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17 Best Restaurants In Montmartre, Paris

Looking for where to eat in the 18th arrondissement of Paris? This post will give you the best restaurants in Montmartre, Paris to choose from.

Known for its old-village ambiance, famous architecture, including Sacré Cœur Basilica — the highest point in Paris, and idyllic cobblestoned streets, Montmartre is one of the most charming neighborhoods of Paris.

Besides the various places to visit in Montmartre, this chic district is also home to restaurants that once welcomed famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Auguste Renoir, Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and more.

Sacre Coeur in Montmatre, Paris

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These beautiful restaurants serve everything from local delicacies to innovative intercultural cuisine and offer a one-of-a-kind dining experience in an artistic atmosphere.

Whether you are looking for traditional French cuisine, Asian-inspired masterpieces, or Thai temptations, one of these restaurants in Montmartre is waiting to receive you.

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Best Restaurants in Montmartre, Paris

From famous restaurants to hidden gems, here are the best places to eat in Montmartre, Paris.

1. Le Cabanon de la Butte (€€)

Le Cabanon de la Butte is one of the best restaurants in Montmartre, Paris.
Le Cabanon de la Butte is one of the best restaurants in Montmartre, Paris.

Location: 6 Rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 42 57 20 46

Only a short walk from the Sacré Coeur, savor authentic homemade French cuisines at this family-owned restaurant.

This restaurant also serves memorable warm apple tarts and offers vegetarian-friendly options.

With attentive service, pleasant French decor, a jovial Parisian atmosphere, and an amazing wine selection, Le Cabanon de la Butte is perfect for a romantic dinner.

And if you are lucky to sit close to one of the large windows at the back of the dining area, you will enjoy scenic views of the Paris skyline.

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2. Signature Montmartre (€€)

Signature Montmartre is one of the good restaurants in Montmartre.
Fish filet

Location: 12 Rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 84 25 30 00

What happens when France meets Korea? You will find out when you visit this cozy restaurant serving Franco-Korean fusion cuisines.

Victor, the devoted server at Signature Montmartre, is always happy to welcome you into their flavor heaven and present you with beautifully-plated dishes birthed out of French products and Korean cooking techniques.

He even takes it a step further to explain each meal and help you choose the best wine that will marry well with your dish if you prefer.

This restaurant prioritizes taste, so don’t be surprised when each meal unearths a different level of happiness in your taste bud.

Treat yourself to the ever-changing tasting menu made with fresh ingredients, and you will understand why this spot is one of Montmartre’s best restaurants.

Vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options are also provided at this location. Try to make reservations early as the seats here are few.

3. La Maison Rose (€€)

La Maison Rose is one of the places to see in Montmartre Paris.

Location: 2 Rue de l’Abreuvoir, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 42 64 49 62

A 4 minutes walk from Place du Tertre and located on the cute Parisian street of Rue de l’Abreuvoir, La Maison Rose might be a tourist hotspot, but it has not lost its local charm.

The historic building has consistently served coffee for over a century and has a client list that includes famous artists like Van Gogh, Dalida, Picasso, and more.

The awe-inspiring restaurant will win you over with its charming pink-green exterior that has become a sensation among Instagrammers before finishing the job with its farm-to-table French cuisine and friendly service.

Vegetarian-friendly and vegan options are also included in the menu, so there’s a dish for every type of diner.

Warm up with some homemade focaccia and goat cheese before digging into the Roasted Veal Breast. For the best experience, book in advance, as this spot is never out of guests.

4. The Hardware Société (€€)

The Hardware Société is one of the best places to eat in Montmartre.

Location: 10 Rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 42 51 69 03

After climbing to the top of Montmartre Butte, take a rest at this chic vintage restaurant and enjoy generous portions of hit-the-spot dishes and well-crafted coffee in a lively atmosphere overlooking the scenic rooftops of Paris.

The Hardware Société is one of the best Montmartre restaurants serving hearty breakfast, brunch, and lunch options, and it also provides vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives. It’s the perfect place for brunch in Paris.

What does a plate of Fried Brioche with crème Catalan, pistachio nougatine, spiced orange segments, and salted caramel sauce taste like? Well, you have to visit and find out!

Perfect for any kind of diner, this restaurant doesn’t allow reservations, so come early as the line gets pretty long.

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5. Le Lamarck (€€)

Le Lamarck is one of the Montmartre best restaurants.

Location: 8 Rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 53 41 01 60

Located at the top of the Butte, this Corsican restaurant serves refined, delectable cuisines, with vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free options, made with aromatic plants and local produce in a cordial atmosphere.

Chef Antoine Versini, the owner of Le Lamarck, is praised for his friendly service and understands how to infuse his years of travel, passion for cooking, and knowledge of aromatic plants to create flavorful French temptations.

Kick things off with the Pork Pâté and end with dessert faves like the Rice Pudding with salted caramel or the Pavlova with Greek yogurt cream and bourbon vanilla seasonal fruit.

There’s a robust lip-smacking wine list, so ask your server to sample one that is the perfect fit with your meal.

6. La Boîte aux Lettres (€€)

La Boîte aux Lettres is one of the best Montmartre restaurants.

Location: 108 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 42 51 76 84

A minute’s walk from La Maison de Dalida, La Boîte aux Lettres prides itself in using fresh produce to create an unpretentious but creative menu of French cuisine, featuring vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free options, all in a convivial atmosphere.

Must-try menu dishes include Duck Foie Gras and Apple/Pear Chutney for appetizers, hanger steak with Foie Gras sauce for the main, and Tiramisu for dessert.

Opt for the “undecided” — an option that allows you to have smaller samples of three listed options instead of choosing only one choice for the appetizer and dessert.

They also have a pleasant wine offering to accompany the dishes.

7. Taverne de Montmartre (€€)

Heureux comme Alexandre - Saint Michel

Location: 25 Rue Gabrielle, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 07 64 44 47 39

If you are looking for an unforgettable beef bourguignon in a picturesque setting, go to Taverne de Montmartre.

Located at the foot of Place du Tertre and tucked away in a quiet street, enjoy large portions of traditional French cuisine in a quaint, rustic interior.

Perfect for groups, this restaurant also offers old-fashioned/traditional Raclette, served with a small coal fire instead of the typical electric heater, and Fondue with porcini mushroom, for a minimum of two people.

Vegetarian-friendly options are also provided to accommodate the needs of every diner.

8. Brasserie Thai (€€)

Brasserie Thai is one of the best restaurants in Montmartre, Paris.
Pad Thai

Location: 5 Rue Poulbot, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 09 86 53 43 32

Brasserie Thai is loved for its impeccable service, colorful decor, and innovative fusion of flavors.

These flavors are Thai-inspired resulting in a culinary lineup of traditional Thai dishes like Pad Thai, Yam Neua, Bo Bun, and Tom Yum.

With its elegant dining room, this is another restaurant in Montmartre that is ideal for those looking for good food in a chic setting.

Visit this beautiful restaurant and dig into signature dishes like the savory Pad Thai – fried rice pasta with soy and egg, carrots, assorted shrimp, chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables, or the hot and sour Tom Yum soup cooked with a refreshing mix of plants and mushrooms, and assorted with prawns, chicken or fish.

This eatery rounds out its menu with vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free options.

9. Le Vache et le Cuisinier (€€)

Le Vache et le Cuisinier is one of the good restaurants in Montmartre.

Location: 18 Rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 42 62 22 15

La Vache et le Cuisinier offers a unique dining experience with freshly cooked authentic local cuisine and an intimate home kitchen vibe.

This restaurant will entice you with the opportunity to enjoy its perfectly cooked steaks, while the top-notch service from the staff will have you booking your next visit.

Feast on their Beef ribs or Quail Fillets with Honey Sauce, Lavender Flowers, and Grenaille Potatoes, and wash it down with one of their impressive red wines. You will love it!

Your satisfaction is a priority here, that’s why they offer vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options. I recommend you make reservations to avoid having to wait.

10. Le Consulat (€€)

Le Consulat in Montmartre is one of the instagrammable places in Paris

Location: 18 Rue Norvins, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 46 06 50 63

Le Consulat has been serving appetizing French classics for over a century, and famous painters like Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh, used to come by this café.

Who knows? You might just be sitting in the same spot as Picasso when you visit this place.

Located in a busy area at the intersection of three Montmartre cobblestoned streets, sit out on the terrace and soak in the bustle of this Parisian neighborhood or simply take photos of its cute storefront that has become a popular Instagrammable spot in Paris.

Relish the laid-back vibes and enjoy the much-loved homemade french onion soup, escargots, and crêpes. They also offer vegetarian-friendly options and an extensive list of French wines and beverages.

11. Sacrée Fleur (Sacred Flower) (€€)

Sacrée Fleur is one of the best places to eat in Montmartre.

Location: 50 Rue de Clignancourt, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 42 51 66 18

Sitting at the foot of Montmartre and only a 5 minutes walk from Sacre Couer, Sacred Flower is the number one steak restaurant in Montmartre.

Not only is the steak amazing, but they also serve refined French traditional foods in a rustic-chic setting under a unique atmosphere.

Come with the family and enjoy delicious rib steaks and veal chops. Everyone loves the Frog Legs with parsley and the Côte de boeuf served on a hot stone plate and accompanied by three sauces — Roquefort, shallots, and pepper.

Or better yet, try the Duck Breast served with blackcurrant sauce, and order the homemade chocolate cake if you have space for dessert.

12. Bouillon Pigalle (€)

Escargots are some of the weird French food to try

Location: 22 Bd de Clichy, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 42 59 69 31

A 5 minutes walk from Moulin Rouge, Bouillon Pigalle combines all of my favorite things: tasty cuisine with vegetarian-friendly options, reasonable prices, and generous portions, all in a communal setting.

This popular family-friendly restaurant serves delicious traditional French classics and has a house wine list that is equally as satisfying as the dishes.

When dining at Bouillon Pigalle, start with their œufs mayonnaise or escargots, before proceeding to the Beefsteak & French Fries with Maitre D’hôtel Butter or the Burgundy Beef Stew with Smoked Bacon and Coquillette Pasta.

Make a reservation online as this place is popular and is always filled to the brim.

13. Le Moulin de la Galette (€€)

Le Moulin de la Galette is one of the Montmartre best restaurants.
Beef Bourguignon

Location: 83 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 46 06 84 77

With roots dating back to the 17th century, this gorgeous building was a mill and, like many other good restaurants in Montmartre, once welcomed renowned artists like Picasso and Van Gogh.

While the windmill is still present, Le Moulin de la Galette is now dedicated to serving French classics with vegetarian-friendly choices.

The food is tasty, the servers are friendly, and the atmosphere is warm, so you are assured of a high-quality dining experience. Enjoy your meal in the airy dining room or snag a seat in the backyard garden or terrace.

Say yes to the Garlic-fried frog legs on a tomato coulis, served with a watercress sauce. The traditional Beef Bourguignon is also a must-try.

Round off your experience with the Créme Brûlée with Vanilla. Kids will also love it here as there’s a menu made specifically for them.

14. Le Relais Gascon (€€)

Restaurant Le Coupe-Chou is one of the best restaurants in the Latin Quarter in Paris.
Foie Gras

Location: 6 Rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 1 42 58 58 22

Le Relais Gascon boasts a creative and fresh menu featuring Southwestern dishes with vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Come and enjoy their famed giant salad with ten variations served with garlic sautéed potatoes, all in a pleasant setting and under a traditional atmosphere.

This restaurant embodies the history Montmartre is famed for and adopts a wood-paneled decor.

Le Relais Gascon’s reasonably priced dishes, high-quality wine selection, courteous service, and casual ambiance continue to draw in locals and tourists daily.

Nosh on the Block of Foie Gras and Onion Jam before trying the Duck breast and honey served with garlic sautéed potatoes and green beans, or Beef bourguignon.

Plus, there is a streetside terrace if you want to dine while enjoying the true vibe of Montmartre.

15. Al Caratello (€€)

Al Caratello is one of the best Montmartre restaurants.

Location: 5 Rue Audran, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 42 62 24 23

After strolling through the scenic Rue Lepic, find your way to this restaurant. There’s no better place to enjoy hearty Italian cuisine accompanied by good Italian wine than Al Caratello.

A local’s favorite, this casual restaurant has won the hearts of many for two decades with its outstanding service and lovely atmosphere and prides itself in serving Italian specialties made with the freshest produce.

Their well-organized menu is a playground of flavors that I am sure you will love, with vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Pasta lovers will love the many variations this warm restaurant offers. Dine on the Linguini, Ravioli, or Risotto, and wash it down with a glass of Limoncello.

16. Le Poulbot (€€)

Le Poulbot is one of the best restaurants in Montmartre, Paris.
Duck confit

Location: 3 Rue Poulbot, 75018 Paris, France |  contact: +33 01 42 23 32 07

Le Poulbot’s cozy yet fantastic ambiance pairs nicely with the fine food, excellent wine list, and humorous staff, making it impossible not to enjoy.

A minute’s walk from Espace Dali, this hole-in-the-wall restaurant interior takes you back in time with its stonewalled and wooden decor.

Enjoy nicely prepared traditional French classics such as the onion soup, the highly reviewed Duck confit served with red wine coulis and homemade fries, and the sweet Crème Brûlée with Lavender.

This eatery also boasts a menu offering vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options.

17. L’ Anvers du Décor (€€)

L' Anvers du Décor is one of the best places to eat in Montmartre.

Location: 32Bis Rue d’Orsel, 75018 Paris, France | contact: +33 01 42 58 17 56

A 3 minutes walk from the Halle St-Pierre, L’Anvers du Décor will serve you a diverse menu of homemade creative and flavorful gastronomic delights with vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Must-order dishes include Frog Legs, Duck Confit, Mussels, and Rib Steak with Mushrooms.

The outdoor terrace of this cozy restaurant makes for a great view of the Montmartre streets and is an ideal spot for family hangouts and group meetings.

Unlike many restaurants in Montmartre that close after 2 pm and reopen for dinner, L’ Anvers du Décor stays open from morning till evening, so you’ll find something to eat regardless of when you go.

Final Thoughts on the Best Montmartre Restaurants

Whether you need a refill after a day of exploration or just want to discover your local dining options, these restaurants in Montmartre have mastered the art of keeping your taste bud happy, your stomach filled, and your mind made up for another visit.

Satisfy your culinary desires at one of these unique Montmartre restaurants, and share your experience in the comments below.

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