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17 Best Coffee Shops in Paris You Should Check Out

Want to satisfy your caffeine cravings while in the city of love? This post will show you all the best coffee shops in Paris that will meet your coffee needs!

The start to a quintessential Parisian day would look like waking up to a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower, getting dressed to grab your regular artisanal coffee, and accompanying pastry with your partner or friend.

Amongst all the places you’ll get to visit, gardens you’ll tour, and history you’ll learn about, the coffee joints in the city are sure to be a part of your daily!

Couple driking coffee at one of the best Coffee shops in Paris

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The coffee shops in Paris are unique, with stellar interior design, extensive food & drink menus, and more.

When in the city, it’s a great idea to map out how many of these places are close to the attractions you’re hoping to visit and during a sightseeing break, grab a coffee at those joints.

Ready to satisfy your caffeine craving? Keep scrolling to find out more about the best coffee shops in Paris, where to find them, the dishes you must order, and more!

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Famous Coffee Shops in Paris

1. Café Loustic

Café Loustic is one of the best coffee shops in Paris, France

Location: 40 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris, France | Contact: +33 9 80 31 07 06

With delicately designed interiors courtesy of Dorothée Meilichzon, Café Loustic is hands down one of the chicest Paris coffee shops you have to check out!

It has signature Hermès wallpaper, pink cushions, and a variety of specialty coffee options that will impress any coffeeholic.

It’s the perfect venue for a quick brunch with a friend or an evening coffee break between touring Centre Pompidou which is right around the corner from the Café.

While you can choose from an extensive menu, depending on how you like your coffee, some of their best-sellers are the milk oolong tea, chai latte, and Aeropress!

2. Télescope

Télescope is one of the best Paris coffee shops to check out.
Télescope is one of the best Paris coffee shops to check out.

Location: 5 Rue Villédo, 75001 Paris, France

Located between the iconic Palais Royal and Opera Garnier is one of the most iconic coffee shops in Paris.

Believed to be a pioneer in changing the coffee landscape in the city, this petit coffee shop with very particular background music is the definition of minimalist space, with white walls absent of any art or photographs, an espresso machine, an expansive wooden counter with blue coffee mugs and an array of cakes to accompany the coffee.

It also makes it a point to remain as stripped back as possible, as it strictly doesn’t offer Wi-Fi, hoping to make it a place where people can come with their friends and have a good time in the moment instead of browsing their phones.

However, it doesn’t have any fancy lattes though it does roast its coffee beans which is super cool!

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3. Holybelly

Location: 5 rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris France | Contact: +33 1 82 28 00 80

Believed to be one of the most coveted spots if you’re looking for a weekend summer brunch spot, Holybelly is a favorite amongst international tourists and locals alike.

Besides serving a variety of delicious and finely brewed coffee, Holybelly has also secured a place in the books for serving scrumptious breakfast and brunch delights; some say it has the best pancakes in the city.

You can also expect to be wowed by the homemade focaccia bread, bacon, and fried eggs and the unique London Fog Tea, which is Earl Grey Tea seeped in milk!

A favorite for many people, be sure to expect a line, no matter what time you choose to visit.

4. Ten Belles

Location: 10 Rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010 Paris, France | Contact: +33 1 42 40 90 78

If you’re searching for a sustainable specialty coffee shop, Ten Belles, with three different locations in the city, is a brilliant choice for you!

Opened and managed by ​​Thomas Lehoux, a coffee connoisseur and well-season barista, in 2012, it has been one of the most famous coffee shops in Paris, France, ever since!

They specialize in coffee, bread, and other eatery items that will wow you. Since it is such a loved coffee shop and is pretty tiny with minimal seating, it’s hard to find a table at most times of the day, especially on the weekends.

They use beans roasted at the aforementioned Télescope coffeeshop for their regular Ethiopian and Guatemala grinds and have a second grinder for guest coffees worldwide.

With its best location next to Canal St. Martin and the kindest staff, your time at Ten Belles will be delightful!

5. Fringe Coffee

Location: 106 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France | Contact: +33 1 71 73 57 81

With walls adorned with a rotating exhibition of photographs and art made by renowned artists and cloud lamps hanging above the tables, Fringe Coffee is a chic spot to grab a quick latte with a friend while in the city.

The joint owner is an expert in specialty coffee and has photographed an entire book on the third-wave coffee movement in Paris.

You’ll spot a bunch of foreigners and some frequenting locals as you choose from an extensive Scandinavian-inspired menu.

You’ll find items like seasonal soups, veggie-packed salads, cookies, and cinnamon rolls.

A quaint, artsy café with a touch of homely warmth, your time at Fringe Coffee will be lovely!

6. Lomi

Location: 3 Ter Rue Marcadet, 75018 Paris, France | Contact: +33 9 51 27 46 31

Located in the historically rich 18th Arrondissement of Montmarte is a rustic-style, vintage-inspired café called Lomi!

If you’re searching for where to get the best coffee in Paris, this cute coffee shop is perfect.

The outside of the building appears bland but it’s juxtaposed by the skillfully designed wooden interiors.

With a well-trained and kind staff, Lomi is truly a favorite amongst coffee fanatics, young students, and friends looking to catch up.

The café is also well known for being a coffee roaster in the city’s bean community, and at the very back of the store, you’ll be able to spot a shelf filled with different grinders and machines used to try different blends and invent new drinks.

The best part is that you can even order their coffee grind online so that you brew your own cup when you’re back home.

7. Le Peloton Café

Location: 17 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris, France | Contact: +33 6 18 80 84 92

Owned and operated by the founders of Bike About Tours, this is one of the unique coffee shops in Paris.

The café highlights two things and two things only: coffee and cycling. It’s a reasonably quaint café, so it’s best to stop on the way to the museums near the left bank or if you’re shopping in the area.

Here, you’ll find basic but well-prepared coffees like lattes and espressos, which you can pair with simple bakery items like waffles (which they claim are “wheely good” to stay in line with the bicycles and coffee pairing) and croissants.

You’ll also get a chance to rent bikes if you’re looking for a short afternoon activity while exploring the city.

8. La Fontaine de Belleville

Location: 31-33 Rue Juliette Dodu, 75010 Paris, France | Contact: +33 9 83 54 55 20

A joint that has been loved by locals since 1908 took on a new form from being a well-frequented bar to a world-class signature coffee shop in the city.

The air of the storefront’s rich past lingers as the founders held on to essential aspects of the 20s architecture like the molded ceiling, fine paintings, and mirrors.

They added colorful tables and chairs to lighten up the space and make it more modern.

They are known for their exceptional coffee and the best Croque Monsieur and ham butter in Paris.

And if you happen to visit on a Saturday night, the place comes alive with live Jazz performances by talented local artists.

9. Matamata Coffee Bar

Location: 58 Rue d’Argout, 75002 Paris, France | Contact: +33 1 71 39 44 58

Located in the beautiful 2nd Arrondissement is Matamata Coffee Bar, long believed to be one of the best coffee places in Paris!

Known to have one of the best atmospheres among coffee joints in the city, you’ll find isolated seating upstairs, which is perfect for a quick brunch with a friend or even to read a book by yourself while you sip on coffee and a communal table downstairs where you’ll be able to interact with other tourists and locals.

The staff is genuinely ecstatic to share their brilliantly-prepared coffee with you, and it’ll show from the moment you are greeted at the door.

A must-visit spot, especially if you’re hoping to tour the famous commercial arcades of the 19th century that the 2nd Arrondissement houses.

10. Café de Flore

Location: 172 Bd Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, France | Contact: +33 145485526

As one of the oldest coffee shops in Paris, Café de Flore has undoubtedly solidified its name as one of the top spots in the city.

Adorned with beautiful flowers, it is located at the corner of the street and looks exactly like you’d envision a Parisian street café to be!

Famous for being a brunch favorite amongst greats like Albert Camus, ​​Raymond Queneau, Pablo Picasso, and others back in the 1930s, the charm of the café lingers to this day.

Be sure to order a fine hot chocolate that is one of the best ones you’ve had. If you happen to visit on a Wednesday, the café holds philosophy debates for its guests, an intriguing and unique way to spend a weekday evening in the city.

Plus, they serve their cappuccinos with their name as latte art which is perfect as a Paris Instagram photo!

11. KB Café Shop

Immersing Yourelf in the coffee and hot chocolate culture of the city is one of the things to do in Autumn in Paris
KB Café Shop is one of the best coffee shops in Paris

Location: 53 Av. Trudaine, 75009 Paris, France | Contact: +33 1 56 92 12 41

Known as specialty coffee roasters in the city since 2010, KB Café Shop is a lovely coffee joint in the 9th Arrondissement.

With beautiful wooden interiors, expansive outdoor terrace seating (perfect for a fall time brunch with your partner), and high ceilings, this is one of the cutest cafes in Paris.

As roasters of their coffee (which you can purchase along with other coffee implants like an Aeropress or commander grinder), their constant blend rotation is exciting and keeps the regulars hooked.

With a hazelnut cappuccino paired with warm banana bread in an environment that is truly perfect for any occasion, what more could you hope for?

Additionally, their second location, Back in Black, is known for its coffee workshops and tastings.

12. The Beans on Fire

Location: 7 Rue du Général Blaise, 75011 Paris, France | Contact: +331 43 55 94 73

A quaint, airy coffee shop located in the 11th Arrondissement, The Beans of Fire is one of the most quirky coffee shops in Paris!

It’s the perfect spot to visit while sightseeing the Atelier des Lumieres for a quick caffeine pick me up on a hot summer day.

The café roasts its beans for its signature coffees which you’ll be able to pair with doughnuts, fruit parfait, scones, causa, salads, sandwiches, and more!

With a gorgeous indoor-outdoor combined seating area, this funky coffee shop will woo you in more ways than one!

13. Radio Days

Location: 15 Rue Alibert, 75010 Paris, France | Contact: contact@radiodays.cafe

One of the more trendy coffee shops in the city is Radio Days, located by Canal Saint-Martin.

The gems of this joint are indeed the chic, modern interiors and the staff who are always up for a chat!

Besides serving lovely classic coffees, you’ll also discover jewels like carrot cake, cookies, and Lebanese flatbread, which is what the place is famous for.

With great music, excellent Wi-Fi, and a great vibe, especially on an autumn afternoon, this is a great place to visit after you tour the Canal.

14. Café Méricourt

Location: 22 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris, France | Contact: +33 1 58 30 98 02

Located in the iconic 11th Arrondissement is a sage-colored storefront called Café Mericourt!

It is an excellent spot for brunch with a friend with pristine white furniture accompanied by an array of succulents and plants.

The joint is known for serving scrumptious sweet and savory lunch snacks that you can pair with a specialty coffee of your choice.

Some of the favorites on the menu include green eggs or the shakshuka that you can gorge on with a well-brewed, French roasted espresso for a great lunch with a pal!

15. Café du Coin

Location: 9 Rue Camille Desmoulins, 75011 Paris, France | Contact: +33 1 48 04 82 46

With its chic interiors, calm and aesthetic vibe, and kind staff, Café du Coin has been quick to become a local favorite for coffee lovers in the city.

Earlier, the joint was a defunct bistro called ​​Restaurant Bones, transformed into an expansive, colorful café that now attracts tourists and locals alike.

Besides freshly brewed coffee, the café is famous for its iconic pizzetta and natural wines, which you’re sure to fall in love with.

You can end your meal at this cute neighborhood joint with a signature grapefruit tart that you’d usually expect to find in a fine dining restaurant.

16. Café Charlot

Location: 38 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris, France | Contact: +33 1 44 54 03 30

If you’re searching for an old-school typical Parisian coffee shop, Café Charlot, located in Marais, is a fantastic option to check out!

Though it’s not the most coffee-centric and certainly not the place you’d pick out of this list if you’re a caffeine aficionado, it’s still an excellent joint for a meal in the city.

With its old bakery storefront and retro interiors, it’s a favorite amongst hipsters, young and old.

It serves dishes like entrecôte, salads, and sandwiches that you can pair with a chilled beer, glass of wine, or classic coffee.

The terrace of the joint is highly sought after, especially in the summer, so be sure to arrive ahead of time to avoid long waiting queues.

17. République of Coffee

Location: ​​2 Bd Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris, France | Contact: +33 9 83 35 38 13

With flowers on each table, mirrored walls, and elements of Hausmmanian architecture blended with contemporary design, République of Coffee is an Instagrammer’s paradise.

Located near Palace de République, you’ll be able to pick and choose from a variety of well-brewed coffees paired with Mexican food!

Though it’s not the usual pairing, Chef Mario Flores whips up trendy Mexican dishes (like burritos and tacos) by incorporating delicious seasonal veggies! You’ll also find modern and plant-based options like açai bowls, avocado toast, etc.

Final Thoughts on the Best Coffee Shops in Paris

The coffee landscape in the city has rapidly evolved in the past decade or two, and at any of these top coffee shops in Paris, you’ll have the opportunity to taste world-class coffee, observe signature brewing processes, and fulfill the coffee fanatic in you!

So, which one will you be going to? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have a favorite coffee place in Paris that you think deserves to be on the list, still, let me know and I’ll check it out.


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