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How to Plan Your Day Trip From Paris to Giverny to See Monet’s Garden And House

Want to visit Monet’s Garden but not sure how to plan? This post will show you how to plan your day trip from Paris to Giverny with ease!

If you’re familiar with French paintings or even French artists in general, you’ve probably come across the name Claude Monet!

He is considered the father of impressionist painting and, in fact, the name for this movement was inspired by one of his famous paintings, Impression, Sunrise.

How to plan a day trip from Paris to Giverny

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Born in 1840 in Paris, Monet painted over 2000 pieces of work and lived in various places in France and abroad including Honfleur in Normandy, London, the Netherlands, Argenteuil, a suburb just northwest of Paris, Saint-Denis, a suburb in the North of Paris, but one place that stands out the most to date is Giverny in Normandy!

Monet moved his family to Giverny in 1883 where he rented a house and a beautiful garden (which he later purchased) that would go on to be called, Monet’s Garden hundreds of years later!

giverny day trip from paris

Since his wealth increased over time, he bought more land to expand his estate and hired seven gardeners to take care of the garden exactly the way he wanted it with explicit details of how everything should be.

This new land had a water meadow where the water lilies that would go on to be his greatest legacy were planted. He even diverted part of the nearby river Epte for his garden.

The beauty of this garden inspired him to take on what is today known as his most ambitious project which occupied him for the last 20 years of his life.

From 1899, he painted a variety of paintings showcasing waterlilies in different seasons, different lightingss, the iconic green Japanese bridge, and many others. This project resulted in 250 paintings of waterlilies.

Another view of Water lily pond-Monet's Garden-Giverny

Thanks to his waterlilies paintings, this place was immortalized, and today, tourists flock there not only to see the famous gardens but also to see the house he lived in.

While some people treat this visit as a weekend trip from Paris, it’s definitely possible to do it on a day trip from Paris with careful planning.

It’s a bit tricky to get there since there is no direct train from Paris to Giverny, but that’s why I am here! To give you a complete guide to planning the perfect day trip from Paris to Giverny, France.

How To Plan a Day Trip From Paris to Giverny to See Monet’s Garden and House

View of Monet's house from the garden-Giverny

From how to get to Monet’s Garden in Giverny from Paris, how far is Giverny from Paris, to what to do there and where to stay if you choose to extend your trip, this guide will give you all the details you need to plan the perfect day trip to Giverny from Paris!

How to Get From Paris to Monet’s Garden

One of the most common questions that arise when planning a Giverny day trip from Paris is how to get there! There are quite a few ways; by car, train + bus, guided tours, and I’ll be covering them in detail in this section.

How to Get to Monet’s Garden From Paris by Guided Tour

Day trip from Paris to Monet's Garden

This is the best way to get to Monet’s garden from Paris if you don’t want to deal with planning!

By booking this guided tour, you’ll be transported directly from Paris to the gardens and fro and you’ll also have a knowledgeable tour guide who will share some of the interesting history not only about the house and garden but also about Monet himself.

There are quite a number of tours from Paris to Monet’s Garden, so I’ll be suggesting a few (the best ones, obviously) and you can select which one works best for you!

Small Group Guided Day Trip to Monet’s Garden in Giverny from Paris
Paintings in Monet's house -Giverny
Paintings in Monet’s House

If you want to take a guided day trip from Paris to Giverny but don’t want a big group, then I recommend booking this tour where you’ll be transported in a minivan from Paris to Giverny and back to Paris! The tour accommodates only up to 8 people so you’ll never feel like you’re left out!

The tour lasts 5 hours so you’ll have ample time to explore the gardens and Monet’s pond while your passionate and knowledgeable tour guide shares important facts and history about Monet and the garden.

You’ll also be able to visit Monet’s house independently and later head to see Monet’s tomb!

🌼 Click here to check rates and availability for this small group-guided day trip from Paris to Giverny!

Guided Giverny Day Trip From Paris
Kitchen in Monet's House
Kitchen in Monet’s House

If you’re wondering what the difference is between this day trip guided tour from the one above, the difference is that this one is not a small group which means it can get a bit crowded, although it’s a bit cheaper.

This tour also lasts 5 hours and you’ll be transported on a bus from Paris to Giverny and fro. Although it’s a guided tour, if you’re on a budget, you can opt for just an audio guide.

This means that you’ll still be transported but instead of having a guided visit when you reach Giverny, you’ll just use the audio guide and go on a self-guided tour.

It’s still a good way to learn about the history of Monet and the garden and have a comfortable transfer while also saving some money.

🌼 Click here to check rates and availability for this tour!

Guided Day Trip from Paris to Monet’s Garden By Bike
Stream in Monet's Garden - Giverny

If you’re up for an adventure, this one might be the best-guided visit to Giverny for you! And before you write it off thinking you’ll bike all the way from Paris to Giverny, let me explain how this tour works.

You’ll start by taking a coach from Paris to the countryside of Normandy and stop by the village of Vernon!

While in Vernon, you’ll visit a farmer’s market, buy fresh products for a picnic, and then start your biking journey to a park along the Seine where you’ll have a picnic lunch!

From there, you’ll continue your biking journey, but this time to Monet’s Garden where your tour guide will share all the information there is to know about Monet and his garden in a fun, engaging, and informative way!

The entire tour takes 8 hours and a half so be ready to enjoy Normandy’s countryside and Giverny in the most adventurous way possible!

🌼 Click here to check rates and availability for this bike tour to Giverny!

How To Travel from Paris to Giverny By Train and Shuttle

Archway in Monet's garden Giverny

As I mentioned earlier, there is no direct train from Paris to Giverny, so if you want to travel by public transport, you’ll have to take a train and later a bus!

You’ll take the train from Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris to Rouen Rive Droite and stop at Gare de Vernon-Giverny which takes a little less than an hour!

Trains run every one to two hours depending on the day and there is no need to buy the ticket in advance!

You can easily buy it from the ticket machines in the train station on the travel day, but if you want to buy it in advance for planning purposes, then you can buy one here and even check the train timetable for your travel day!

Once you reach Gare de Vernon-Giverny, exit the station and take the shuttle to Giverny!

Blooming flowers and Monet's house-Giverny

The shuttle’s timetable corresponds well with the arrival time of the train leaving about 20 minutes after its arrival. It costs about 10 euros for a round trip and you can pay that directly to the driver on board.

Pro tip* Don’t go looking for a bus, the shuttle is in fact a small train! If you’ve been to Montmartre, you’ve probably seen one taking tourists around!

Other options to get from Gare de Vernon-Giverny to Monet’s Gardens include; a taxi (which can be a bit pricey, so I don’t really recommend it), or by walking if you’re up for a little hike! The well-marked walking path is along the Seine, and it takes about 1 hour compared to the 5-10 minutes on the shutter.

How to Visit Monet’s Garden by Car

Boat at Monet's Garden-Giverny

The easiest way to visit Monet’s Garden from Paris is definitely by car which takes a little less than one hour!

I don’t recommend solely renting a car just to visit Giverny from Paris but only if this trip is either part of a longer road trip around Normandy or if you plan to visit other nearby towns since those are hard to visit without a car.

If you have a car or rented one and don’t mind navigating French traffic, this is a good option to consider!

There is free parking at the place so that shouldn’t worry you!

What is the Best Time to Visit Giverny

View of Water lily pond-Monet's Garden-Giverny
View of the Water Lily Pond in Monet’s Garden

Monet’s garden is beautiful almost every season since the blooming floors change with season, so regardless of when you visit, you’ll find beautiful flowers to admire in the garden.

However, since the gardens are closed in the winter season (they’re typically open from late March/early April to late October/early November), you can only visit them in spring, summer, or fall.

In spring, you’ll find various blooming flowers, but it’s in summer that the Nympheas and the annual flowers will be in full bloom, but also Fall comes alive with beautiful fall colors and blooming!

Monet's house and blooming flowers in Giverny

I visited at the end of July and the garden was beautiful! Most flowers were in full bloom and the weather was nice! Basically, all the photos you see in this post were taken in July!

So what’s the best time to visit Monet’s garden? Since this will probably just be a day trip from Paris, I wouldn’t recommend basing your entire trip solely on the gardens but rather on the large picture of what you want to do in Paris.

Visiting Monet's Garden from Paris
Visiting Monet’s Garden from Paris

I have various articles on visiting Paris in spring, Paris in Summer, and Paris in the Fall! You can check them out and decide the best time for you to visit Paris and that will be the best time to visit Giverny, after all, every season is quite beautiful in the gardens!

However, if you live in Paris or the nearby cities and can afford to visit anytime, then the best time to visit Giverny is between May and July!

What Are The Opening Hours of Monet’s Garden

Monet’s house and gardens are open every day (except in winter) including holidays from 9.30 am to 6 pm. The last admission is 30 minutes before closing time!

What to See on Your Day Trip From Paris to Giverny

Here is what you can expect to see on a day trip to Giverny from Paris!

Visit Monet’s Gardens

Blooming flowers near water Lily pond-Monet's Garden-Giverny

The first thing to visit as soon as you arrive are definitely the gardens! If you bought your ticket online, (which I highly recommend since I didn’t queue at all since I had my ticket already), you’ll enter the gardens instantly.

If you don’t have a ticket, you’ll have to endure the queue which seemed quite long since I visited in summer! You can purchase one here from the official website.

upclose view on the Japanese bridge at the Water lily pond-Monet's Garden-Giverny

As you’d imagine, the gardens are beautiful and there are always different flowers in bloom regardless of when you visit.

The starting point for visiting is clearly marked with where to find the famous waterlillies pond but you can leisurely walk around as you see fit!

Me at Water Lily pond at Monet's Garden-Giverny

The visit can take anywhere from 1- 2 hours depending on how slow or fast you move and how much time you spend taking pictures.

It’s easy to visit on your own but if you want to get some back story, history, and what nots about the gardens and Monet himself, then you can sign up for this guided tour with a local tour guide.

This tour takes 2 hours to visit both the gardens and the house! When the tour ends, you can still walk around the garden on your own.

pathway in Monet's Garden-Giverny

Pro tip* Entrance to the Gardens is by time slot so make sure you don’t miss your booked time.

🌼 Click here to book your guided tour of Monet’s gardens and house with a local guide!

Explore Monet’s House

Although the Paris day trip to Giverny is mostly about the gardens, you can’t miss his house too! With colorful pink walls and green windows, shutters, and railings, the house is beautiful in its own right!

How to visit giverny from paris

It is a 2-story house that you can explore to see exactly how he lived! The first level has replicas of some of Monet’s famous paintings and furniture, his living area, a colorful dining area, and a nice kitchen.

painitings and furniture inside Monet's house -Giverny
Painitings and furniture inside Monet’s house -Giverny

On the other hand, the second floor has bedrooms, more paintings and sketches including those of his friends and other impressionist painters. The second floor even has some windows open where you can enjoy views of the garden.

dining area inside Monet's house -Giverny
Dining area inside Monet’s house -Giverny

The house is quite small and it doesn’t take much to visit — something like 30 minutes — and it’s only a one-direction visit so it’s impossible to miss anything.

Check Out Monet’s Workshop

giverny trip from paris

As Monet expanded his place, he needed a bigger place to work on his pieces, so he created a workshop just next to the main house!

Although today it’s a shop where you can buy souvenirs, from replicas of some of his famous paintings, Cider from Giverny (I bought this one and it was quite good), and other local goodies, it’s still worth walking through even if you don’t plan on buying anything.

souvenirs in Monet's studio-Giverny

It also has large replicas of his waterlily paintings covering the top wall, making the place feel like actually his studio.

Visit The Museum of Impressionism Giverny

Museum of Impressionism in Giverny
Museum of Impressionism in Giverny

Monet’s Gardens and house are not the only things to see in Giverny! Of course, they’re the main ones but if you have more time, you can visit the Museum of Impressionism Giverny.

The museum doesn’t house famous impressionist paintings like in Orsay Museum in Paris, but it’s worth visiting for those who want to learn about the history of this art movement.

There are also some impressionist paintings and sometimes the museum organizes temporary exhibits! You can check the official website to see what’s on before your visit.

It also has a beautiful garden which is free to visit if you don’t feel like paying for the museum itself.

The museum is open every day (except winter) from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Walk Around Giverny

street in Giverny near Monet's house
Street in Giverny near Monet’s house

The entire neighborhood near Monet’s house is quite enjoyable to walk around! There are a number of souvenir shops, food trucks selling local products, ice cream stands, and art galleries all around!

If you’re not in a rush to leave, you can explore the quiet neighborhood and take in its charm!

Psst… Want to see even more of Monet’s work when you come back to Paris? Then visit Musée Marmottan Monet where you’ll see his largest painting in the Waterlillies series. 

Where to Stay in Giverny

A bedroom in Monet's house -Giverny
A bedroom in Monet’s house -Giverny

While this is a day trip to Monet’s garden from Paris post, you may want to extend your trip to see other nearby places after reading it. If that’s you, then these are some of the best hotels in the area!

Le Coin des Artistes: If you want to stay near Monet’s Gardens, you won’t go wrong with this hotel since it’s located just 5 minutes away. And for something this close and cozy, it’s very well-priced.

>>> Click here to check rates and availability <<<

Le petit nid d’aigle – Giverny: If you want the entire place to yourself, this is the place to go! It has a kitchen, a lovely garden, terrace, and the rooms are equally comfortable. Plus, you’ll be less than 10 minutes away from Monet’s garden by foot.

>>> Click here to check rates and availability <<<

Where to Eat in Giverny

restaurant near Monet's house-Giverny
Restaurant near Monet’s house-Giverny

There are a number of eateries in Giverny, which are quite pricey if you ask me, but that is a bit expected as with all restaurants/cafes near popular attractions.

La Guinguette: Located just 6 minutes from Monet’s Garden, this restaurant serves traditional French dishes in a nice setting with beautiful views of the Normandy countryside! Address: 6 Rue de Falaise, 27620 Giverny, France.

Restaurant Baudy (Ancien Hôtel Baudy): This is the famous spot Monet used to hang with other impressionist painters like Auguste Renoir, Cézanne, Rodin, and other American painters!

Not much has changed since then, but the food is good and it has an artist’s studio in the garden that guests can visit. They also serve typical French food. Address: 81 Rue Claude Monet, 27620 Giverny, France.

Au Coin du Pain’tre: Also on the famous Rue Claude Monet, this spot is perfect if you’re looking for easy lunch snacks that are fairly priced. Address: 73 Rue Claude Monet, 27620 Giverny, France.

FAQs About Visiting Monet’s Garden from Paris

View of the garden from Monet's house -Giverny
View of the garden from Monet’s house -Giverny

If you still have questions about your Giverny trip from Paris, I hope these FAQs answer them!

Is it Worth visiting Giverny from Paris?

Without a doubt, Giverny is worth visiting! On top of seeing where the famous impressionist painter lived, you’ll also take in the beauty of his garden, so even if art is not your thing, you’ll still appreciate it.

From the beautiful Water lily pond he immortalized in over 200 paintings, the various blooming flowers, to the Japanese bridge, Monet’s Garden offers the perfect escape from the bustling city of Paris.

How far is Paris from Monet’s gardens?

How far is Monet’s garden from Paris? Giverny is located 80 km (50 miles) west-northwest of Paris! By train, it can take about 1 hour to get to and about 1 hour and a half by car.

View on Monet's house from the garden-Giverny

How long should I spend at Monet’s Garden?

This really depends on how fast or slow you visit, but if I had to give an estimate, plan for 3-4 hours!

When I visited, I spent about 3 and a half hours, but that’s because I like to take my time and I take a lot of photos. If you’re a fast visitor, you can plan for 2 and a half hours and then add the 2 hours of transit!

view of Japanese bridge at the Water lily pond-Monet's Garden-Giverny

Can you do Versailles and Giverny in one day?

I personally wouldn’t do it because I like to spend as much time as possible in a place and really savor it, but I know some people do it!

If you’re short on time and just have one day to visit both, it’s definitely possible, although you’ll have to rush through stuff.

The best way to make the most of your time in both places is to book this combined Giverny and Versailles tour. You’ll visit both places, but keep in mind that you won’t see everything!

Final Thoughts on How to Plan a Day Trip to Giverny from Paris

I hope this guide to visiting Monet’s house from Paris was helpful!

Whether you’re an impressionist fan or you just want to admire the beautiful flowers and water lily pond Monet’s garden has, this is the perfect escape from the buzzing city of Paris.

Regardless of whether you choose to spend just a morning or an afternoon or extend your trip overnight, a trip to Giverny from Paris is one that you’ll always remember.

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Want to visit Monet’s Garden but not sure how to visit? This post will show you how to plan your day trip from Paris to Giverny with ease! From how to get to Monet's Garden in Giverny from Paris, how far is Giverny from Paris, to what to do there, this guide will give you everything you need to plan a day trip to Giverny from Paris!

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