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3 Days In Paris Itinerary: What To Do In Paris In 3 Days

Are you planning to visit Paris for 3 days but not sure how to spend your time? This 3 days in Paris itinerary will show you all the best places not to miss!

Paris is a fantastic city that has so much to offer. Despite its small size compared to other capitals, it boasts an amazing number of museums, monuments, and other tourist attractions.

The city of love can be visited in so many different ways that sorting through everything can be a real challenge and may be totally overwhelming.

In this article, I will detail the perfect 3 days in Paris itinerary just for you. I have picked out the must-sees of the city of lights so you don’t have to! If you follow this itinerary, you won’t miss out on anything Paris has to offer.

Facts about France

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Whether you want to see some of Paris’ major museums, chill out in its park, or see historical monuments, this 3 day itinerary for Paris has a little bit of everything that makes up Paris.

Before we go further, I would like to disclose that this 3 days Paris itinerary assumes that you have 3 complete days in the city, but if you have a few hours less, you can still use it by adjusting some activities.

Psst… If you’re visiting Paris for the first time, you may want to read these tips for first-time visitors to Paris to have a better idea of what to expect. You may also find these Paris travel tips helpful. You can also check out my Paris weekend itinerary if your trip falls on a weekend.

Before You Go, Here’s How to Plan Your Visit To Paris: Practical Quick Tips

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Where to Stay if You’re Spending 3 Nights in Paris

If you haven’t zeroed down on where to stay in Paris, now is the best time to book. But with a number of accommodations, from Paris hotels with Eiffel tower views, airbnbs with Eiffel tower views, hotels in Montmartre, to hotels in the Latin Quarter, it can be quite intimating to choose.

To help you, below are options you can consider depending on your budget.

Elysées Union is one of the Best Hotels with Eiffel Tower View in Paris
Elysées Union

Budget Accommodation

Motel One Paris-Porte Dorée: Ideal for budget travelers, this hotel offers good value and is situated close to the subway to connect you to every part of the city. The decoration is contemporary and the rooms are super clean.

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Mid-range accommodation

Elysees Union: Halfway between the Champs-Élysées and Trocadero, this cozy hotel is ideally located to reach many attractions on foot and has friendly staff. The rooms are a bit small but clean and very practical. Plus, you can enjoy Eiffel Tower views in some of its rooms.

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Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel is one of the best eiffel tower view hotels
Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

Luxury Accommodation

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel: This luxury hotel is right next to the Eiffel Tower and offers impeccable service. The rooms are luxurious and comfortable and the amiable staff will be happy to assist you always.

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Apartment rental

Residence Charles Floquet: This residence offers classy and comfortable apartments. Thanks to its privileged location, some rooms have a direct view of the Eiffel Tower. Plus, the kitchen is well-equipped if you want to cook your own meals.

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3 Days in Paris Itinerary: How to Spend 3 Days in Paris

I’ve structured this 3 days in Paris itinerary step by step to help you follow along with ease.

I’ve also carefully selected these places to make sure that the attractions suggested are close to each other, and in case you need to go to a place a bit further, I will suggest the best metro line to take.

Day 1 of Your 3 Days In Paris Itinerary

Prepare your walking shoes and get your phone ready to snap some pictures because the first of your 3 days in Paris will be intense! Let’s go!

Stop 1: Watch the Sunrise At The Trocadero

watching a sunrise at Trocadero is one of the best things to do in Paris

Yes, I know getting up at the crack of dawn requires courage but believe me, you won’t regret it because we start with one of the most famous and beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower!

Located at the top of the Colline Chaillot, Le “parvis des Droits de l’Hommes” (the square of human rights), you’ll enjoy the sunrise with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower in the foreground.

At the first light of the day, the ambiance is truly magical. The sun’s rays reflect on the white of the marble ground and give a special feeling to the scene, coloring everything with warm colors.

This magical and enchanting moment will instantly make you forget the terrible early wake-up call!

While you can go to some other places for a sunrise, I truly believe this is one of the most beautiful places to watch a sunrise in Paris.

Stop 2: stroll in The Trocadero gardens

Taking a stroll in the Trocadero gardens is one of the best things to do in Paris in 3 days.

After enjoying a beautiful sunrise, stroll around the Trocadero gardens. Admire the colossal statues facing the Eiffel Tower, and the fountain of Warsaw, and walk through the garden’s alleys.

You will be surrounded by beautiful cherry trees if you visit Paris in spring or fall leaves in fall and numerous art pieces and sculptures, making your walk even more enjoyable.

The perspective on the Eiffel Tower from the garden is truly unique and offers an excellent playground for aspiring photographers, after all, this is one of the cool places to photograph the Eiffel Tower.

  • How to get to the Trocadero: Take Metro Trocadero lines 6 & 9
  • Estimated visit time: 1h

Stop 3: Have A French Breakfast

Pain au Chocolat is one of the typical French breakfast foods.

Watching the sunrise over the Eiffel Tower and strolling the Trocadero gardens will be quite an appetizer, so it’s now time for breakfast if you didn’t have it already at your hotel.

You will be able to find cafés and restaurants serving delicious French breakfast near the Trocadero square.

There are several French breakfast foods but some that are likely not to miss on any menu include the traditional French baguette served with coffee and also some famous French pastries such as croissants or pain au chocolate.

Some of the nearby cafes you can go to include Café du Trocadero or Carette in Paris.

Fill your belly up to gain strength because the day will be full of exciting adventures and lots of walking!

Pro tip* If you don’t feel like waking up early for the sunrise and your hotel room comes with breakfast, you can start your 3 days in Paris itinerary by visiting the Eiffel Tower which opens at 9 AM.

Stop 4: Climb The Eiffel Tower for an incredible view

Eiffel Tower in the 7th arrondissement of Paris

There it is! Right in front of you! You just have to cross Pont d’Iéna to stand at its feet.

Symbol of the capital of love, it would be a shame not to visit the Eiffel Tower during your 3 day trip to Paris.

Designed by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 World’s Fair celebrating the centenary of the French Revolution, it wasn’t much appreciated by the Parisians at its inauguration but rapidly became one of the most famous monuments in the world.

The Eiffel Tower is a must-see while visiting Paris, and rightly so! I recommend going up to the top floor to enjoy one of the most incredible views in Paris.

Summit view from the Eiffel Tower
Summit view from the Eiffel Tower

If you’re up for it, you can reach the second floor by the stairs, but I suggest using the elevator to avoid wasting too much time on your busy day.

Booking this skip-the-line ticket in advance is strongly advised as you don’t want to waste time queuing. There is one for the second floor (with or without the elevator) and one that allows you to reach the last floor.

Alternatively, you can book this Eiffel tour guided tour to go with a knowledgeable guide if you want to learn more about the Iron Lady.

  • How to get to the Eiffel Tower: Take Metro Trocadero Line 6 & 9, Metro Bir-Hakeim line 6
  • Eiffel Tower Opening hours: 9:30 – 22:45
  • Estimated visit time: 2h

Once back down, return in the direction of the Seine and then walk along the river to reach the Bir Hakeim bridge.

Stop 5: Admire the Bir-Hakeim Bridge

Pont Bir-Hakeim is one of the places to add to your 3 days in Paris itinerary.

Stroll along the Seine on the pleasant Promenade d’Australie to reach the bridge of Bir-Hakeim.

This two-level iron bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris. It allows trains, cars, and pedestrians to cross simultaneously, but the drawcard here is its privileged position that offers an amazing point of view of the Eiffel Tower.

It also has two monumental sculptures on both sides of the bridge that you’ll appreciate.

This Subway viaduct is a very popular Parisian Instagram photo spot, so it’s not uncommon to see newly married couples come and get their wedding pictures here.

On the other side of the bridge, a nice walk alongside immense trees on the Île aux Cygnes leads you to the biggest replica of the Statue of Liberty in Paris.

  • Estimated visit time: 30 minutes

From the Bridge, walk to Bir-Hakeim Metro Station, take Metro line 6 (M6) in the direction of Charles de Gaulle – Étoile and stop at Charles de Gaulle – Étoile and you’ll be at your next stop, the Arc de Triomphe!

Stop 6: Visit the Arc de Triomphe

A photo showsasing the pillars of the Arc de triomphe.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous monuments of Paris.

Erected by Napoleon I in the glory of his armies, the impressive monument sits in the middle of the Place de l’Etoile (Place Charles de Gaulle), a massive square from where 12 avenues lead off!

Once out of the subway, one common mistake is to cross the square on the surface. Do not do it! It is prohibited and very dangerous, plus the police might fine you!

Simply follow the signs leading to the underpass to reach the monument and the ticket booth.

As always, booking your ticket online is the best trick to avoid queuing time at this rather crowded attraction.

View of Paris from Arc de Triomphe
View of Paris from Arc de Triomphe

Once you stand at the foot of the building,  pay tribute to the Unknown Soldier’s grave and the eternal flame burning on the tomb. You can also walk around the monument and admire the incredible sculptures on its 4 massive pillars.

There are also several rooms inside with an exhibition about the monument’s history. Continue climbing the stairs because the true attraction of the Arc de Triomphe is its roof!

From the top of the Arc, the 360° panoramic view of the 12 superb avenues is not to be missed!

I believe that it is the most beautiful view of Paris as you will be able to spot other famous monuments like the Louvre museum, The Arch of La Defense, and the Eiffel Tower.

Once you get back down, cross the Place de l’Etoile again via the underground passages to reach the avenue to the Champs-Élysées!

  • How to get to the Arc de Triomphe: Metro Charles de Gaulle – Étoile lines 1, 2 & 6
  • Arc de Triomphe Opening hours: 10:00am – 11:00pm
  • Estimated visit time: 1h 30mins

Stop 7: Stroll along the Champs-Élysées

Champs-Élyées is one of the famous Paris monuments

Welcome to one of the most beautiful avenues in the world! This colossal boulevard is almost 2 km (1.2 miles) long and houses luxurious French brands, world-famous international brands, shopping malls, luxury boutiques, and restaurants.

If you’re a shopaholic, this is the perfect place to shop as you’ll find some of the most luxurious French handbag brandsFrench skincare brandsFrench makeup brandsFrench lingerie brandsFrench watch brandsFrench jewelry brandsFrench perfume brands, and more. Just try not to blow up your wallet while at it!

But if shopping is not your thing, you will nevertheless appreciate the pleasant promenade alongside the “champs” as the French say.

Along the avenue, you can appreciate the beautifully decorated facades of the stores and buildings, the sidewalks are always very lively, and it is not uncommon to encounter dancers and other street performers.

  • Estimated visit time: 1h

Stop 8: Have Lunch

Quiche- French food

If you are hungry, Champs-Élysées is the perfect place to get a snack or have lunch. Most restaurants are expensive, but if you look around and explore the streets around the boulevard, I’m sure you will find what suits your needs.

I would suggest the Le Comptoir de l’Arc or Le Sens Unique as both offer quality French food at a reasonable price. There are also fast food places along the avenue like Five Guys and McDonald’s if you don’t want to spend much on food.

For those into fine dining, you can check out Fouquet’sL’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Étoile, or Café Joyeux Champs-Élysées.

From the Champs-Élysées, turn right onto Avenue Winston Churchill to connect to the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais.

Stop 9: Admire The grand palais, The Petit palais, and Pont Alexandre III

Petit palais is one of the best free museums in Paris.
Petit Palais

The Grand Palais is so imposing. Its massive facade, beautifully carved, is overhung by an impressive glass dome adorned with the French flag.

This elegant building is a popular venue for art exhibitions. Unfortunately, since March 2021, visiting inside is no longer possible as it was closed for renovation and will hopefully reopen in 2024 for the Olympic Games.

Just across the street, the Petit Palais has nothing to envy about its big brother. Don’t be fooled by its name (the small palace), the Petit Palais is by no means tiny!

Built to celebrate the 1900 World’s Fair, the Petit Palais now houses the Paris Museum of Fine Arts. The museum’s interior is a beautiful and timeless place that any art lover will appreciate.

Eiffel tower photo from Pont Alexandre III
View from Pont Alexandre III

Nestled in its center lies a lovely little garden which is the ideal place to take a break or have a snack but since you only have three days in Paris, I recommend not entering but rather strolling outside.

Continue your way towards the Seine to reach Pont Alexandre III.

The Alexandre III bridge is, in my opinion, the most beautiful bridge in Paris. Its 4 massive pillars decorated with gilded Pegasus overlook ample sidewalks, ideal for roaming around and snapping great pictures of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine.

  • Estimated visit time: 1h00

Continue your walk towards Les Invalides.

Stop 9: Discover the Hotel des Invalides (Optional)

Les Invalides things to see in Paris in a day.
Les Invalides

Impossible to miss since it prolongs the Pont Alexandre III, Hôtel des Invalides impresses with its magnificence.

This vast complex built under Louis XIV houses a military hospital, a museum dedicated to the army, a cathedral, and, most importantly, Napoleon’s tomb!

If you are ahead of schedule, you can add this visit to your 3-day Paris itinerary. I suggest specifically visiting the Cupola and the tomb of Napoleon.

Nestled in a beautiful room, Napoleon’s tomb is an assembly of 3 coffins on top of each other, all placed in an envelope of Quartz. That says a lot about how important Napoleon was!

Above your head, the dome that shines beautifully on the outside (due to its gilding) is wonderfully marbled on the inside and the classical paintings are elegantly lit by the stained-glass windows giving the whole room a ceremonial mood.

Since it’s an alternative route, you don’t want to waste time queuing to buy a ticket. This skip-the-line ticket is the perfect solution to visit the monument without hassle!

  • Les Invalides Opening hours: 10 am – 6 pm
  • Estimated visit time: 1 hour

If you start walking with the Seine on your left, you won’t be able to miss the Assemblée Nationale.

Stop 10: Glance At Assamblée Nationale (Palais Bourbon)

Glancing at Assamblée Nationale is one of the things to add to your 3 days in Paris itinerary.
Glancing at Assamblée Nationale is one of the things to add to your 3 days in Paris itinerary.

This magnificent palace officially named Palais Bourbon is the actual parliament of France. It is in this house that 577 deputies gather and vote on the laws.

Built for Louis XIV’s daughter in the 18th century, it has been renovated and remodeled over the centuries according to its different owners’ tastes.

The iconic 12 columns sitting in the front of the palace were erected during the Napoleonic era and remind us of Greek temples.

It is possible to visit the National Assembly to learn more about it by booking a free guided tour at the Assembly, but I wouldn’t recommend it since your schedule is quite busy! Just admiring its architectural beauty and taking photos from the outside is enough.

  • Estimated visit time: 10-20 mins

After your visit, head to Metro Concorde and take M12 in the direction of Mairie d’Aubervilliers and stop at Abbesses station to reach Montmartre which is the next stop on your Paris 3 day itinerary.

Stop 11: Visit Montmartre, La Maison Rose, and Street Artists

La maison rose in Montmatre
La Maison rose

Montmartre is renowned all over the city as one of the most charming neighborhoods of Paris and it’s a must-visit whether you have just one day or 3 days in Paris.

Symbolic of the romantic and bohemian life, this district perched on a 130-meter-high hill offers small charming cobbled streets, galleries, museums, and sculptures all over its streets.

This neighborhood possesses a small village feeling like no other in the capital, full of little cafés, restaurants, and artists’ shops. It’s one of the most popular neighborhoods in Paris and thus quite touristy! 

It is impossible to visit Montmartre from top to bottom in such a short time but feel free to enjoy the district’s unique atmosphere and wander through its streets.

The highlight of Montmartre is, of course, the basilica. But before visiting the Sacred Heart, I would suggest heading to the Rue de l’Abreuvoir which is one of the cutest streets in Paris to take a picture of the famous pink house, La Maison Rose, a very popular Instagram spot.

Having the wall of love is one of the reasons why Paris is the city of love
I love You Wall

You can also walk towards Place du Tertre, the most famous place in the area for street artists, and also stop by  Square Johan Rictus to see the “I Love You Wall“.

With a wide array of things to do in Montmartre, it’s easy to spend a full day here. If you want to utilize the short time you have but still see all the highlights of this area, I recommend signing up for this Montmartre walking guided tour.

  • How to get to Montmartre: Metro Abbesses line 12
  • Estimated visit time: 3h

Before leaving Montmartre, make your way to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica

Stop 12: Visit the Sacré-Cœur Basilica

The Romano-Byzantine Architectural Style od Sacre Coeur

Built during the 19th century, Sacré-Cœur is not only one of the most famous churches in Paris but also a significant place of pilgrimage.

Absolutely gorgeous, the building will surprise you with its extreme whiteness and domes. The secret of its pristine color lies in its stone which produces a white substance in contact with the rain!

Free to visit, the interior ceiling is richly decorated and has the largest mosaic in France. The place is calming and solemn, surrounded by biblical ornaments.

If you want to climb the dome, you will have to buy a ticket and climb the 300 steps! It might sound challenging but the 360° view of Paris you get is rewarding. Try to spot and identify as many monuments as you can.

Outside the basilica, the foreground provides an amazing view of the rooftops of Paris. It’s also a very popular spot for tourists and Parisians who like to picnic and hang out in the gardens.

  • Sacré-Cœur Opening hours: 06h30 – 22h30
  • Dome and crypt opening time: 10:30am – 8:30pm
  • Estimated visit time: 1h 30mins

Stop 13: Take a Photo of the Sinking House

seeing the Sinking house in Montmartre is one of the things to add to your Paris weekend itinerary
Sinking house

Before going down, look to the left of the Sacré-Cœur to see the famous sinking house.

Though not really sinking, you can simply take a picture from the garden lawn to create the illusion that the house is leaning!

After your visit, continue your way down the hill. As the day is close to the end, it is now time to go to dine in one of the most famous cabarets in the world! There is no better way to end the first day of your 3 days itinerary in Paris.

Stop 14: Watch A Cabaret Show At Moulin Rouge

Watching a cabaret show is one of the best things to do in Paris in November.

After such a day, it’s time to rest and unwind — you’ve earned it! To finish the first day of your 3 day trip to Paris in style, I suggest dining at the most famous cabaret of the capital, the Moulin Rouge!

This cabaret dressed in a bright red exterior is located in Pigalle, the hottest district in the city.

Here, you can find trendy clubs, chic cabarets, and shabby s*x shops. This district fascinates as much as it disturbs.

Although a Cabaret dinner show at Moulin Rouge is quite expensive, you will get value for your money!

The show is colorful and extravagant following the finest French cabaret tradition. Order a glass of champagne and enjoy the dancers’ performance to end your night in style!

But before going, you should know that seats sell out fast so it’s better to buy your ticket in advance.

Moulin Rouge offers 2 options — one with dinner and champagne and another with just champagne, but I recommend going for one with dinner so that you don’t look for dinner after the show.

If you opt for the cabaret dinner show, you can book your ticket here but if you’d rather go for the show with just champagne, then book your ticket here.

Day 1 of your 3 days in Paris itinerary was no doubt long but it’s now time to rest and recover your strength for tomorrow’s itinerary!

Day 2 of Your Paris in 3 days itinerary

Stop 1: Go To Place De La Concorde

Place de la Concorde is one of the places to visit on your trip to Paris for 2 days.

We start the second day of your 3 day Paris itinerary with a visit to the Place de la Concorde.

Considered one of the oldest monuments in Paris, this vast square — the biggest one in the city is very particular.

It has an Obelisk erected at the center which is originally from Egypt and is 3300 years old! It is not a copy but rather the actual Egyptian obelisk directly from the temple of Luxor that sits on this Parisian square.

Its arrival in France by ship in 1836 was a technical achievement unseen in this era. It required the construction of particular vessels and unique means of transport for its conveyance to Paris.

The place also houses two monumental fountains, offering visitors beautiful photographic opportunities.

It is surrounded by classical and majestic buildings and the Tuileries Garden, your next stop!

  • How to get to Place de la Concorde: Take Metro Concorde line 1, 8 & 12.
  • Estimated visit time: 30 mins

Stop 2: Take in the beauty of Jardin Des Tuileries 

Jardin Des Tuileries is one of the best places to visit in Paris in 3 days.

You can simply cross the road from Place de la Concorde to enter the Jardin des Tuileries.

As one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris, the Tuileries offers a pleasant and quiet setting for a walk.

Its position aligned with the place à la Concorde and the Champs Elysée allows for taking great pictures and gives an idea of the grandeur of the Parisian city center.

Numerous statues and sculptures dot the park’s long avenues making it feel like an open-air museum. The garden is also home to a wide variety of trees and flowers, which will please all plant lovers.

At the park’s end, the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel serves as a gateway to the monumental Louvre Museum which you’ll be visiting very soon!

  • Estimated visit time: 30 mins

Stop 3: Head to Pont Des Arts

Pont des Arts is most famous bridge in Paris.
Pont des Arts

In Jardin De Tuileries, you are already right next to Pont des Arts (commonly known as the Love lock bridge) which just happens to be one of the most famous in a city with more than its fair share of fabulous bridges.

The bridge used to be festooned with padlocks placed by lovers to cement their fidelity to one another.

The practice became so popular that the weight of the locks threatened to pull the bridge down (actually part of the parapet on the bridge was damaged) and they had to be removed and replaced with a glass panel, but that doesn’t stop it from remaining synonymous with romance and you will still see a few padlocks attached to various objects in the vicinity.

From this bridge, you can enjoy views of the Eiffel Tower and the Orsay Museum which is one of the most popular museums in Paris.

  • Estimated visit time: 30 mins

Stop 4: Make Your Way to Place Vendôme and Palais Royal (Optional)

Poems about France
Palais Royal

During your visit to the Jardin des Tuileries, feel free to step out of the park to visit the surrounding area.

Place Vendôme is located 3 minutes from the garden and is easily identifiable thanks to its huge bronze column. Erected by Napoleon, you can see a statue with his effigy at the top of the pillar.

Beyond the historical aspect, Place Vendôme is known for its chic and luxurious feel as it hosts major jewelers, luxury boutique hotels, and famous fashion designers.

Nearby, you will find the Jardin du Palais Royal. Classified as a historical monument, this garden is a must-see, especially during the cherry blossom season in spring.

At the entrance of the garden, you’ll also find the famous Colonnes de Buren — an artwork composed of 260 black & white columns of different sizes.

Freely accessible to all, the artist wished that the public would make the space their own by climbing, playing, and touching the columns. This makes it a popular spot for Instagram pictures and a fun playground for both kids and grown-ups.

  • Estimated visit time: 30 mins

Stop 5: Have Breakfast

French Breakfast foods

Whether you’re back in the Tuileries garden or still in the vicinity of the Palais Royal, this is the perfect time for a nice breakfast to prepare you for the rest of the day if you didn’t have one at your hotel.

The first arrondissement is packed with many cute Parisian cafés and restaurants, and you will have no trouble finding what you need in this area.

You can check out Baguett’s Café for a French breakfast or Bagelstein.Bagels & Coffee shop for something more American and international.

Stop 6: Visit The Louvre Museum

Louvre museum facts
Louvre museum

One of the best places to visit in Paris in 3 days is none other than the Louvre museum.

With more than 30,000 pieces of art spread over 68,000 square meters, the Louvre is the largest art museum in the world.

But with those many objects, it is truly impossible to see everything in one visit, and since exploring it can be overwhelming, it is essential to prepare for your visit well. You can list the masterpieces you wish to see in the museum.

Some of the most famous paintings in the Louvre and other artworks not to miss include; the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, the Liberty Leading the People, the Code of Hammurabi, the Coronation of Napoleon, the Sleeping Hermaphroditus, and many more. You’ll also find some of the most famous French paintings here.

I recommend buying this Louvre Museum timed entry ticket in advance or booking this Louvre guided tour to get the best glimpse of the museum with a knowledgeable tour guide. It is truly a labyrinth, and it is not uncommon to get lost searching your way so a guide might be handy!

With plenty to see, you can easily spend the whole morning in the museum until lunch.

  • How to get to the Louvre museum: Take Metro 6 & 9 Trocadero stop
  • Louvre Museum Opening Hours: 9 am – 6 pm but extends to 9:45 pm on Fridays.
  • Estimated time: 3-4hrs

Stop 7: Have Lunch

Drinking wine at lunch time is one of the fun facts about french food

After a treat for the eyes in the museum, it’s time to treat your belly!

Feel free to walk away from the museum and explore the surroundings to find good restaurants and avoid tourist traps.

Luckily for you, there are so many good restaurants nearby such as the Loup or the Maceo. If you want something different than French gastronomy, you can head to Il fico for quality Italian food.

After a great lunch, it’s time to explore Paris’s beautiful island, Ile de la Cite. It is just about 10 minute’s walk from the Louvre Museum, so I recommend walking there.

Stop 8: Go To Ile De La Cité And Admire Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf  is one of the monuments to add to your itinerary for 3 days in Paris.

Once you are back on the itinerary, head to one of the most iconic bridges in Paris, the Pont Neuf.

Despite its name, the Pont Neuf (which translates to New Bridge) is the oldest bridge in Paris. It connects the right bank of the river to the Ile de la Cité, one of the two natural islands in Paris.

Completed in 1608, it was the very first stone bridge in Paris and that’s why it was named Pont Neuf because the concept was totally new!

On the bridge, you can admire the equestrian statue of King Henri IV. Quick anecdote, it is said that the first photograph of a human being was taken here in 1837!

Cross the bridge to enter l’Ile de la Cité and head towards the Notre Dame cathedral.

Stop 9: Admire The Stained Glass Wall At Sainte-Chapelle

Sainte Chapelle's stained glass windows
Sainte Chapelle’s stained glass windows

One of the best things to do in Paris in 3 days is to admire the beauty of Sainte-Chapelle, so before heading to Notre Dame, you should make a stop at this beautiful church.

Sainte-Chapelle may not be as famous as Notre Dame but it’s no less magnificent. A colorful jewel nestled in the heart of Paris, its huge stained glasses light up the chapel and its sculptures with a thousand lights creating beautiful and vivid colors!

Built during the 13th century to store the relics of Christ, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful churches in Paris. Definitely, one not to be missed!

To make sure you don’t waste time in queues during your visit, I recommend buying this Sainte Chapelle skip-the-line ticket in advance.

  • Sainte-Chapelle Opening hours: 09h00-19h00 (from April to September) and 09h00-17h00 (from October to March)
  • Estimated visit time: 30 min

After the visit, make sure to pass by the Conciergerie and the Clock Tower to admire the oldest public clock in Paris directly from the street.

Stop 10: Admire The Famous Notre Dame Cathedral

View of Notre Dame
View of Notre Dame

If you’re wondering what to do in Paris in 3 days, then visiting the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral is one of them.

Devastated by a terrible fire in 2019 that shook many Parisians, it is still under renovation and therefore impossible to enter inside currently.

However, a walk in the cathedral’s square will allow you to admire it from the outside, appreciate its architecture, and take some pictures of the immense Rosace.

If you want to learn more about its history, you can book this outdoor walking tour to help you understand how important this cathedral is, and the stories after the fire, and you’ll also get a chance to visit the archaeological crypt of Paris.

  • Estimated visit time: 30 min

Stop 11: Stop At Shakespeare & Co Bookshop (Optional)

bookstores in Paris with English books

If you still have time, you can stop by Shakespeare & Co Bookshop which is one of the best English bookshops in Paris.

If you’re a bookworm, it’s a great place to pick up some rare books but even if you aren’t a bibliophile, this ancient little bookstore is a Parisian gem. You can even just grab a photo if you end up not going inside.

  • Estimated visit time: 30 min

After exploring all the fun things to do on Ile de la cite, cross the Seine again towards the Châtelet subway station to reach your next stop, Palais Garnier. From Châtelet, take M7 in the direction of La Courneuve and stop at Opera.

Stop 12: Appreciate The Beauty Of Palais Garnier

Opera is one of the best areas of Paris.
Palais Garnier

Palais Garnier also known as the Paris Opera House or Opéra Garnier is not only an opera house but also an extraordinary monument! A true masterpiece of architecture and engineering.

One of the most beautiful Opera houses in the world, its exterior façade is majestic and monumental.

Once inside, you will be dazzled by the extravagant gilding, columns, and sublime paintings. The monumental double staircase is a masterpiece in itself but its Grand foyer has nothing to envy Versailles Palace.

To be wowed by its extravagant beauty, you’ll need to buy this ticket for a self-guided tour.

  • How to get to the Paris Opera: Metro Opera lines 6, 7 & 9
  • Paris Opera Opening hours: 10 am – 5 pm
  • Estimated visit time: 1 hour

After the Opera, take a short walk to Boulevard Haussman to continue your Paris itinerary for 3 days visit.

Stop 13: Head To Galeries Lafayette For Shopping And Views

Shops inside Galeries Lafayette
Shops inside Galeries Lafayette

Welcome to the shopper’s paradise! Boulevard Haussmann is home to two of the biggest department stores in Paris, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps Haussmann.

Here, you will find everything and anything, from chic Parisian fashion to home furnishings and traditional delicacies. This is definitely one of the best places to shop in Paris.

But don’t worry if you don’t like shopping or if you spent everything at the Champs-Élysées, the Galeries Lafayette offers so much more.

Enter the store and admire the beautifully decorated architecture, look up to appreciate its huge art-nouveau-styled dome, but the highlight is the view from its terrace.

Climb the top floor and reach the store’s terrace to discover one of the most beautiful views of Paris. If it is the end of the day, you will be able to enjoy the sunset while sipping a drink on the restaurant’s terrace.

Opening hours: 10am – 8:30pm

Stop 14: End Your Day on A cruise on the Seine

cruising on Seine river is one of the best things to do while in Paris for a weekend

What better way to end the 2nd day of your 3 days in Paris itinerary than on a relaxing dinner cruise on the Seine!  It is the perfect way to relax, have a good meal, and see Paris at night!

The French capital takes on a whole new dimension at night with its perfectly lit monuments alongside the Seine. The highlight of the cruise is the Eiffel Tower which glows at the top of every hour with a thousand lights!

However, if you don’t want to have dinner, I’d still recommend taking a cruise without dinner as the view of the different Parisian monuments from the seine is absolutely stunning, you will not regret it!

If you opt for dinner, this is the Seine River dinner cruise I recommend but if you’d rather not have dinner, then you can opt for this 1-hour Seine cruise that is also cheaper than the former.

Stop 15: Stroll The Streets of Paris at Night (Optional)

Paris by night

In conjunction with your river cruise, or without it, a wander through the streets of Paris at night will help you see this city differently.

At night, this city reveals an altogether different side of herself — one that could easily be one of the highlights of your two days in Paris visit.

You may like to just stroll along the banks of the Seine, or you can seek out an authentic bar filled with local and regional wine.

If you opt for the latter, you can check out this list of rooftop bars in Paris. What the heck? You can even do both. You won’t be sorry.

Day 3 of Your itinerary for 3 days in Paris

Stop 1: Explore Le Marais Neighborhood

Le Marais is one of the best neighborhood in Paris.
Place des Vosges

This is the 3rd and final day in Paris! Be reassured, this last day will be a little more relaxed than the first two!

Today, you will be able to take the time to enjoy Paris and the Parisian life while visiting and learning more about the city of love.

We start the day by visiting Le Marais neighborhood. Located in the heart of the capital, this very lively and animated quarter during the day becomes a party area at night full of trendy bars and street music.

Considered by many as a bit of Paris’ soul, this historical and trendy district is very cosmopolitan. It’s packed with boutique hotels, designer stores, and many historical places.

Speaking of historical places, the Place des Vosges which is the oldest square in Paris is worth visiting while in Le Marais.

It’s a pleasure to roam around this place encircled by red-faced Haussmann-style Parisian buildings.

Centre Pompidou in Paris
Centre Pompidou

Continue to walk around the neighborhood to soak up its unique atmosphere, and visit the antique shops and art dealers.

You can also stop at Cente Pompidou to see this one-of-a-kind building. I don’t recommend entering though since you just have 3 days in Paris and won’t have enough time for it.

If you’re hungry, the Place du Marché Sainte Catherine offers several breakfast options.

Follow your GPS to visit streets like Rue Vieille-du-Temple, Rue des Rosiers, and Rue Francs Bourgeois as they reflect exactly what Le Marais is all bout, historical and vibrant.

Being a compact neighborhood, you may not be able to see all that it harbors but to see all the highlights, you can join this Le Marais walking tour.

Alternatively, if you’re a foodie, you can explore this area through food by joining this Le Marais food tour.

  • Estimated visit time: 2 hours

Stop 2: Be in awe in front of the Hotel de Ville And BHV Marais

Hotel de Ville is one of the unique photo spots in Paris
Hôtel de Ville

Still in Le Marais, continue your route towards the Seine to discover the Hotel de Ville.

Rebuilt after a terrible fire in the 19th century, this magnificent neo-renaissance building is striking for its sheer size and the finesse of its sculptures and engravings.

It is possible to visit the interior of the building, but this is only done on appointments on specific dates, usually on Heritage Days in September. Therefore, I advise remaining outside to enjoy this immense 140m (459 ft) long façade.

Just opposite, is BHV Marais, one of the capital’s historical and famous department stores, similar to Galeries Lafayettes or Printemps.

You can choose to enter BHV Marais for quick window shopping or even to admire its interior beauty.

  • Estimated visit time: 30 minutes

Stop 3: Discover the mythical Latin Quarter and its Pantheon

Pantheon is one of the places to add to your 3 days in Paris itinerary.
Pantheon is one of the places to add to your 3 days in Paris itinerary.

Time to cross the river through île de la cité or the île Saint-Louis. If you cross through île Saint-Louis you can make a quick stop at Berthillon, one of the best ice cream shops in Paris!

And since you were in île de la cité the previous day, I recommend passing here to discover this part of Paris too.

Once on the other side, you are now in the Latin Quarter. It is one of the most typical and charming districts of Paris. Just like Le Marais, walking around here is an absolute pleasure, even if the atmosphere is totally different.

Stroll along the tiny cobbled streets and climb the butte Sainte Geneviève to reach the Pantheon.

Nicknamed “the monument of great men” the Pantheon houses the tombs of some of the most famous French people who made French history, such as Voltaire, Marie-Curie, Zola, and more.

Its facade, inspired by Greek temples, commands respect, and the huge dome makes it a particular landmark of Paris. Do not hesitate to visit this place loaded with a peculiar atmosphere and discover the crypts magnificently decorated with marble.

I advise buying this ticket online to avoid queuing and enjoy the monument to the fullest. It is possible to climb the dome from April to October to enjoy a superb view of the Eiffel Tower and Paris.

Saint-Etienne du Mont Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Paris.
Saint-Etienne du Mont Church

Once the visit ends, continue exploring this neighborhood that has so much to offer. Just opposite the Patheon is Saint-Étienne-du-Mont, a stunning church you shouldn’t miss.

Not far from the Pantheon, the Lutetia Arena is one of the few remaining Gallo-Roman sites in Paris and is worth stopping at.

Follow up by visiting Sorbonne University, the most important university in France, and experience the “student” atmosphere of the area.

As you can see, the Latin Quarter requires an article of its own because there is so much to do and see! If you’re curious about what more to do here, you can check out my article on the best things to do in the Latin Quarter.

If you want to get deeper insights into this neighborhood, you can sign up for this Latin Quarter guided walking tour.

By this time, I’m sure you’re starting to get a bit hungry after walking all morning! In that case, you can go on a picnic in the Luxembourg garden!

Stop 4: Have a nice picnic in the Luxembourg garden

Jardin du Luxembourg is one of the best best parks in Paris.
Jardin du Luxembourg

If you want to take a break from restaurants and want to do something original, you can’t go wrong with a picnic.

Stock up on food in any convenience store or supermarket and head towards the border of the Latin Quarter to visit the Luxembourg Gardens.

This magnificent garden is home to the Luxembourg Palace. Built for the regent Queen Marie de Medici, it is now the House of the Senate, where 348 senators meet and debate legislation.

The garden is divided into two parts, English-styled and French-styled. Both parts are pretty different and it’s amusing to spot the differences.

The vast fountain, the Medici Fountain in between the two parts is the heart of the garden. People love to gather around and sit on numerous chairs while children enjoy sailing tiny toy boats in its basin.

This park is rooted in Parisian life and appreciated by locals and tourists. Locals come here to play tennis, chess, sports, or meditate. It’s the perfect glimpse into local life.

Take a walk in the park to discover the 106 statues scattered everywhere before settling down for your Parisian picnic.

Stop 5 : The Jardin des Plantes (Alternative route)

Jardin des Plantes is one of the places to add to your 3-day Paris itinerary.

The Jardin des Plantes is an equally appealing but quite different alternative to Luxembourg gardens.

At 2.5 hectares, this park has an educational purpose to it. Along its paths, you’ll admire (and smell) hundreds of different species of flowers. It also has numerous hidden tracks and trails making it an ideal playground for children.

The garden also houses the Muséum de l’histoire naturelle and its famous grande galerie de l’evolution and also ,quite surprisingly, a Zoo! It is actually possible to see a few animals without having to buy a ticket.

Once your picnic is over, take the subway line 12 to the Musée d’Orsay.

Stop 6: Admire Art in the Musée d’Orsay

Exploring the Parisian Museums without the crowds is one of the best things to do in winter in Paris.
Musée d’Orsay

This museum is a real gem for art lovers and is a prime spot for those looking for what to see in Paris in 3 days!

Located in a former train station, from which only the exterior structure remains, the Musée d’Orsay houses world-famous masterpieces of all types.

From sculpture to photography and decorative arts, it hosts the world’s most extensive collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings.

You will be able to admire the work of famous painters like Cézanne, Claude Monet, Van Gogh, Auguste Renoir, and many more!

Its great hall on the ground floor is overhung by a large clock magnificently decorated, recalling the railway station nature of the place.

And from upstairs, you can appreciate a unique view of Paris through the back of the large exterior clock! It’s a famous spot for Instagrammers.

Like other famous museums in Paris, Orsay is usually crowded and the best way to skip the long lines is by purchasing this skip-the-line entry ticket.

  • How to get to Orsay museum: Take Line 12 Solférino or RERC Musée D’orsay
  • Orsay Museum Opening hours: 09:30-18:00
  • Estimated visit time: 2-3 hours

Head back to metro line 12 and take a metro to reach your next step, the Montparnasse Tower!

Stop 7: Climb the highest tower in Paris, the Montparnasse tower

Montparnasse Tower view
Montparnasse Tower

The Montparnasse Tower is impossible to miss since it’s literally the highest tower in Paris! Visible from almost anywhere in the capital, the imposing black building culminates at 210 m (688,9 ft) high. 

Often overlooked by tourists, it is one of the most fantastic places to enjoy an exceptional view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

Hop onto the elevator to the 56th floor to discover a playful space filled with information and interactive screens.

A few floors up — on the 59th — is the outdoor rooftop with a breathtaking view and comfortable, relaxing seats.

Since the tower closes very late in the evening (the last lift is at 11 pm), it is possible to reach there in time to admire the sunset, a magical moment ideal for photos that will leave you with an unforgettable memory.

I suggest booking your ticket here beforehand, so you don’t have to queue at the tower’s ticket office.

  • How to get to Montparnasse Tower: Take Metro Montparnasse lines 4,6, 12 &13.
  • Montparnasse Tower Opening hours: 11:00-23:30
  • Estimated visit time: 1 hour

Stop 8: Treat yourself to the last dinner in Paris

L'oiseau Blanc is one of the best restaurants in Paris with a view
Image credit: L’oiseau Blanc

Your 3 days in Paris trip is almost over! To finish the day on a high note, I would suggest booking a good restaurant in one of the many in the city. Nothing beats a good meal to finish off a great trip!

Paris is often called the capital of gastronomy, I don’t know if it is true, but there are sure plenty of choices!

You can choose from these restaurants with a view of the Eiffel Tower for luxury dining or try out Les Fabricants for traditional southwestern French cuisine, or Chez Propser if you are looking for a typical Parisian brasserie atmosphere.

FAQs On Visiting Paris for 3 Days

Visiting Place de la Concorde at night is one of the things to do in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.
Place de la Concorde at night

Is 3 days enough for Paris?

To see everything in Paris, you might need a little over a month if not more but as a tourist, 3 days are enough to see the main highlights.

You get to see the major museums, Louvre and Orsay, monuments like the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe, and gardens like Luxembourg, and also still have time to explore the charming neighborhoods of Montmartre and the Latin Quarter.

So in my opinion, 3 days are indeed enough to see the highlights of the city.

How many days are enough for a trip to Paris?

Ultimately, the longer you stay, the better especially if you want to add some nontouristy Paris attractions.

However, not everyone can stay for long. 1 week will be great to even add in a few day trips but if you still don’t have that much time, then 4 days is the sweet spot.

Final Thoughts on How to See Paris in 3 Days

There it is! I hope you enjoyed this 3 days in Paris itinerary. I can guarantee that if you follow this itinerary, you will become a real expert on Paris (and might be a little bit exhausted but it’s totally worth it!).

Of course, this itinerary is only one among hundreds of possible options. You can adjust and modify it as you wish, adding and removing stages to suit your needs and pace!

Remember the point is not to see absolutely everything there is to see in Paris but to enjoy your trip and create beautiful memories!

But regardless of how you structure your trip, I hope you found this Paris in three days itinerary helpful.


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