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12 Best Covered Passages of Paris You Should Visit

Want to discover the best covered passages of Paris? Whether you’re looking for vintage shops, fashion stores or even hidden walkways, this article has them all.

Paris is the much-known city of love and everything artsy! But if you have been limiting your escapades to just popular Parisian monuments, you might be missing out on the unfettered possibilities that the covered passages of Paris offer.

covered passages of Paris

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Home to vintage shops, brasseries, eateries, fashion outlets, and more, these passages hold historical and eye-catching architecture and designs details and your trip to Paris would certainly be incomplete without losing your way in these lanes.

What’s more and where should you start? This article will show you the most beautiful covered passages of Paris not to miss.

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Most Beautiful Covered Passages of Paris

Whether you’re taking shelter from the rain, looking for unusual things to do in Paris or scouting for vintage goods, here are the best covered passages in Paris that should be on your Parisian itinerary.

1. Passage des Panoramas, 2nd arrondissement (One of the Oldest Covered Passages in Paris)

Passage des Panoramas is one of the best covered passages in Paris.

Photo by Camille Lemaitre/ Flickr

Flaunting the oldest arcade, a historical gem in the French Capital, Passage des Panoramas is among the most loved and explored covered passages in Paris, built at the end of the 18th century (in 1799 to be exact).

If stamp collection is your hobby, consider yourself stranded in the loveliest possible place! All Paris passages have something unique about them, and this one stands out for the stained dome glass and its retained old charm.

You can find a wholesome array of vintage postcard shops, stamp and coin collections, eateries, and other outlets to your liking.

It is a great place to be with friends and family when you’re out vintage shopping to satisfy the art buds on your palette.

A lovely destination for philatelists, this passage is known for its quaint vintage charm and historical relevance.

Besides the vintage shops, Passage des Panoramas houses a number of restaurants for a quick bite and Théâtre des Variétés where you can catch a show.

2. Galerie Vivienne, 2nd arrondissement (The Most Elegant Covered passage of Paris)

Galerie Vivienne -Exploring the Covered Passages of Paris is one of the fun free things to do in Paris.

Welcome to Galerie Vivienne, the heart of beautiful Parisian covered passages! The 200 years old passage was initially named Marcoux after its buider but was later renamed Vivienne as we know it today.

Among the Paris covered passages, this wonder seems to invite all the hype and buzz as it is the most elegant one. From its glittering lights to the artsy mosaic flooring, this passage shapes a drool-worthy and cozy ambiance for visitors.

The Pompeian style architecture and glazed glass decor also call for attention but for shopaholics, it’s the amazing shopping outlets that will draw you even closer.

It is the perfect place to go shopping or even window shopping as it’s packed with tailoring shops, upscale fashion stores, eateries, coffee shops, and even wine cellars.

Whether you’re into unique and exquisite architectural details or sophisticated designer shops, add the fact that it’s near Palais Royal, this passage is one of the tourist hotspots that you shouldn’t miss while in the city of love.

3. Passage du Grand-Cerf, 2nd arrondissement

Exploring the covered passages of Paris is one of the best nontouristy things to do in Paris
Passage du Grand-Cerf is one of the best covered passages of Paris.

Wondering where this famous passage in the city of love gets its name from? You guessed it right, from the wooden stag head you will find at the entry!

Known for its luxurious appeal and inevitable charm, the magical lane of Passage du Grand-Cerf is one of best covered passages of Paris.

The passage was built where the former Hôtellerie du Grand Cerf once existed, and it was quite a while before restrictions were lifted for public viewing.

Soak in the vibrance and old-world aesthetic of the passage as you skim through handmade jewelry, apparel, antiques, and furniture in its petite and enticing shops. 

Plus, the glass roof and overhanging lamps make for wonderful aesthetics. Moreover, the shops will help you find the best minimalistic and cutest delights to take back home.

4. Passage Jouffroy, 9th arrondissement

Passage Jouffroy is one of the best Paris covered passages.

Photo by Didier B/ Flickr

Built in 1845, Passage Jouffroy is covered with a glass and metal construction, and it features a clock stucco and an ogive glass roof that welcomes you into the alley.

It was the first Parisian passage to flaunt such a construction back in the day and the simple yet exquisite black, grey, and white flooring complements the overall decor.

Wondering why you must visit this one? The reason lies in its subtle beauty and the peaceful walkway. I can assure you of its captivating powers!

On top of this, it houses Musée Grévin, a wax museum that impresses both adults and kids alike and if you ever wanted to sleep inside one of the covered passages of Paris, this is your chance as it is home to Hôtel Chopin. (You can book your stay at Hotel Chopin from here.)

Passage Jouffroy stands out for a handful of classic experiences when it comes to Parisian covered passages. Be it the old shops with old books and walking sticks or a wax museum, the amazing charm will reel you in instantly. 

5. Galerie Vero-Dodat, 1st arrondissement

Galerie Vero-Dodat is one of the best Parisian covered passages.

Photo by Jean-François Gornet/ Flickr

Breathing the fragrance of neoclassical architecture, Galerie Vero-Dodat found its origin in 1826.

Over the last two centuries, “les passages Parisiens” have evolved, and so has this beauty!

The lanes of this marvel are well known for their cozy and hot favorite antique shops and art galleries not only among tourists but also locals.

The flooring and architecture boast a regal loveliness with absolute simplicity. Close to the Louvre, it has the factors of location and appeal in its favor.

It may not be the most famous Parisian covered passage but this arcade will have you swooning over the best antique shops, so visit this beauty to find yourself in the supple laps of Parisian charm!

6. Passage Brady, 10th arrondissement 

Passage Brady is one les passages parisiens.

Photo by Pascal POGGI/ Flickr

Most people call it the “Little India of Paris” considering the huge number of Indians, Pakistanis, Mauritians, spice shops, and other Indian-centric shops you will find here.

Unlike other Paris passages that are all about glamour and fancy fashion shops, Passage Brady is all about color, fun, and delicious Indian food.

Another identifying feature of this passage is that it is split into two parts. One part of the passage is covered under a glass roof while the other one is not.

The passage is mostly popular for its colorful design and delicious Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi foods and shops, so if you want to experience India in Paris, this passage is a must-stop.

7. Galerie Colbert, 2nd arrondissement

Galerie Colbert is one of the best covered passages of Paris.

Photo by Patrick le Mouillour/ Flickr

After building the famous Galerie Vivienne, Galerie Colbert was constructed nearby in 1826 with the sole reason of competing with the former.

Unfortunately, Galerie Colbert never picked up crowds compared to Galerie Vivienne as initially anticipated.

However, it was bought by Bibliothèque Nationale de France ( National Library of France) and it soon became home to some prestigious national history and art institutes, making it hard to access and closed for people (especially tourists).

Contrary to other covered passages of Paris, Galerie Colbert doesn’t have any shops but you can admire its neo-Classical architecture and take in the beauty of its rotunda glass dome.

You can also find L’Institut National du Patrimoine, l’Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art and other schools related art and culture.

8. Passage du Ponceau, 2nd arrondissement

Passage du Ponceau is one of the best covered passages in Paris.

Photo by Suzanne Levasseur/ Flickr

One of the lesser-known covered passages in Paris to visit is Passage du Ponceau.

Constructed in 1826, the passage has had its own share of turmoil over the years. It was abandoned for decades and used as a storage facility.

But that’s not all, the incorporation of the new Boulevard de Sébastopol in 1854 saw it getting shortened and damaging its original neo-classical inspired decor glass ceiling.

While it’s not a passage you visit for its architectural details, you can find several affordable restaurants and authentic stores, boutiques that are starting to pop up, and art galleries.

9. Passage Choiseul, 2nd arrondissement

Passage Choiseul is one of the best Parisian covered passages.

Photo by linda.limine/ Flickr

Located in one of the best neighborhoods of Paris in the Opera district, Passage Choiseul holds a special mention in French Literature because this is where the renowned French writer Louis Ferdinand Celine once lived.

It was constructed between 1826 and 1827 but it has gone through various renovations over the years and you’ll be surprised to know that it was made accessible to the general public in 2013.

Like other arcades in Paris, this passage also makes room for noteworthy architecture and an enrapturing ambiance notably its glass roof. And with a length of 190 meters (623 ft), Passage Choiseul is one of the longest covered passages in Paris.

This is quite the place to be, not only for walks (especially when it rains) but also for food and drinking strolls. You’ll also find various shopping boutiques if you’re down for some shopping.

10. Passage du Caire, 2nd arrondissement

Passage du Caire cannot miss on any list of the best covered passages of Paris. It holds some of the longest and prettiest bylanes in all of Paris, making it a must-visit when in the French capital.

Enjoy the unusual shape of the arcade that resembles a fishbone while you shop for impeccable and lovely souvenirs!

Covered passages in Paris are a delight if you know which one to target for which purpose and Passage du Caire should certainly make it to your list as a great place to shop.

There are dozens of fashion retailers with ready-to-wear fashion on top fashion materials like threads and fabrics.

Considered to be the longest and narrowest covered passage in Paris, this is one of the must-visit places in Paris.

11. Passage Verdeau, 9th arrondissement

Passage Verdeau is one of best passage couvert paris.

Photo by Rodney/ Flickr

A continuaton of Les Panoramas and Jouffroy passages, Passage Verdeau is undoubtedly the best place to go if you cannot decide where to shop for antiques in Paris!

With its chic mosaic flooring and other interior decor wonders, Passage Verdeau has an inviting vibe that you must explore.

If you’re looking for the usuals like old stamps and old books or the unusuals like rustic lamps, or any kind of antiques for that matter, you will not be disappointed as almost the entire passage is lurking with antique shops.

12. Passage des Princes, 2nd arrondissement

Passage des Princes is one of the best covered passages of Paris.

Photo by Hervé BRY/ Flickr

Constructed in 1860, Passage des Princes has also had its own share of turbulences. It burned down in 1985 but fortunately, it was restored to its initiall glory in 1995.

Located near the famous Opera Garnier, this passage is the best place to go if you’re all about toys.

Whether you’re traveling with kids or want to pick up some vintage toys for some kids in your life, this passage will blow you away with its sprawling toy stores.

From cuddly stuffed toys to new & old video games, all kinds of toys can be found here.

Besides the toy stores, the beautiful glass roof that gives you a glimpse of the nearby Haussmann buildings is worth checking out too.

Final Thoughts on the Best Passages in Paris

Paris is full of surprising finds so if you love getting lost in quaint lanes and arcades, the next time you plan your Paris itinerary, make sure you add these dazzling jaunts.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends and family, make it a point to explore these covered passages of Paris and their joyful lanes for a memorable experience!

Have you been to any of these Parisian covered passages? Which one did you love the most? Let me know in the comments below.


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