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22 Best French Jewelry Brands You Need To Own

If you’re looking for a French piece of jewelry to add to your collection, this post will show you all the best French jewelry brands to choose from!

The French are known for their impeccable taste in fashion, and jewelry is no exception!

If you were wondering where to pick up those elegant and sophisticated pieces of jewelry you saw French women wearing, then look no further because I’ve put together this list of the 22 best French Jewelry Brands that you need to own.

Best French Jewelry Brands

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It comprises some of the most prestigious French luxury jewelry brands and affordable famous jewelry brands in France. The exquisite craftsmanship of these French jewelry designers will bowl you over.

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Best French Jewelry Brands

Read on to find some of the best French jewelry brands from which you can stock up your jewelry box with. I’m sure you will find something extraordinary that will steal your heart.

And to make browsing easier, I’ve categorized them into luxury and affordable French jewelry brands.

Luxury French Jewelry Brands

Here are the luxury French jewelry brands that will make you feel like a million bucks.

1. Cartier

Cartier is a renowned and colossal name in the jewelry business. It is probably one of the most famous jewelry brands in France and across the globe.

This French luxury goods conglomerate was founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847 and stayed within the family until 1964.

The Cartier brand expanded globally because of Louis-François’s grandsons, Louis, Pierre, and Jacques, who took care of the headquarters in Paris, and the New York and London branches, respectively. Cartier even opened a branch in Saint Petersburg.

Fast forward, Robert Hocq, and a couple of other investors, bought the branches one by one when the children started selling them.

The 175-year-old brand is known for its bejeweled watches and fine diamond jewelry with some of the most exotic designs.

We’ve all heard of their Love and Panthère collection now, haven’t we? Apart from this, they make French perfumes, eyewear, French watches, and French handbags too.

2. Van Cleef & Arpels

When people talk about famous French jewelry designers, the name Van Cleef & Arpels makes an appearance.

The brand was established in 1906 and has been a royal favorite since. It has been adorned by the likes of the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, Princess of Monaco, H.S.H. Grace Kelly, and the first Queen consort of the Kingdom of Egypt, Nazli Sabri, among others.

Their jewelry comprises pearls and precious stones with designs of flowers and butterflies in most cases.

While they have many items, their famous thematic collections include the Zodiaque and Romeo and Juliet, Alhambra, and the Planétarium watches.

3. Bonanza

Inspired by vintage treasures, Bonanza boasts of jewelry made in France, designed and handcrafted by small-scale French workshops.

Founded by Chloé Bechini and Justine Valençon in 2018, their pieces are chic combing pearls and gold to create the perfect girl’s dream jewelry. Bonanza also has unisex pieces which are 24-carat fine gold plated making them quite exquisite.

Their beach-inspired collection is a fan favorite but their La Perla collection equally turns heads.

Their rings and necklaces sell the most, apart from which they also make earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

Penelope Cruz even wore some of their creations on the cover of Marie Claire magazine.

4. De Grace

Maison De Grace was launched in 1985 after Jacques de Grace opened his own workshop in Paris but the history of jewelry making in the De Grace family goes way back to 1895.

Being in the high-end custom-made jewelry business for over 120 years, his family mastered the art over generations which was passed down to him, and he passed it down to his son, Grégory. So, be rest assured that this Maison produces some of the most exquisite and fine pieces.

The Sultan of Brunei has been a loyal fan and patron of the brand, as is Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir or Prince of Qatar.

They have ring collections named Cléopâtre and Socrate made of diamonds, precious stones, and palladium-plated gold.

Did you know that De Grace’s family made mailboxes of gold and silver in the 1950s for the Vatican? Well, that goes to show how exquisite this French jewelry brand is.

5. Chaumet

Chaumet was established by Marie-Étienne Nitot in 1780. It quickly rose to become one of the most recognized and sought-after French luxury jeweler brands in Paris, thanks, in part, to the Bonaparte family’s patronage.

Chaumet was the official jeweler of Napoleon I and exclusively created the wedding jewelry for his marriage with Josephine. Thus, making it the 2nd brand to be a royal favorite on this list of the best French jewelry brands.

The brand is known for its nature-inspired designs with flowers, plants, and weeds adorning its creations. Some of the iconic collections of Chaumet include Bee my love, Joséphine, and Liens.

With pieces costing as much as 12K Euros, this is one of the most expensive and luxurious Jewelry brands from France.

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6. Nouvel Amour

Created by Delphine Pariente in 2007, Nouvel Amour not only has readily available elegant and chic jewelry, but they even handcraft customized jewelry as per your specifications — be it earrings, rings, or necklaces.

You can even have them engraved. So, depending on your needs, this brand can be either luxurious or affordable.

Their designs are simple, with a mix of 18-carat gold plating and precious stones for color.

They claim that their atelier can produce your custom jewelry within 48 hours. So, if you’re looking for a last-minute purchase, you can check them out. They also make the cutest pendants which can be customized as well.

7. Boucheron

The House of Boucheron was established in 1858 by 26-year-old Frédéric Boucheron. The boutique was initially situated in Palais-Royal but eventually moved to Place Vendôme in 1893.

This is the 3rd brand that boasts of royal patronage since they created a Tiara for the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, a bejeweled crown for Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, and jewelry for Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Even the Maharaja of Patiala gave the Maison an order to create 149 exceptional jewelry pieces made of diamonds and emeralds.

Their creations mainly comprise necklaces, rings, and earrings with high-quality precious stones.

Their famous collections include Paris’ cobblestoned streets-inspired Quatre, India’s city of Jodhpur inspired, Bleu de Jodhpur, and Serpent Bohème.

Plus, Boucheron is one of the French jewelers who ethically produce their pieces so you can buy them without any guilt.

8. Sophie d’Agon

Sophie d’Agon worked at some of the biggest names in the fashion industry like Prada and Saint Laurent for years before realizing her passion for jewelry.

Her memories and love for her uncle’s jewelry are what made her establish the eponymous Sophie d’Agon brand in 2017.

Even though she is a self-taught artist, her understanding of the fashion world and women helped in creating these unique pieces. She has recently moved towards using 18-karat recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones.

Her collections are inspired by nature and flora, and each piece is delicately handcrafted to create a unique, colorful, and timeless piece just like the women who buy them.

9. Charlotte Chesnais

After working with Balenciaga, Charlotte Chesnais decided she wanted to be an entrepreneur and launched her eponymous independent jewelry brand in 2015.

She wanted to make aesthetically pleasing, unique, and eye-catching jewelry, and so she did.

What sets Charlotte Chesnais apart from other French jewelry brands is the usage of unexpected shapes and forms.

The jewelry designs play with geometry and are asymmetrical, curved, or irregularly shaped.

Another distinguishing feature of her pieces is the use of mixed metals to create multi-tone pieces making them visually fascinating and using contrasting textures and finishes to add depth and complexity to the designs.

10. Salmon, Le Joaillier du Marais

Salmon, Le Joaillier du Marais is on this list of famous French luxury jewelry brands for its classic and timeless designs crafted using traditional jewelry-making techniques.

This Parisian jewelry brand has been around for almost 100 years and they use only the finest materials including diamonds, precious gemstones, and 18-karat gold for each piece.

Skilled artisans who take pride in their work carefully craft each piece ensuring that every detail is perfect.

From classic diamond engagement rings to more modern and playful designs, there is something for everyone.

Salmon also offers a bespoke service allowing customers to create custom pieces tailored to their unique style and preferences.

11. Stone Paris

Among the relatively new-age French luxury jewelry brands, Marie Poniatowski’s Stone Paris is a name that stands out.

The brand is known for its delicate and timeless pieces inspired by Marie’s eclectic personal style and her love for vintage jewelry.

Each piece of exquisite jewelry is characterized by a delicate and feminine aesthetic with intricate details and fine craftsmanship designed to be timeless and versatile.

All the pieces are made in France using high-quality materials such as 18-karat gold and conflict-free diamonds by skilled artisans who uphold traditional techniques.

Affordable French Jewelry Brands

I understand that not everyone has the means to spend over 1k on jewelry but if you still want to own a French piece of jewelry, below are some of the high-quality but still affordable French jewelry brands to opt for.

12. Elise Tsikis

Elise Tsikis is one of those French jewelry designers who draw inspiration from her roots.

She infuses her Greek heritage into the affordable French jewelry that she creates. Her aesthetic and chic designs are the USP. Even her outlet on 13 rue du dragon is pretty aesthetic.

While she gained her expertise when she worked at Christian Dior and Massimo Dutti, she has evolved to become an independent household name in the French jewelry business.

Being an environmentally conscious person, she uses only 24-carat recycled Fairtrade gold.

Want to know something else that is interesting about her brand? Her team comprises only women, and she donates a percentage of each sale to the Fondation des Femmes and For The Planet.

13. Bôneur Paris

Bôneur was born out of Maud Bismuth’s passion for creating jewelry from a young age. She comes from a family of silversmiths and jewelers — her parents crafted artisanal jewelry since 1976, and her great-grandfather was a silversmith.

She would often be seen in her mother’s workshop toying with items and putting together pieces.

She uses 18-carat gold in her creations and precious and semi-precious stones for pops of color.

Her Zodiac and Heart collections are dainty and elegant, while the Alhena collection is what highlights colors à la the precious stones.

14. Aurélie Bidermann

2004 saw French jewelry designer Aurélie Bidermann launch her eponymous brand after collaborating with renowned Parisian establishments for over 3 generations.

She creates fine jewelry and custom pieces with equal finesse, with her most popular collections being Tao, Katt, and Aurelie.

Her Chivor and Miki collections are minimal and elegant, comprising a mix of gold and precious stones for color. She has rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on offer.

She draws inspiration from animals, flowers, the beach, and nature, and her jewelry will remind you of holiday souvenirs.

Each jewelry piece is engraved and polished by hand, so you know you own an exquisite and handcrafted work of art.

15. Douze Paris

Hermine Sacau wanted everyone to own environmentally responsible jewelry, and that’s how Douze Paris was born in 2017.

Her love for slow, responsible fashion poured into the brand’s ethics. She uses ethically sourced metals and precious stones and recycled 18-carat gold in all her creations.

In addition to custom jewelry and exclusive pieces for men, Douze Paris can even handcraft engagement and wedding rings for your special day(s).

Do you know what else is great about the brand? They can even clean, polish, and repair your jewelry.

16. Monsieur Paris

You have obviously heard the saying, “behind every successful man is a woman.” Well, behind Monsieur Paris is a woman named Nadia Azoug.

She is one of the few self-taught French jewelry designers who have made a name for themselves, especially in the affordable French jewelry segment.

She started making jewelry by keeping in mind that she wanted her designs to be accessible to all while maintaining high quality. She didn’t want her pieces to have the shelf-life of imitation or costume jewelry.

She has two kinds of collections — 925 sterling silver and 18-carat gold. You can get custom jewelry designed by her or opt for the already-available semi-customizable pieces.

17. Médecine Douce

Médecine Douce literally translates to Alternative Medicine, but, of course, that is not what Marie Montaud is offering.

Marie wanted to create simple and elegant pieces of Bohéme, casual jewelry that could be worn by French women daily. With that in mind, she established Médecine Douce in 2000.

Each piece that comes out of their Parisian workshops has been delicately crafted by local artisans.

They only use and produce as much as required while recycling unused material to maintain their environment-friendly stance.

If you happen to visit their boutique and you’re lucky, you might find Marie herself carefully piecing together a beauty.

18. Louise Damas

Imagine finding your actual career calling while studying for a totally different career option at the prestigious Sorbonne University!

That’s the story of Louise Damas and her eponymous French jewelry brand that she established in 2012 at the age of 22.

She wanted something simple to her liking and of her taste, but when she did not find any, she started creating her own pieces.

Her elegant and minimalist self-designed jewelry soon gained popularity and now has its own fan base, with Vogue describing the style as cool and timeless.

So, if you’re looking for unique yet simple pieces of jewelry made in France, Louise Damas is what you should pick up.

19. Lou. Yetu

You might be wondering what Lou. Yetu means. Well, it is inspired by the French children’s song “Loup y es-tu?” meaning “Are you there, wolf?”

This is another brand that prides itself in jewelry made in France, handcrafted, and created at their Parisian workshops. Each gold-stacked piece is unique and delicate with fine detailing.

Their rings, earrings, and necklaces are bestsellers, but they make ear cuffs, bracelets, chokers, clips, bangles, and more. Because of their simple designs, the jewelry can be stacked or worn on its own.

They keep their costs low by adopting a production-to-customer model eliminating intermediaries.

20. Satellite Paris

If bohemian-chic is your vibe, then look no further than Satellite Paris. Although they have multiple styles to shop from, like romantic, baroque, ethnic, etc., their bohemian collection is what stands out and inspires all their other ranges.

Satellite Paris was created by the young traveling duo of Sandrine and Ouaki in 1986. Elle magazine even featured its first collection on the front-page cover.

Their designs are inspired by their travels and Sandrine’s own jewelry collection from around the world.

She collects objects and fine stones from wherever she visits, which forms the basis of her designs in the future.

21. Annelise Michelson

Annelise Michelson is a relatively new French jewelry brand founded in 2012 by, you guessed it, Annelise Michelson.

Known for edgy and avant-garde designs that combine a bold aesthetic with expert craftsmanship, Annelise Michelson experiments with unconventional materials such as stones, silver, and other hardware to create unique and innovative pieces.

Her jewelry is visually striking given the use of sculptural forms and geometric shapes to set her work apart.

Another distinguishing feature of Annelise Michelson’s work is her attention to detail with each piece being carefully handcrafted in her Parisian atelier by skilled artisans.

She also recently opened a jewelry-sculpture gallery in the 8th arrondissement of Paris where she expresses her artistic instincts not only as a French jewelry designer but as a sculptor too.

22. Atelier Paulin

If you’re looking for an even younger French jewelry brand than Annelise Michelson, here is Atelier Paulin, founded in 2015 by Anne-Sophie Baillet and Matthias Lavaux.

Being one of the best French jewelry brands, Atelier Paulin is an excellent choice for anyone looking for personalized and handcrafted wire jewelry.

The brand’s use of wire as a primary material creates delicate and intricate designs that are beautiful and unique.

Each piece is handmade with the wire carefully shaped and formed into varied designs ranging from simple and minimalist to more complex and ornate.

You can even work with the brand to create custom pieces tailored to your preferences and personal style.

They also offer the option to add personal messages or names to the jewelry, making each piece even more special and unique.

Final Thoughts on the Best French Jewelry

Et voilà! This marks the end of the article. Did this guide help you pick your next piece of French jewelry?

Let me know your thoughts below. And if you think I missed out on one of your current favorites, do let me know about those too.


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