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16 Best Nightclubs In Paris For A Fun Night Out In 2024

Want to go out dancing while in the city of love but not sure where to go? This article will show you the best nightclubs in Paris for an amazing night out.

Paris is a memorable vacation destination, thanks to the iconic landmarks, beautiful streets, chic restaurants, and more.

However, the Parisian nightlife is buzzing, and it is safe to say that Paris is also home to vibrant nightclubs that will make you give yourself completely over to the beats, lights, and energy.

Best nightclubs in Paris

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You will find internationally renowned and local DJs at these clubs that will make you sway and shake in an unpretentious atmosphere.

So, for an evening of pure decadence, make your way to one of these best nightclubs in Paris.

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Best Nightclubs in Paris

From high-end places where you’ll need to dress up to casual ones, here is a list of the best Paris nightclubs.

1. Cabaret Sauvage

Cabaret Sauvage is the best nightclub in Paris.
Cabaret Sauvage is the best nightclub in Paris.

Cabaret Sauvage has the kind of vibe and energy you can’t find in any other top clubs in Paris!

The DJs are fun, the music is the kind everyone would want to dance to all night, the drinks are affordable, and the lights are what you’d expect to find in a club.

While the name might be confusing for some, it’s not actually a cabaret in a traditional sense though they usually have performers, and dancers to keep the crowd going.

They also organize several themed nights almost every weekend; from Latin nights to Afro nights. The only thing to note is that you’ll need to pay a cover fee to enter!

So if you’re looking for a Paris nightclub that stays open till morning but also gives its all in making your night out incredibly fun, then look no further than Cabaret Sauvage in La Villette.

Location: 59 Bd Macdonald, 75019 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 01 42 09 03 09

2. Nouveau Casino

Nouveau Casino is one of the best nightclubs in Paris.

Grab light meals from the adjoining café Charbon or sip cocktails to a backdrop of underground music.

A one-stop spot for nightlife, Nouveau Casino charms with its sound system, unpretentious Parisian atmosphere, and endless program options.

Opt for a casual dress, pay a small entry fee, and you can dance the night away in the soundproofed room with a stage for live music performances, or grab a table on the quieter Mezzanine with intimate decor and relax.

Playing everything from techno to hip-hop, Nouveau music is diverse, so you are in for an unforgettable nightlife experience. Creative drinks and a small smoking room are also available.

Location: 109 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 01 43 57 57 40

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3. La Frange

La Frange is one of the best clubs in Paris.

If you want to dance to a solid mix of rock, metal, and electronic music with metal as the dominant flavor in a crazy atmosphere, La Frange is your go-to spot.

Start your night with a ball pool game, then grab a bottle of beer and join the other frenzy group of wild-looking youths in a long night of dancing or gather around the pole dance bar which rounds off a fantastic experience.

Keep your outfit choice crazy so you don’t feel left out. If you want to party wild in the city, La Frange is the perfect place for a crazy and fun night out in Paris.

Location: 6 Rue Cochin, 75005 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 06 83 22 82 77

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4. Sacré

Sacré is where to have the best nightlife in Paris.

For an authentic disco in Paris, head over to Sacré because they know how to party!

A recent addition to the Paris nightclub scene, this disco bar was birthed out of the ruins of Triptych and the Social Club.

It mixes a professional-sounding system, an impressive music selection, and delicious cocktails to win the hearts of its guests.

Also available are craft beers, natural wines, and food, including tapas and tartare.

From live performances to various music genres and DJ choices, everything is thoughtfully planned to give you an incredible club experience.

Location: 142 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris, France.

Contact: contact@sacre.paris

5. Charlotte Club Paris

Charlotte Club Paris is one of the famous Paris nightclubs.

Charlotte Club Paris is one of those clubs in Paris where you have to order a drink to get in.

While the cocktails are expensive, the taste and flavors make up for the cost. But don’t take my word for it. Give it a try.

One of the best hip-hop clubs in Paris, this spot offers a lively ambiance, captivating hip-hop music, and friendly staff.

The walls are covered in film posters to set the warm atmosphere of the beautiful setting, and the live DJs come on stage to charge up the night.

Location: 10 Rue de Lappe, 75011 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 06 18 70 46 33

6. Palais Maillot Paris

Palais Maillot Paris is one of the best dance clubs in Paris.

Palais Maillot Paris has remained one of the best clubs in Paris for more than a decade.

Serving buffet eats and uniquely-blended cocktails to locals and tourists alike for a small entry fee, its chic interior decorated with baroque-styled chandeliers prepares you for a fun-filled night ahead.

This luxurious club has a visitor spreadsheet that includes famous artists like Rihanna, Drake, and Chris Brown, so it isn’t the place to wear jeans and a lousy t-shirt, but don’t dress too officially either.

You can enjoy your drink and dine to eclectic music in the intimate lounge, equipped with a bar and kitchen, or take it over to the beautiful terrace.

Location: 2 Pl. de la Prte Maillot, 75017 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 06 23 09 02 37

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7. La Station – Gare des Mines

La Station – Gare des Mines is one of the best Paris nightclubs.

Bring your dancing shoes to La Station – Gare des Mines for an incredible night of fun.

This Paris nightclub has it all! An irresistible convivial vibe, excellent underground and alternative tunes that are certain to stir up the partygoer in you, and welcoming arms for any kind of guest — which explains why it has become one of the famous Paris nightclubs.

Built on the remains of a 1950s coal station, awesome DJs spin top rock tunes, and emerging artists keep you entertained throughout the night.

You are bound to make a few friends at this joint, either over ping-pong and beer on the terrace or during the night when music fills the air.

Location: 29 Av. de la Prte d’Aubervilliers, 75018 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 09 73 26 11 47

8. La plage (Glazart)

La plage (Glazart) is one of the best Paris clubs.

I can’t make a list of the best dance clubs in Paris and not include Glazart or La Plage as sometimes called.

A former bus station turned unique club, Glazart offers its guests a plethora of music genres with a focus on dubstep and metal, coupled with events throughout the year, all under a quirky atmosphere.

A 5-minute walk from La Villette, Glazart makes special efforts to make you feel at home, even if it’s your first visit, so much so that they turn their parking lot into a “beach” during summer, complete with food trucks, sun beds, and twinkling lights.

Perfect for all ages, it wouldn’t be easy to find a more relaxed yet vibrant Paris club than this.

Location: 7 Av. de la Prte de la Villette, 75019 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 01 40 36 55 65

9. Supersonic

Supersonic is one of the best disco in Paris.

This nightclub in Paris brings all good vibes with the city’s best roster of rock music.

Also offering free concerts, Supersonic is an intimate, high-energy club with uniquely themed weekday concerts that transforms into an electro club on weekends.

You will mostly find upcoming rock bands performing here and they do an excellent job of keeping revelers entertained.

With a smoking room, two floors of undisputed fun, and stunning iron and wood decor complete with large aluminium cylinders, this club brings New York vibes to the Parisian nightlife scene.

Location: 9 Rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 01 49 23 41 90

10. Petit Bain

Petit Bain is one of the Paris best nightclubs.

The exterior of this floating woodhouse-lookalike, decorated with large aluminium containers and bathtubs with plants in them first catches your attention before anything else does.

Petit Bain is the masterful creation of Encore Heureux and is sitting pretty on the River Seine.

This floating Paris club features a recording studio, a seasonal terrace on the deck adorned with plants, and a restaurant offering finger foods, all to provide an incredible nightclub experience for you.

Sip a cocktail to the view of the Seine and enjoy live music with an impressive genre range.

For a reasonable entry fee, you can enjoy year-round concerts and art exhibitions, or dance the night away. There’s never a chance to get bored here.

Location: 7 Port de la Gare, 75013 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 01 43 49 68 92

11. Le Caveau de la Huchette

Le Caveau de la Huchette is one of the best nightclubs in Paris.

You have heard it in songs, seen it in the movie “La La Land,” and many great jazz artists like Lionel Hampton, and Art Blakey have played here.

Le Caveau de la Huchette is one of the best Paris nightclubs, and for good reasons.

This funky spot housed in a historic 16th-century building has no shortage of electrifying and nostalgia-leaving moments, thanks to the thrilling songs and regular live performances.

Opened as a jazz club in 1947, whether you want to listen to jazz and blues, sip on good drinks, or swing dance all night long, Le Caveau de la Huchette offers the perfect trifecta.

Reservations are not allowed, so all you need is your party outfit and an entrance fee when the bar opens to secure a spot.

Location: 5 Rue de la Huchette, 75005 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 01 43 26 65 05

12. O’Sullivans By The Mill

O'Sullivans By The Mill is one of the best clubs in Paris.

Welcome to O’Sullivans By The Mill, where options for fun are endless. Want to go Salsa dancing? Hit the dance floor on weekends. How about watching your favorite sports team play?

Want an impressive live group performance and DJs turning the warm atmosphere up a notch? No problem.

For a small entry fee, you can get lost in the music and dance with your friends over some good bottles of beer or cocktails.

Sitting next to the famed Moulin Rouge, this Irish club also doubles as a restaurant and serves up finger-licking finger foods like Chicken wings, tapas, burgers and fries, and fish and chips.

The serves are also nice and some even speak English making it one of the best clubs in Paris for tourists.

Location: 92 Bd de Clichy, 75018 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 01 53 09 08 49

13. Les Bains-Douches

Les Bains-Douches is where to have the best nightlife in Paris.

Oozing a luxurious atmosphere, Les Bains-Douches reigns supreme as one of the best Paris clubs.

This cozy club sits in the basement of a luxury hotel of the same name and prioritizes elegance and classiness, so much so that it enforces it as its dress code.

Put on the classy little black dress you were saving for later, provide a valid ID, pay a small entrance fee, and get a free drink in return! After that, it’s time to let your hair down.

Opening its doors as a nightclub in 1978, the DJs are eclectic with their music choice, so get ready to sync into those timeless tunes.

Location: 7 Rue du Bourg l’Abbé, 75003 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 01 42 77 07 07

14. L’Arc Paris

L'Arc Paris is one of the famous Paris nightclubs.

When you step inside the edgy interior of this immersive nightclub in Paris, you will see why the elites gather here.

Ideally located at the foot of Arc de Triomphe, L’Arc Paris offers five-star service in a spacious and sophisticated setting.

Whether you want champagne, tequila, or vodka, drinks are flowing in abundance here.

You can also grab delicious French food when L’Arc functions as a restaurant during the day.

A common celebrity hangout, especially during fashion week, this club alternates between shimmering gold lighting during the day, and a neon rainbow at night, all while hip-hop envelopes the atmosphere.

Perfect for groups and couples, maintain a smart and chic outfit, and reserve a table online, if you want to gain swift and unhindered access.

For an elevated clubbing experience, L’Arc is right up your alley.

Location: 12 Rue de Presbourg, 75116 Paris, France.

Contact: +33 06 51 95 85 52

15. Bizz’art

Bizz'art is one of the best nightclubs in Paris

Photo via Bizz’art

Bizz’art is famous for live music but their clubbing seen doesn’t disappoint either so it’s only fitting that it makes it to this list of the best clubs in Paris.

Located along Canal St Martin, they always hold live music with talented singers that you can dance to but later the DJ turns the heat up with perfectly selected tunes.

There is also a restaurant onsite at reasonable rates so you can plan to have dinner there while watching live music and later step on the dance floor when the DJ comes on.

Location:  167 Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris.

Contact: +33 01 40 34 70 00

16. Jump in bastille

Jump in Bastille is a somewhat small Paris club tucked away in Bastille. It’s on a small street that is dotted with a number of bars so it’s easy to confuse it with others or even miss.

If you go before midnight, you might think of it as just a lounge place but go after that and you’ll see how crazy it gets.

The lights are lit and the DJs are good, they sometimes even play guest requests — of course if they fit in what they’re playing for the night.

Another plus is that they have several lounge sofas where you can sit if you want to take a break from the dance floor.

The only downside is that the dance floor is very small, so it always feels a little cramped and their drinks, though really good, can be a bit pricey compared to other good clubs in Paris.

So if you’re looking for where to go clubbing in Paris that has a cool vibe but also not very crowded, then check out Jump in Bastille.

Location:  167 Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris.

Contact: +33 06 38 05 03 80

Final Thoughts on the Best Nightclubs in Paris

These nightclubs are the crown jewels for the best nightlife in Paris! You can dance all night and drink as much as you want, responsibly of course.

As always, confirm the schedules of programs on the club’s websites (linked within this article) or social media pages, and plan your visit accordingly.

Whatever date you choose, it’s never a dull moment at these nightclubs in Paris.


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