautiful paintings in the Louvre.

14. The four seasons By Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The four seasons is one of the famous paintings at the Louvre museum.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Arcimboldo’s most famous painting and also one of the Louvre famous paintings, Four Seasons, which he made in a series of 4, namely, Spring, Autumn, Summer, and Winter, made with appropriate flora, fruits, and vegetables, is quite bizarre but extraordinary.

All 4 portraits consist of plants, fruits, barks, vegetables, and more, depicting the four seasons of nature.

The first one is of a woman made of various flowers which showcases spring and the second still shows a woman made of fruits to depict summer.

On the other hand, Autumn is represented by a man covered in fruits that commonly appear in the fall while the last one is of an old man with a symbolic skin of a gnarled trunk that visualizes the winter season.

From a wider perspective, the paintings depict how man has lived through all seasons and now wishes to move on.

Only winter and summer are still available from the original series and can be found in Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, but the Louvre museum has copies of all 4 seasons.

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15. The pastoral concert By (Suspected to Be Titian)

This painting, which is still regarded as the masterpiece of the Venetian Renaissance, sparked debates about authorship and subject matter.

It has been attributed to Titian and one of his teachers, Giorgione, back and forth over time.

This painting is symbolic of many things, and different viewers discern it in their ways.

One of the theories is that in the 16th-century, nude women were considered supernatural beings, which the woman in the painting represents — a magical illusion. And the holding of flutes and pouring of water makes them an illusion.

It could be symbolic of many things, but surely it represents fantasy above all else.

You can see the Photo of the Pastoral Concert here.

16. The rape of the Sabine women By Nicolas Poussin

The rape of the Sabine women is one of the famous louvre paintings.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Also known as the Abduction of the Sabine Women, the Rape of the Sabine Women is the first painting in Nicolas Poussin’s series of four paintings and is also one of the most famous paintings at the Louvre.

According to Roman mythology, the Romans had a shortage of women, so the first king of Rome, Romulus, threw a party and invited the Sabine women one day.

On Romulus’s signal (the one with the red cape), his army abducted these women and forced them to become their wives to bear the second generation of Romans, perpetuating the longest-lasting empire in European history.

17. The Wedding at Cana By Paolo Veronese

The Wedding at Cana is one of the famous paintings at the Louvre museum.

Photo credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Measuring 6.77 m x 9.9 m (22.2 ft x32.4 ft ), The Wedding at Cana is the largest painting at the Louvre museum depicting a biblical scene.

This monumental painting, almost the size of a wall, shows Jesus surrounded by his disciples and the bride and groom, enjoying the merry feast and witnessing Christ’s first miracle of turning water into wine.

The painting was stolen in 1797 by Bonaparte’s army, but it was destined to be hung at the Louvre where it is currently based for public viewing.

Final Thoughts on the famous paintings in louvre museum

There are so many stunning paintings, and words will always be short for these evergreen works of art.

In this article, we went through the interesting facts and interpretations of the most famous paintings at the Louvre and I hope you have gained an insight into the world of paintings so that when you finally see them hanging in the Louvre, you have a bit of background story to fully appreciate these works of art.

Do you have any other Louvre paintings you particularly appreciate but don’t see on the list, do let me know in the comments below!


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