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19 Best Souvenirs From Paris That Will Remind You of Your Trip

Looking for the best souvenirs from Paris to take back home? This post will show you all the unique things to buy in Paris and where to find them.

“The shopping, the food, the views! Paris is a city that entrances us all — and I’m no exception.” This is one of my favorite quotes about Paris, said by Micheal Kors.

As a city that has world-famous museums, landmarks and monuments, stunning views, pretty streets, and an artistic side to it, spending a couple of days in it is bound to leave a mark on you.

After an amazing time in Paris, you may find yourself wanting to take a piece of something that will remind you of the great time you had.

Best souvenirs from Paris

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While there are so many things to buy in Paris, it can be a bit tricky to choose one to take home.

Whether you want to expand your travel souvenir collection or you’re just looking for what to bring back from Paris for your family and friends, this article will give you some of the best Paris souvenir ideas to choose from.

Some may be quite obvious but others are pretty unique and may cater to specific kinds of people.

But regardless of what you’re looking for, this post will show you some of the best souvenirs from Paris to choose from.

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Best Souvenirs From Paris

In no particular order, here is what to buy when in Paris.

Best Paris Souvenirs: Food-Related Items

1. Macarons

pastry in paris

First on this list of Parisian souvenirs are the beloved Macarons!

These colorful French pastries are loved everywhere and although they didn’t originate from France, they’re hugely associated with France, and taking them back home will mean having a piece of the city with you.

Agreed they’re now spread all around the world but the ones bought from Paris are not only “authentically” French but they’re also very delicious.

Plus, the fact that they come in cute branded boxes from various shops makes them some of the perfect gift ideas from Paris.

You can find macarons in many pastries shops in the city but these are the Macaron shops in Paris I recommend if you want the best.

The article linked above also includes some FAQs on whether you can fly with Macarons and how long they can last for.

Psst… If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even signup up for this Macaron making workshop to learn how to make these delicacies and try them when you get back home.

2. French Cheese

French cheese is one of the best souvenirs from Paris.
French cheese is one of the best souvenirs from Paris.

One of the things Paris is famous for or France in general is Cheese. Nothing says France or Paris, for that matter as Cheese.

You can find traditional French cheese in various Cheese shops around the city but some you can consider include Chez Virginie in Montmartre, Frescolet in the 9th arrondissement, Barthélemy in the 7th arrondissement, and many others.

But before you do, please confirm whether the country you’re flying back to allows entering with cheese and always opt for hard cheese like comté.

3. Hot Chocolate Mix Set from Angelina

If you’ve spent a couple of days in Paris, I am sure you’ve already heard about Angelina, one of the most famous tea houses in Paris.

The tea house earned a reputation for serving one of the best hot chocolates in the city and if you tasted it, you can attest to that.

As a way of making it easily accessible, they now sell a mix of their famous hot chocolate that you can buy and take back home as a souvenir.

You can buy the pack from any of their shops around Paris but the most popular one is the one at Rue Rivoli.

4. Saucisson

Saucisson is one of the best things to buy from Paris.

If you want to take a real French souvenir, you can’t go past saucisson, a dry-cured sausage loved by the French. You can easily find it in all supermarkets in Paris.

But note that not all Saucissons are made equal. Some are too industrialized and some are not.

The cheaper they are, the more industrialized they are and vice versa. If you want a traditional saucisson, you may find it at a food market or at select supermarkets. I recommend taking the most expensive one — though it’ll still be affordable.

5. French Chocolate

Trying different types of Chocolate at Salon du Chocolat is one of the fun things to do in November in Paris.

You can never go wrong with chocolates as souvenirs. They’re are a number of chocolate artisanal shops that make fancy chocolates with fancy packaging that anyone back home will appreciate.

But since hand crafted chocolates come with a high price tag, you can simply buy a box of assorted French chocolates from various supermarkets.

6. Paté

France is a haven for Paté! From pork, beef, fish to vegetable patés, there are a variety of spreads to choose from.

You can find these at any supermarket in Paris, so you can choose your preferred spread.

7. Wine

Going wine tasting is one of the things to do in Paris

One of the no-brainer gifts from Paris is Wine. Paris is known for wine and it is one of the biggest producers and consumers of wine in the world.

There are various types of wines in France to choose from depending on the region they come from and a bottle specifically from France will be highly appreciated if you’re giving it to family and friends.

You can buy unique wines that are rare in your country and you can be sure that you’ll find them at a cheaper rate.

Unmissable Souvenirs From Paris

8. Eiffel Tower Statue

Eiffel Tower Statue is one of the best souvenirs from Paris.

As one of the famous landmarks in Paris and the icon of the city, there is nothing that will remind you of your time in Paris than a statue of the Eiffel Tower.

These Eiffel Tower statues come in different shapes and sizes and can be found in all the souvenir shops in the city.

And just like how the Eiffel Tower shimmers at every top of the hour for 5 minutes at night, some of the statues come with lights to replicate this magical moment — these are my favorite ones.

Whether you’re visiting Paris for the first time or the second, this is one Parisian souvenir you shouldn’t miss.

It’s also a great and easy choice if you’re looking for something to take back home to your friends and family as they’ll get a glimpse of the national icon or even be inspired to visit the city.

9. A painting of Yourself from the Painters in Montmartre

Watching Painters or Getting Painted at Place du Tertre is one of the best things to do while exploring Montmartre.
Place du Tetre

One of the coolest things to do in Montmartre is to get a portrait of yourself painted.

As a Parisian neighborhood known for its artistic vibe and for being a former home to some of the most famous French painters, you’ll find painters lined up with their brushes painting landscapes, cityscapes, or even people, specifically at Place Du Tertre.

If you fancy a painting of yourself, this will be one of the best gifts from Paris to yourself.

Alternatively, if sitting down for hours to get painted is not your cup of tea, you can buy an already painted piece of work from the artists.

10. French Tea Towels

Another idea for things to buy from Paris is French Tea Towels. You can buy one with a picture of the Eiffel Tower, a croissant, or a baguette and I bet every time you use it, you’ll be reminded of the good times in Paris.

These can be found at various souvenir shops but some supermarkets like HEMA usually have them at lower rates.

11. Personalized French perfumes

Creating your Own Perfume In Le Marais is one of the unusual things to do in Paris

I earlier talked about buying a French perfume as a souvenir which is a good idea, but an even greater idea is making your own perfume.

Paris has several perfume workshops that not only teach you how to make perfume by choosing your own scents but you also take the bottle with you at the end of the workshop.

Though quite many, this perfume making workshop is what I recommend to attend.

The experience of making your own perfume is not only memorable but the fact that you take your own creation makes it even more remarkable.

12. Stamped Book from Shakespeare and Company

One of the best English bookstores in Paris is Shakespeare and Company located opposite the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.

It not only has some of the rarest 1st edition books and literary-themed events but any book purchase from this store will guarantee you a Shakespeare and Company stamp inside the book.

If you’re a book lover, this is one of the unique things to get from Paris.

13. Beauty and Skincare French products

French skincare products are some of the best Paris souvenirs.

One of the nicknames for Paris is “capital of Fashion” and all the French luxury brands headquartered here are a testament to this.

If you’re into skincare and beauty, you can pick up some French skincare products, French makeup products, French perfumes, and more.

Brands like L’Occitane en Provence, Yves Rocher, By Terry, Nuxe, and other big brands are authentically French and will remind you of your trip to Paris.

While you can get some of them online or back in your country, especially the famous brands, some of them can easily be bought in Paris and in some cases a bit less expensive.

14. Paris Chef Hat

Are you a professional chef, the main chef of the house or do you occasionally like to play chef at home? The Paris chef hat is the perfect idea for you.

These hats usually have the tri-colors of the French flag and some graphics of Parisian landmarks to remind you of your time in the city of love. You can easily find them in all souvenir shops around the city.

15. Fashion French products

Louis Vuitton handbag

Keeping in the same line, if fashion is your gem, there is no better place to shop than in Paris.

There are so many fashion brands to choose from — from French jewelry, French shoes, French lingerie, and French handbags, to French watches, and more.

And if you visit Paris during the Sales period (known as Soldes), usually held in January – February for the winter sales and in June-July for the summer sales, you’ll get access to high-quality French products at discounted rates.

However, those high-end designer brands don’t come cheap. If they’re out of your budget, you can try the thrift stores around Paris to get your hands on a luxury second-hand brand item at an affordable rate.

16. Reusable Parisian Shopping bags

Reusable Shopping bags are the trend these days and there is no better way to show off your love for Paris than a Paris-themed shopping bag.

You can find these in most souvenir shops but if you’re lucky, you might find them in the pop-up shops/kiosks that sell bags in metro stations.

17. Eiffel Tower keychains

Eiffel Tower keychains are some of the best gift ideas from Paris.

You may overlook the Eiffel Tower Keychains for their small size but if you have a large group of people you’re buying souvenirs for, they’ll come in handy and cheaper for that matter.

They’re meaningful, represent the country, and are easy to give. Actually, at some souvenir shops, if you buy a certain number of Eiffel Tower statues, they may give you a few Eiffel Tower keychains for free.

18. French Handmade Bracelets from Merci

Merci is a jewelry designer shop in the 3rd arrondissement that sells handmade bracelets. Though the brand’s name is Merci, wearing a bracelet with Merci on its medallion will give French vibes like no other.

Their bracelets are cute and quite affordable making them one of the cool inexpensive gifts from Paris.

Besides Merci, there are also a number of French handmade jewelry shops in passage du Havre in the 9th arrondissement where you can pick up a few pieces.

19. antique from flea markets

Pick up an antique at the Paul Bert Serpette Flea market is one of the best nontouristy things to do in Paris

If you’re an antique lover or know one, one of the best things to buy from Paris are antique from a Flea Market.

You can find all sorts of things like handpainted dishes, vases, jars, vintage wall hangings, sculptures, and anything you can imagine.

You can find antiques at Le Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen but if you want something nearby, then you can go Passage des Panoramas, a Parisian covered passage famous for selling antiques.

Final Thoughts on the Best Souvenirs from Paris

Though you’ll take a lot of photos while in the city, there is nothing like taking a tangible item to remind you of Paris or even inspire others to visit from the Paris-themed gifts you took back home.

So the next time you travel to Paris, use this article to determine what to buy in Paris and where to buy them from if you want to depart with a piece of Paris with you.


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